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A Blog

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Since there is absolutely no point in making a blog, I have decided to make a blog.

How many interns does it take to change a lightbulb? 7 ... the end still needs work.

I hate escalators... One time, I tripped and fell down the stairs for an hour and a half.

I bought a seven-dollar pen because I always lose pens and I got sick of not caring.

All you need is love.

Love is all you need.

I have four people who I constantly talk to - but you're not one of them.

I had a quarter once. I still do, but I used to too.

And that's a wrap.

A Poem For This Festive Holiday

by on

Dear readers,

This is a poem that I sent to some friends and family regarding the first day of Winter. It garnered enough of a postive response that I decided to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it.


I sent this letter on a stormy day,

Filled with words I wished to say.

To friends and family, both, the same,

'Cause I thought we'd play just a little game.

Think of a word, one simple word,

It's easy to do, I've been assured.

Now think of a rhyme, one simple rhyme,

A rhyme to last till the end of time!

It's not so hard, please give it a try.

You've done it? Okay, now so will I!

Now, what was your word? Was it a joke?

What was the word -- the word that you spoke?

Oh well, no matter, this has been a test.

To see if you'd read to the end of this mess.

You've been tricked! Ha ha! You don't need to rhyme!

I've been quietly writing, and wasting your time!

A minute or two, washed down the drain!

In which you could have been using your brain!

I'm sorry, I guess, I'm a terrible guy...

No wait, no I'm not, that's another big lie!

So, cheers to you all. This has been fun,

My tale of woe, has already been spun.

And now we can breathe, since this poem is done.

I'll add, Happy Winter, Everyone!


I like to make myself believe... that planet earth turns slowly...

by on

Believe it or not, the title of this blog is not pointless or irrelevant. Its the lyrics to the song that I am currently listening to. It's "Fireflies" by Owl City in case anyone's wondering. Anyhoo, my day's been actually pretty interesting. I played a good hour of Team Fortress 2 earlier in the day, kicking major butt as a sniper, and then came home to find that the girl that I am crushing on (she has a boyfriend so it makes the whole "together" thing a little hard :P) had sent me a funny email which immediately brightened my day.

Then, I spent a good long time on Twitter talking to some of my favorite people, and all around having a good time. I watched an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Very funny.

Oh yeah, I also rented an Owl City album from the local library and thats what I'm listening to right now. Another reason for the title.

You know what I love about Christmas? In the words of the immortal Bart Simpson, "Christmas is the time of year when all the religions of the world gather together to worship Jesus Christ." This made me laugh.

Okay, for those of you who actually celebrate Christmas, what are you guys doing? I'd just like to know.

Update: Flicky!

by on

Hello friends. Well, after many weeks of not doing much on this site, I finally managed to get to level 18: flicky, thus the name of this blog. :)

Its my parents anniversary today. They went out to breakfast, and visited my sister at her job at Cracker Barrel. They wanted a day without the annoyance of their kids :P so we all went and stayed at my older brother's house. BTW, for those who didn't know, I have 8 siblings besides myself :o !!

So we all spent the night, and basically just played video games the whole time... ahhh fun. :) I played the Force Unleashed for the first time, and actually enjoyed it quitea bit. Obviously it could be improved upon, but its not bad. I think I would probably give it an 8.5 on this site.

So thats how its all been. Cheers,


The MGIs : My Game Ideas Awards

by on

AS everyone here knows, I am a fan of writing down any cool ideas that I might have and asking for feedback. Well, my whole infatuation with this thing came to me almost 5 years ago now, and I thought it was about time for an awards ceremony. SO here goes: ENJOY!!!!


Ladies and gentlemen please take your seats, or if you are already sitting, (which I'd imagine you are) please continue doing so. An additional note, any zombies in the crowd, please refrain from eating the person next to you. Thank you. Let the ceremony begin.

For the"Best Sci-Fi Shooter Idea" award...REVOLUTION!. A shooter with an oh-so-sweet time travel paradox was an idea i came up with during a rather unhappy stateof mind. Our herolives in an alternate universe where the Revolutionary war was won by the English. He plays a Colonist Revolutionary who travels back in time to change the past and a paradox ensues. It wins the best sci-fi shooter, since I reallycan't think of any other award to give it.

For the "Best Comedy Adventure Idea".... Charlie Holland and the Zeus Goblet. Fighting off fierce competition from another game, (Virtuality: the game about a gamer who gets sucked into cyberspace and meets up with memorable game characters to topple Mario from his throne), Charlie got an award. With its gorgeous island scenery and futuristic weaponry, along with a side helping of satirical sarcastic humor, it has not only won "Best Comedy Adventure" but also earned a spot in my "Best Game Idea Ever Competition".

