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12/23/11 - The single BEST review I've ever seen...

While perusing Gamespot in my typical, everyday manner, I bumped into the game page of Quake 4. I picked this game up recently, and I enjoyed my time with the campaign (unfortunately, the multiplayer is dead, so there's no way for me to get a hold of that). I'd say that it was definitely worth my 5 bucks and time, and I might just talk about it in depth one of these days. But that's not the point of why I'm making this blog. While looking at this page, I saw a review by a user who goes by the name of "omegazx100". Now I'm not sure whether this user is active or not anymore, but what he left behind is something that no person could possibly replace. Which is why I give you his latest, and possibly last review on this site. Enjoy.

"to where to begin the campain look simple to play even with diffcult setting its a breeze to go threw story is find soilder land on killing any enemies u r some lone soilder who has t ostop the strog gameplay of the is awesome i can handle the moving around no sweet choose weapon select by moving the D-pad of the LB or RB now let talk about the multiplayer to me its a joke i mean come on people its suck hard then paying 2 to 3 year House Mortgage what im talking is the how they program this game back in 2005 was probly it was awesome & it wasn't a big deal ether but man im so sick & tire of waiting for player to just show up im lucky enough to get 1 or 2 to show up i hate the fact that i have to wait every 120 second count down while other to jump in only way to avoid that would be to get 8 player the gameplay out of the werid to explain in the campain i had total control of my main character but when im in the what ever a death match i get way to fast to turn little that & sometimes its abit hard to control to kill your oppent again who's idea was to it to make achievements to hard to earn i mean now the people the make it so no 1 can get no.1 & 10 if the glicht wasn't program can't image do it ligit on top of that why write down a no. that will take more then 3 to 6 mouth to go through on top of having error.. appering for number of times u play online with people then u have to go back to the dashboard & restart the & look at the publisher & developers name over & over & over & over again i swair its like try to spelling test online to me i thought it was a good game but the campain pass more the multiplayer im sorry i like quake series but this is not worth playing if the develper study,test out the probelm & made the online more sharable this would be a good game but no im sorry
& its ture i played the multiplayer match since oct 2010 still in counting trying to get the learderboard no.1-10 & playing matches havn't play any other games since i started with trying to get the achievement any normal person would just play the campain finish it & have fun playing & earning achievements but not this 1 it like a 2 to 3 year House Mortgage u will on this until u r done"

12/21/11 - New GOTY's Part 3

Game that would go best with Metallica

Bulletstorm Image

Runner Up: Bulletstorm

Funny FPS's and Metal seem to go hand-in-hand, and that's pretty much why this game pretty much gets as far as it does for this category. For every big event that seemed to happen in this game, I felt like Master of Puppets would've fit perfectly, no matter what. And for those BIG set-pieces, For Whom The Bell Toles would be just as fitting. As far as FPS's go, this would be the first game that I'd think of when listening to Metallica.

Farming Simulator 2011 Image

Winner: Farming Simulator

The only thing that could trump something like Bulletstorm is the sheer amount of boredom one can find when playing anything like this. I like to pick on this game in particular for the soul purpose of it being the only one that I've played of this series of simulators. I can't honestly see anybody playing this game out of their own free will. Which is why I think this is an appropriate spot for this game; it's less monotonous to plant **** when you're listening to progressive Metal.

Best/Worst Use Of A Tutorial

Assassin's Creed: Revelations Image

Worst: Assassin's Creed: Revelations

My problem with this tutorial (and all other's in this series, for that matter), is that they think that the people playing this game have never once held a controller in their life. I don't have a problem with a game that teaches you the fundamentals of what it does, but when the game just refuses to let go of your hand for you to find out stuff for yourself, then it becomes annoying. Another thing that really bothers me is how obvious some of these directions are. Obviously I know that when I'm supposed to kill someone I'll want to know what their face looks like; you don't have to shove it down my throat for 10 seconds, I'm not 4 years old. And I thought that this was supposed to be a gamer for mature audiences...

