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without .5 the game is either a perfect 10 or not as good as Gone Home.... GS's new system is whack.

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With the recent patches and whatnot I'm going with an 8.  

They don't do .5 incriments anymore (if they did I would put this at 8.5), I don't see them giving the game an editor's choice 9.0 rating or giving the game a 7.0

8 seems like a pretty safe bet.

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It's like the return of Hale Bopp.  I hope the Cult of Yoshi has their Nikes ready by Tuesday or else the Messiah Yoshi-P won't beam their souls up to Final Fantasy Heaven with the rest of the True Believers.

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Anyone else feel they need to start a datacenter in Jonestown for A Realm Stillborn just for the Cult of Yoshi?  The creepy, uncritical "do no wrong" cult of peronsality rising up around this guy, never in all my years of gaming have I seen anything like it.  It's like Stockholme Syndrome en masse.

They are hanging everything on the "Third Coming" but what if third time isn't the charm?  Better put his fans on suicide watch and hide the kool aid and arsenic because if Wednesday fails then they will either double down and parrot whatever excuse he provides them or they will be committing mass suicide.

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Guild Wars 2 launch was infinitely better than this stinker. Remember when ANet had to suspend digital sales due its poor planning? Oh wait that never happened because even though their game sucked after 80 ANet has their sh*t together.
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SE managed to polish a turd then they took a dump all over it what a disappointment.

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oh here we go.

You can always tell when a new online game has launched.



Every time I see an unhappy post on here I see you defending this broken heap. Yeah, the game's pretty solid as far as MMO's go when it actually allows you to play it, problem is that's 'orange' rare.

Nothing wrong with people venting on-line about a less than adequate experience.

Yes. you are right.  I am wrong for defending this game.

Seriously.  It isn't worth defending.

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You can try JP server until the new NA servers are up.  They are going to extend the iniial free trial by a number of days to compensate for the downtime.

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