For the Award "Best Supernatural game": Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tie! Since many of my games involve something of the extraordinary, it should be clear how these two gems were unable to outdo the other. The first, Poacher, is about a superhero hater who uses cool weapons and technology to take down High Profile supers. The game changes when our hero/villain acquires a bounty on his head and in turn is attacked by a team of said supers and shot with the dreaded "EVOLUTION DART". He wakes up the next morning with telekinesis. Enough said. Lets move on to his rival, Game #2: Eden. Set in the fictional land of Eden, the player controls a werewolf (known as Howlers) in the the battle against vicious war-crazed demons. An unusual twist: the vampires (called Stalkers) are actually allies of the Howlers.

For the "Most Unbalanced Game Idea"-- Only one was nominated so only one won: Lets hear it for Metaball. This superhero sports game allowed players to customize ateam of around 6 or so people graced with one awesome ability. Unfortunately it did not achieve the lofty wishes ofits maker, your's truly, Jason Kodiak,and can now be found in my "idea graveyard" where it has been left to rot. My condolences, Metaball.

For the Award of "Most Ambitious, but Unresolved, and all in all a crappy idea": Welcome, Super Spy Ninja Car. Although only a working title, this game never really got anywhere. It involved a nameless hero/thief who stole a government prototype car that has all sorts of cool weaponry and technologies. Sort of like Knight Rider.

For the "Most Ridiculous Idea EVER!" award: Dino Defender. One of my first, this game was solely about a dinosaur, species chosen by the player, that defended its homeland from predators and cavemen. It never really had a story, just a really lame premise. Oh well, Dino Defender, you tried. Oh wait, no you didn't.

And for the "Game Idea of the Year" - Outlaw Pass. This game started small and ambitious and with the help of my amazing brain and no help at all from my idiot brother, became a perfect mix of spaghetti-western gameplay and a nice addition of the extraterrestial. I giveit"GameIdea of the Year" because unlike many of my other games, this one only took a couple days to complete. I just started writing and it all came together. Good job, Outlaw Pass. Congratulations! Make a speech! Take a bow!


And thats that. Thanks for tuning in to the MGI awards. Sorry if it was a bit bland.

UPDATE : Swine Flu

by on

Well, I finally caught the swine flu. I was hoping I was impervious to it but unfortunately that is not the case. :P

Its not actually as bad as people say it is. I mean, there's a ton of discomfort, my lungs feel ingested and the like, but its really not all that bad.

Unless it gets worse, I don't imagine it will keep me from being on here, but I guess we'll see.

Just an update. Cheers.

Assassin's Creed 2

by on

I just watched the latest Assassins Creed 2 developer diary, and from what I can tell, this game is going to exceed my expectations. All the cool things you can do, like buy armor, weapons and such, totally takes the first game and expands on all its great points. Oh, and you get to swim!!! HALLELUJAH!! :P

Personally, I was a fan of AC1, but I know that a lot of you guys thought it was a letdown. For those of you who didn't like the first one, it looks to me that you'll finally get your money's worth on this awesome looking sequel.

So in conclusion...

I will be getting this game. It looks too amazingly awesome for its own good.

anyone agree?

Another Game Idea

by on

hey guys.

You know how I am, new game idea like every week. Well, I hadn't had one in a while, but a week ago, this great idea for a game popped into my head. Now, it was swimming around in my brain for a couple days before I decided to put it down on paper and see where it goes. I did, and now I would LOVE some feedback. Thanks.

I'll give you the big idea.

Player plays John Grady, expert at espionage; The thing is, he lives in an alternate reality in which the English won the Revolutionary War (I thought WW2 was over-used). Obviously things are a lot different. Now the Americans are finally rebelling again, and have started the Second Revolution. John Grady works as a Spy for the Colonists (the Rebels) in finally winning the war. The only problem is, they're losing. Again. And they've decided to bend the rules.

Now the thing about this alternate reality is that it is a lot more advanced (thanks to the british. No offense, America) and Time Travel has been discovered, only it's highly off-limits for use and has to go through Parliament to get accepted for use. On a career-making mission, John is sent with a team to overtake the ITS (Institution for Time and Space), and sends himself back in time to the Original Revolutionary period, where he has help them. Things change when Parliament retakes the Time Core and decides to send back their own soldiers to kill him and keep things the way they are.

obviously we'll witness some form of a Paradox. And there'll be an extremely surprise ending.

Sorry for the over-amount of info but what do you think?? Tell me if you think something needs changed, needs added, or needs replaced. any help would be utterly fantastic, thanks!

The Introduction blog

by on

Alrighty. Here goes. This is a blog where I get to know a few of my friends. In the comments feel free to post something about yourself. It can be multiple things, or just one. Basically I'd like to know some of you guys.


Also, it can be something as general as "i am alive" (trust me, I do want to know that :P) to something specific like, "I enjoy pancakes.


Lets see how many people play along. Tell you what, I'll go first: I am alive. I am not dead. I ate a really nasty piece of pie today. I live in Ohio.

Its that easy. Cheers.

And the race is on!

by on

No it's not. There is no race. Only what your mind perceives as a race. What you see is a dozen highly trained race-horses, competing for a position. In reality, it is a simple computer program being fed into your brain making you see what it wants you to see, keeping you quiet. Making you its slave.


I'm sorry, I do love the Matrix, though.

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