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Image

Best: Uncharted 3

If there's always something that I can praise about an Uncharted game, other than the graphics, it'd have to be the use of the in-game tutorial, and it's no different here. When playing the game that DOESN'T tell you how to walk forward, if cleverly shows you the way the game works through events that you par-take in. Example: You're getting into a fist fight with your first bad-guy-person. In a bad game, they would tell you nothing about the way fighting works. In an even worse game, it takes 5 minutes to tell you when to press one button. But in good games like Uncharted 3, it takes you very briefly out of the action and tells you how to fight back, and never bothers you about it ever again. Basic functions like shooting and walking are rightfully not explained on the grounds of them being the two things that have been nailed into your head by now with shooters. So, kudos to the dawg of Naughty for getting it right for the third time in a row.

Game that gave me the biggest head-ache

Crysis 2 Image

Runner Up: Crysis 2

When I say "head-ache", I don't mean from the game being bad in quality, as shown by the runner-up and the winner. It could've been the fact that I hadn't had much water the day I bought this game, or the fact that motion-blur was IN at the time, but after about an hours play of Crysis 2, I nearly threw up. I mostly blame the fact that there's always something going on in the game. Which most definitely isn't a bad thing for any game, it just kind of made my head as dizzy as a Jewish Top soaked in Ny-Quil, spun by a man who is famous for t1ty-twisters. This is definitely one of my favorite FPS's from this year, but the head-ache factor kinda made me stop playing it :(

Portal 2 Image

Winner: Portal 2

Again, this game isn't bad by any circumstances, but man, some of these puzzles just destroyed my mind. This game really isn't THAT challenging, but I have no idea why I'm so prone to head-aches when playing games. I guess that's why you don't really see me playing that much; that or else I'm busy writing stuff for school or Gamespot. I think I'll just leave the drawing as an example of what you have to go through in something like Portal 2.

Update 12/18/11 - New GOTY's Part 2

Biggest Event that you probably didn't care about

THQ logo 2011.svg

Runner Up: THQ's marathon of cancelling game companies.

It's always sad to see companies go under the bridge after their game might have run into poor reception, or lack luster sales. It happened quite a lot this year, but there has been one publisher to single handedly kill up to 7 developers and game series combined. Chances are, you really don't care about THQ and what they do with there games, but I don't think I've ever seen a publisher destroy so many things in a single year. Such companies as Kaos Studios (Homefront) and Blue Tounge (De Blob 2) were shut-down because THQ is terrible at spending their resources. My condolences go out to those who lost their jobs from these fallen studios.


Winner: "You better start caring about OnLive, or else we'll shove it in other people's faces even more."

With such an idea like OnLive, you'd think that people would start caring a little bit. But with me, and pretty much 95% of other people, we couldn't care less about this "revolutionary" system that'll some how play Crysis on our IPhones. To be honest, I don't really think it's a bad idea, but it's so under the radar at this point, that people pretty much dismiss it every chance that they get. The creators of this thing also made sure that you knew about it's existance by throwing their crap at sites like IGN and this site for that matter. I don't think it's working.

Most over-rated by gamers

Image 10

Runner Up: Battlefield 3

So it's been two months since this game has been released, and I think the hype has died down severly, so I think I'll go on the record in saying that this game is, most definitely, nothing special. And yet, people are constantly praising all aspects of this game as if they were somehow all the second coming of Zombie Christ. Sure, multiplayer and graphics pretty much make this game "special", but if you think about it, how much is this game different from games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2? People complain about Call of Duty being the same every year, but the only real differences I see between this and it's predecessors is a severe down-grade in campaign & co-op, and a major over-haul in visuals. If Call of Duty can keep a steady stream of good campaign and co-op options, why can't this messiah of a game keep up with the pace? Oh wait, it's running on a new engine, so it has to be better!

