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If you're one to usually remember most of the people that you converse with on this site, then you've probably noticed that I haven't made a blog for almost 1 month on this site. I've been reading a lot of your guy's stuff too, and sometimes I might even comment. I want to keep giving this site a chance, I really do. I like the community here (not entirely, but I like commenting on your blogs :P), and writing reviews gives me a certain sense of satisfaction to my writing need (although I haven't done anything since I've bought Dragon Age and Shadows of the Damned). But there have been so many things that have driven me from this site that I once knew very well. In fact, I could very well call this site garbage right now.

It pains me to say it, but this site is just straight garbage now. From the neutured comment system to the recent dumb-asses, this site is getting no where pretty fast. I've even seen a few other people leaving from this site due to how bad it is nowadays. The main reason I'm calling this site garbage right now is some of the people that I've seen commenting on articles. I thought there was some sort of age constraint for this site, but I guess not, seeing as how so many people act like 6 year-olds who don't think before they speak. Of course I don't mean everyone, I've met a lot of smart people on this site, and I've even learned from a few of you guys (I'd like to give a personal shout out to Bamul, Ovirew, and adam1808 in this regard). But I'm getting ahead of myself; what exactly sparked this fire known as conditional hate for a site that was just intended for people to talk about games?

The Infamous Commenting Change

Well, I've already mentioned that the comment system blows now, if only for one reason: you can't vote people down any more. I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned how stupid it is that they removed a feature that let us disagree with someone without having to comment back. Well, if that was what it was used for in the first place anyways. On this site, usually red thumbs indicates that you've made a dumb comment and you should feel bad. We've all been there before, whether it was rightful or just asanine on the down-thumbers part. Now that that's gone, I feel that my freedom on this site has been melded with the stupid peoples freedom, making something that I could make a metophor out of: putting liquid cherry-flavored medicine into your favorite juice. It's supposed to make me feel better, but it just makes me wish that I had an entirely different drink all together.

People's Need To Take There Comments And Make Them Dumber Then They Need To Be.

While I haven't really commented on this site that much (with those seldom occasions being me telling someone why I disagree with them, thank you new comment system), I have been reading a lot of what people have to say about certain things. I do like it when people take the time to think with their comments, but more times than that do I find that people simply don't like to think when they speak. Take the recent Starhawk review for example. JustPlainLucas (who still won't track me back >.>) summed up my thoughts on most of the people commenting on that page to a tee. Hell, I'm even going to put what he said in a lil ole' link: "Keep whining a ssholes!"

But to add on to a lot of what he said, elitists on this site are just horrendous. They simply lack the logic to realize that below a 9 out of 10, there lays other good scores that a game could get: an 8.5, an 8, a 7.5, a 7, hell you could even have a 6 and still have your game be enjoyed by someone (I'm one of those people who love the average games that other people don't). I get really frustrated at the peope who instantly pull the bias card when they aren't even going to explain why they think a review is wrong in certain areas. It's kind of sad that I don't even see that in user reviews anyways, which is just a way of making you actually seem credible. Having reasons and logic is one of the most important things that you can have in life, and yet I've barely come into contact with anybody on this site that uses those.

One thing that I find really funny about a lot of these comments without purpose is that they feel that their score that is only 0.5 higher than the reviewers is way more justified. I couldn't count on my fingers how many times some jerk-off actually said that Starhawk deserved an 8 or higher, like it was some sort of set in stone fact. With most of those comments, I saw smart people actually using Metacritic to their advantage in saying that the general consensus is what Gamespot score is (Starhawk currently stands at 77 on Metacritic). Unfortunately, some of these comments slipped through the cracks of Gelugon_Beats token "B*tch some more!" comments. And, thanks to this new comment system, I can't tell if people are actually buying into these comments or now.


In the last section I mentioned "elitists", which in typical gaming language can be translated out to "fanboys". I can't believe I live in the year 2012 where this problem has been getting consistantly worse. Right now, I'm 16 years of age, and I have a general grasp of what it means to be fair on sites like this. This leads me to believe that a lot of people on this site really need to wait about 5 years and just go to school before they start commenting on subjects. I used to have the mentality that everyones opinion on this site should be the same as mine. On my first account, I actually wrote my first review ever: Lost Planet 2. I don't think I've met a single one of you guys that like this game as much as I do, and it took me a while to realize that that's absolutely okay, as long as you have reasons to back up what you're saying.

As I've mentioned, people don't like having the convienience of logic on their site. I love logic, more than a lot of things in life, but it's become a lost art (logic is to us what Air Bending is to Avatar: The Last Airbender). Going back to the Starhawk review, you'll find very little in the ways of being subtle. They act like I did when I was 15 years old, trying to convince everyone that their opinion is 100% better than everyone elses. I like doing this as a joke with a few games, like Killzone 3 and Skyrim, where I try to make everyone hate those games as much as I do, but I don't honestly feel like I should force people to do something that involves entertainment. I want to live in a world where everybody got a long, and could accept that some people just think different.


And there you have my reasons for calling this site garbage. I want this to be a site that I can thoroughly enjoy. Hell, I want everybody to enjoy this site as much as I want to. But with the way things are, I don't think it can get any better. I might blog in the future like I used to, but for now, I think I'll just back to ground-zero with gaming: just playing games, and enjoying myself.

-Cal Burkhart