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What I honestly think about you...

@Minishdriveby- I honestly love seeing what you post, whether it's on your personal blog or if it's here on Gamespot (which has me confused as to why you've decided to post on a domain all your own). You seem like a guy who really knows what he likes, and you are, from what I've read, also a really smart person, which is a pretty awesome combo to have. Although I get the sense that you aren't much of a social person, but this mostly a hunch from how you describe a few things that you mention about your current life, but that's just a wild assumption. Keep being awesome :D

@Wolverine87aX- You are probably the happiest, most charismatic person I've ever seen, both off and on the internet. Very few people can make me smile just at the thought of reading what the person has to say, and you are one of those people. I live a pretty gloomy life, but I take a lot of comfort in knowing that people like you exist. Whether it's just a story you're telling, or if it's about your own personal life, I just can't help but feel happy. :D

@fablesway- You're definitely one of the more misleading people on this site. I didn't really think much of you until you started blogging. You just seem like a really optimistic person, kind of like Wolverine87aX. You're also one of the more interesting people that I've encountered on this site. I didn't think anybody on Earth would ever care about something like a Colleco Vision, yet I was proved wrong from a person that I never would've expected this from. Regardless of just throwing my expectations off of you being pretty much anybody else that I would justthink was nice, you go beyond that, and I think that you're an awesome person because you pop-out more than I'd expect :P

@berto64- You're one of the many people that I know about that I wish had a happier life. It feels like I always see you posting in a sad mood, and that bugs me because you really do seem like a generous person. I know that there probably isn't much that I could do to influence your life for the better (because, you know, I'm me :P), but what I'd want to see most on this site is to see you just being happy, because I could see you being an awesome happy person.

@Bamul- I'm still very much surprised that you're actually one year younger then I am. You're definitely the most mature, eccentric 15 year old that I've ever conversed with, and that is definitely not a bad thing, considering the number of fresh-men at my school who deserve to be decked in the face. You're really smart, and a generally nice person. I don't think I'd be able to find a fault with you, even if I tried. You're just an over-all great person, and I hope that you continue in the path that you're going right now, because it really suits you. Kudos for being a person that can always balance out the hatred that I give towards games with a positive light too, I wouldn't consider that a small feat. :P

@CamoBullo- I'm kind of ashamed that I haven't commented on your stuff as much as I could have. Internet wise, you're definitely the smartest person, that I know of anyways. I didn't really think that I'd meet someone from ranks of Reddit, 4 C han (This site got censored, can you believe it?) Funnyjunk, or... *sigh*, 9GAG, on this site at all, and you were the first person to prove me wrong. You seem like a relatively smart person too, so that gives me hope that there are some interwebies who aren't totally retarded that roam just about any site that they can. So keep being awesome, it suits you very well :D

@Venom_Raptor- To be honest, you're probably the person I disagree with most, review wise. I just can't seem to be positive about some games, yet I don't think you've legitimately hated any game that you've played. This definitely isn't a bad thing, especially since I do enjoy seeing what you write. I also love your taste in music and TV, which is something that I don't usually find myself saying, especially on the internet of all places. On top of being someon that I enjoy hearing from, you seem like a really nice person too :D So the only thing that I'm not really liking is the fact that I can't be as positive as you. I don't know whether that's good or bad, so I'll let you be the judge :P

@SoNin360- For better or worse, I'll remember you for being the guy with the most platinum trophies that I've ever seen in one place :P but that's really all I can say at this point. I wish I knew more about you, but I guess I just miss out on what makes you "you" on your blogs, because I always seem to miss the ones that actually have you talking about what's going on in your life. I consider myself at fault for not being able to read what more of you guys post, but sometimes I just don't get around to it, especially in your case. Don't let that be an indicator that I don't like you for some reason, I've seen your comments on my blogs, and you do seem like a pretty cool guy. I'll just be sure to pay more attention to the blogs :P

@xDanny123x- You're one of the few people that just has me enjoying what ever you write. I don't know what it is, I just like reading what you have to say in your posts, because you do seem like a pretty smart fellow (albeit, spunky :3). You're riding on the same lines as Wolverine and Fablesway, in that I just can't help but be happy whenever I see you post anything, whether it be a review, blog, or even a comment on my blog. That's all I really have to say as far as that goes, so consider yourself awesome by my standards :D

@almossbb- You're one of the very few people on my Gamespot friends list that I've actually played a video game with, which is kind of sad on my part :P Regardless of me being kind of a shut-in, I do like hearing what you have to say. And you also have this sort of optimistic approach with just about everything that you say, which is something that I'd really love to be able to do in the future. You're a pretty cool guy, one that I still need to play Resident Evil 5 with (I've beaten it twice already, where are you?) :P

@Dark-Messenger- I always think of you as the person who's always late. I say this because you usually end up being the last person to comment on my blogs, but you just barly got beat out on my last one by 2 people :P. I really love your taste in gaming, and you have this way of typing that just makes you seem like a cool person (the context of your writing also makes you seem cool too, but I digress :P) I have noticed that you are probably the most inactive user on this site too, which is kind of a bummer, because I like reading your stuff :D

@lightwarrior179- I imagine you as a person that would be at the top of all of his classes in college. You're definitely one of the smartest people that I've met on this site, and in a lot of ways you're actually an inspiration to me, especially in my reviews. You're one of the few people who kind of lifted me off the ground on this site, in a sense that nobody ever really commented on my blogs, but you did! :P You're one of the friendliest people on this site, at least to me anyways, and you're one smart guy, so that lands you pretty high on the list of people that I wouldn't mind meeting in real life on this site.

@-Saigo-- I recall that you're one of the first people on this site that actually acknowledged my blogs existance :P in a lot of ways, you're pretty much like lightwarrior179, but you go beyond just gaming to me. You've actually managed to inspire my school life a bit; I feel like a much more determined worker, mostly because of what you usually say on your blogs and comments. It's sort of an indirect motivation for my life, but it's still there none the less, and your optimism makes my life just seem a lot better than it probably should be. Thanks for being a sort of role model for me, it really does mean a lot to me.


I really do wish that a few more people commented on that last blog of mine, because I loved speaking my mind about you guys. I didn't realize that, until writing this, you guys have actually been a pretty big inspiration to me, whether we've talked or not. This site is going to hell, but you guys make it worth coming back to over and over again, so I thank all of you for being a big part of my internet life, it means a lot to me :D

-Cal Burkhart