Duke Nukem Forever Image

Winner: Duke Nukem: Forever

I still have no idea why people actually like this game. This is one of the worst games to come out this year, and yet people are giving it a pass just because of how long it took to come out. That is absolutely no excuse why this game is nearly abysmal. It looks ugly, it plays like a game from the late 90's, it completely abadones everything that made the original Duke Nukem awesome, and worst of all, it carries the same traits that most all bad FPS's carry (aside from the ones I just mentioned): A short single-player, tacked-on multiplayer, and pretty much no reason to come back for seconds. To think that this game is actually getting DLC... I'll ask this question to the people who liked this game: would you pay for this DLC?

Oh, and consider Killzone 3 for a 3rd place spot.

Most under-rated by gamers

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Image

Runner Up: Modern Warfare 3

Before you get on my **** about this being here and Battlefield 3 being where it is, let me explain my reasoning. Keeping in mind that this game is where it is, let's take a look at this games user-rating on MetaCritic, for the 360 version

You know, I hardly think that it's fair that a game like this gets an even worse rating than games like Duke Nukem and Call of Juarez: The Cartel. Obviously, this game is way better than both of those games combined, and you'd pretty much have to lie to yourself if you think that this is somehow the worst game of this year (as a current score of 3.2 on MetaCritic states). I know that people have their reasons for rating this game as a 1 or 2, but those reasons are completely ridiculous. It hasn't added or changed anything? Have any of those "reviewers" actually analyzed Battlefield 3 before slapping a 10/10 on that game? Let me make it clear; I like both of these games, but I don't think that this is fair on anybodies part, at all. I guess you could say that I put Battlefield 3 where I did because of the way Modern Warfare 3 is being treated.

Rage Image

Winner: Rage

My feelings towards Rage are pretty much the exact opposite of Duke Nukem Forever. I don't understand why people are giving this game so much crap when it's pretty much everything that one would want out of a shooter. A wide open terrain with random, un-scripted events? Check. Awesome weapons, with a great sense of power inside each? Check. Amazing technical performance that gives Battlefield 3 a reason to worry about being the prettiest in visuals? Triple check. This game feels so right to me, and it's probably my favorite FPS out of all that I've played this year. It's even better than both Crysis 2 and Resistance 3, which in my opinion were the best FPS's of this year before Rage came out. I guess I'll just keep my love for this game to myself. I know that people are rating this with pretty low scores, but I bet that those are the same people that are telling you to give Duke Nukem Forever a chance. Trust me, it's worth a shot.

Update 12/16/11 - GOTY Par- Well, actually...

I just realized, doing this list has been boring as hell. What my lists have been comprised of so far are so generic and predictable that it feels like I'm just wasting my time doing what will inevitably be done on other peoples blogs. So, I'm going to head in a new direction; instead of technical stand-points about serious topics, I'll start going around throwing opinions at you guys about subjects that aren't really mentioned when discussing favorites. So, as an example, let's start with this:

Most Annoying Set-Piece

Runner Up: Battlefield 3's first jet-flight as Hawkins.

Why has it become a staple in FPS's to include missions where you can't move? I don't think I've ever run into anybody with an IQ above 5 who's actually wanted something like this in their video game; and yet these top-tier developers keep putting this on us like we have no say in the matter. Sure, it makes for a pretty nice looking mission, I mean you got nice lighting, good looking textures, a solid 30 FPS, Battlefield 3 is just a good looking game. There are a lot of moments in Battlefield 3 that make me wonder "What was DICE thinking?", but this is probably the biggest one. And wouldn't you know it, it qualifies for a place in this award.

Killzone 3 Image

Winner: Killzone 3's turret sequence, OF SNOW!

I think I've said it more than enough times to last my a life time, but let me confirm it again: I hate this game. I think it's the bane of FPS's this year; the kid in ****that shoots up your school after accidently stepping on his show. I despise pretty much everything about this game, with this being the thing that I hated most. Let me sum it up like this; this is the biggest waste of time that I've ever had the displeasure of doing in a video game. Why though? You can't die. YOU. CAN'T. DIE. This whole sequence is entirely pointless, and just shows off the sheer magnitude of this games scripted events. Every single time you want to play through this game, you have to play through this segment. Every. Single. Time. And every single time it's exactly the same, and that is no damn exaggeration. I think I should stop here, or else I pop a blood-vessel...

Best Remark in rebuttle to enemies in the game

Bulletstorm Image

Runner Up: Bulletstorm - "Take a lick on the salty taint of doom, you brain-dead biker-wh*res!"

Serious Sam 3: BFE Image

Winner: Serious Sam 3: BFE - "Oh no, it's not over until I t-bag every last one of you alien mother-f*ckers."

Sillies Looking Box-Art

Runner Up: Farming Simulator 2011

If I was the head of Farming Simulator 2011, and a 60 year old client of mine presented this box-art idea to me after weeks of work, I'd punch him as hard as I could in the arm-pit, even knowing how much work he put into this. It's stripped from the base of PS2 graphics, combined with the brilliance of terrible textures and basic-as-basic-can-get farming equipment and animals. I know this game is a smash hit, which is exactly why I think it deserves a complete over-haul on the box-front; it does the game absolutely no justice, and makes the idea of a farming simulator for the PC a completely silly idea, which is what this game is definitely not about.

Winner: Blackwater

Yeah, I honestly feel like what's being presented here is less suitable then a mere tractor and some animals. Look at this, it's the cast of Zombie Wars, if the characters were even more douchy then they were in that movie. The sunglasses alone warrant a spot somewhere in this catagory, but what really nails it for me is the guy on the right, in contrast the Grizzly Adams in the middle. He's got a baseball cap on, BACKWARDS. I have no idea what this game is about, but if I had to take a guess, it'd be some sort of hunting simulator, taught be some of the biggest douchers in box-art history. And to top it off; this game isn't even half the game that Farming Simulator 2011 is. It's but a mere shadow of what most people consider a genre defining master-piece, which just adds to the overall douchiness of this effort.

Update 12/11/11 - GOTY Part 3

Best Puzzle Game

Like music, puzzle elements seem to be sorely lacking in the gaming industry. While there haven't really been that many huge releases for the genre this year, what was released were some of the best games this year. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a challenge to the mind, and that is why games like this exsist; to break the simple monotony found in pretty much every other genre.

Catherine Image

Runner Up: Catherine

Taking the title as one of the harder games this year, Catherine was pretty much a love child of Quebert and Demon's Souls. While the game might seem overly challenging to most, it has an awesome difficulty curve for people who enjoy a good challenge, and has unique mechanics to match it's challenge. It obviously looks like Quebert from a audience perspective, and it is built up from the ground like Demon's Souls; making the game as hard as necessary, and making it a one of a kind experience. I know a lot of people haven't picked this up, but I highly recommend it; it's definitely the big sleeper hit of 2011 (right next to Rayman Origins).

Portal 2 Image

Winner: Portal 2

It was pretty obvious that this was going to win. Not only is it the best puzzle game of this year, but it's just flat-out one of the best games released this year. It's better than Catherine because, when comparing the two, Portal 2 is a much tighter game, and obviously had a lot more thought put into it. It may be a short experience, but it's one that is pretty much flawless all around. It's a great sequel, and it's a great puzzle game in general..

Best Third-Person Shooter

Surprisingly, there wasn't much of this genre to go around either. But like the Puzzle genre, what is here is pretty much what makes 2011 sub-lime. This generation of gaming has really expanded upon the boundries of TPS's, with Resident Evil 4 being the big change in how we see these games. What's funny is that the creator of Resident Evil 4, Shinji Mikami, was behind the runner-up for this one. What was it? Well, it was:

Shadows of the Damned Image

Runner Up: Shadows of the Damned

In what is probably the dumbest game of this year, Shadows of the Damned has a ton of what people look for in games: profanity, blood, and fun. It actually beat out Bulletstorm in all of these catagories, and rightfully so. As I've said, Shinji Mikami, director of Resident Evil 4 and Vanquish, is the creative producer in Shadows of the Damned, and rightfully so. The game generally feels like Resident Evil 4, with a whole slew of improvements to the formula, like being able to move while shooting. Combined with what Suda 51 usually brings to the table, it makes for one of the most memorable stories this year.

Gears of War 3 Image

Winner: Gears of War 3

Once again, the choice was pretty obvious for those who've been reading my stuff, and who've actually been playing games this year. Gears of War 3 was everything that gamers could expect out of a game; an awesome campaign, amazing multiplayer, and an addictive cooperative mode. But what gives it the edge over Shadows of the Damned (which had a better campaign, mind you), is two things; tightness, and seemless transitions between all modes. Gears 3 was built all around you leveling up your profile, constantly getting new rewards and game modes, encouraging you to play through all of the games 100 levels, which wasn't even apart of Shadows of the Damned. And the game just felt a lot more secure than Shadows of the Damned, which is quite a feat, considering how fun and polished Shadows of the Damned was. Gears 3 is one of the best TPS's this generation, and is pretty much a 'must buy' for all 360 owners.

Best Platformer

There is only one genre in gaming that absolutely EVERYBODY can enjoy, and that is the cute, massive world of 2-D and 3-D platformers. This year had a considerably great amount of both of these, and pretty much all of them were winners (even De Blob 2, which won't be mentioned any where else in my awards).

Super Mario 3D Land Image

Runner Up: Super Mario 3D Land

The first truly great original 3DS title, it also happens to be what most consider to be the best hand-held Mario game ever. I really didn't expect much from this game, given the fact that it almost felt like Nintendo was just rushing it out the doors so people wouldn't feel like they bought their 3DS just for Zelda. But it turns out that this game did pretty much everything right, for it being something of a hybrid between 2-D and 3-D Mario games. Being that there really isn't much on the 3DS, you've probably already pick this one up. But if you're planning on buying a 3DS, then this will probably be the first game that you'll want to buy.

Rayman Origins Image

Winner: Rayman: Origins

Out of all the awards I've given so far, I feel the proudest in saying that this is my favorite in it's respective genre. It's the Rayman game that I've been waiting for since Rayman 3, and thankfully, those retarded-ass rabits are no where near this one. It succeeds as a tight, smooth platformer, but it exceeds as a piece of art, having the best art of this year. It's an all around amazing project, and one that should be on everybodies shelf, regardless of which system you own.


I'll try to hurry up with these awards a little bit more, we're almost at Christmas! :D

Update 12/5/11 - GOTY Part 2

Well, graphics. It's something that technically makes a game, and it's something that seems to be the only point that we've been able to improve on this generation. We're getting to the point where games are starting to really get photo-realistic, and games like Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 are starting to show that. It's hard not to just stare in awe of some of these games some times, so I just don't resist. Let's jump right in!

Best Graphics (Console/Technical)

Image 3

Runner up: Battlefield 3

It's no surprise that this is still the big draw of what this game has to offer. If the visuals of this game weren't as impressive as they were, this game really wouldn't have been anything special (not that it is, anyways). On consoles, it holds up quite well, even with a few technical blemishes.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Image

Winner: Uncharted 3

If the PC wasn't intended to run games, this would be the most impressive release to date. It might not be a giant leap from Uncharted 2, but considering what was already there, I really wouldn't expect the developers to reach that level. The game runs smooth, it looks sharp, and it all looks fantastic, whether it's in the single player or multiplayer. I don't think console gaming can get any better looking than this on what we have right now.

Best Graphics (PC/Technical)

Crysis 2 Image

Runner Up: Crysis 2

Being that this is based on Crysis 2 with DX 11 support, this is one of the greatest things that I've seen. Sure, Battlefield 3 has some of the best looking visuals ever on the PC, but Crysis 2 matches that, and it exceeds it with it's overall performance. Both games can run at 60 FPS on a high-end PC, but Crysis 2 fits more into it's setting, and it's scale definitely feels bigger than what Battlefield 3 offered. It was close, but I thought that Crysis 2 deserved some credit for something that was being built off of what is still considered the best looking game ever; Crysis.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Image

Winner: The Witcher 2

This game is pretty much the gold standard for every RPG for the next 5 years. To compliment it's awesome art-**** the game features some of the best looking environments of all time. Again, no game is perfect on the visual side (yet), but The Witcher 2 is a big step forward in getting to this goal. It's definitely one of the best looking games ever made.

Best Art

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Image

Runner Up: El Shaddai

Rayman Origins Image

Winner: Rayman: Origins

Next week, I'll start getting into genres, so until then, what games do you think deserve credit for these awards?

Update 12/1/11 - It's December! GOTY Part 1

You know what that means, right? You don't? Well, I'll tell you then:

This is that special month in gaming that most people tend to use for their "Game of the Year" lists, putting in different catagories that best suit each respected title that you either loved or hated this year. And it's ironic too, considering that there really aren't that many noteworthy games coming out by this time of year (like June, for example). I mean sure, there's Mario Kart 7 and The Old Republic, but there isn't much in the way of HD consoles. So, while I'm still catching up on a bunch of games that I've purchased lately, I though I'd do a few blogs that pretty much build up until I reveal my favorite game of this year.

Everybodies doing it, but what makes mine special? Well, nothing really. But it does give me a chance to talk about games, so it's fine by me. I'll be picking 2 nominees for each of the awards, and the choice that I feel is most suitable will rightfully win, so without further a due, let's start:

Best Software Lineup:

Surprisingly, there wasn't much in the ways of exclusive content for a lot of consoles. With only a handful of games for the 360, Wii, and PC, there isn't much to talk about. But it's pretty obvious who the winner is; with the PS3 having the most games of this year. But quantity doesn't always mean quality, so It's still fair game for all consoles


Runner up: Xbox 360

As I've mentioned, this was one of the consoles that had very little in it's exclusive line up. But I have to say, pretty much all of the games released on the 360 were amazing. Disc based titles like Gears 3 and Forza 4 are very deserving of other awards that I'll be giving out later, and the remastering of Halo: Combat Evolved is what really makes me think that the 360's year wrapped up nicely. In addition to the awesome store-bought titles, there was also Xbox Live Arcade. I don't think I have to tell you guys that this year was one of it's best as far as the online outlet went. Such games as Bastion and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet made it pretty much the best, as far as online content goes. Contrary to popular belief, I thought this was an awesome year for the Xbox 360.


Winner: PS3

I'm not gonna lie; there was one game in particular that almost completely turned me off from all of Sony's games this year. Now I won't mention it (until 'Most Disappointing Game' comes up), but I'm glad that it didn't. It's pretty obvious here that the PS3 easily had the best disc-based lineup out of all the systems. Uncharted 3 alone made the PS3 an easy buy to pretty much everybody, and it was only supported from there with games like Resistance 3 and Infamous 2. Not only that, but it housed a bunch of HD remakes from some of the best games ever made on discs AND from their online store. If I start listing them now, I'll pretty much burn myself out on writing when I'm done. Need less to say, this was definitely Sony's best year yet, if you don't think that it was 2009, anyways.

Best Music

I can honestly say that music is pretty much the second most important part of any presentation, second to graphics. People don't really realize that a lot of energy and atmosphere mostly comes from an audio sense, and almost dismiss it whenever they talk about any games in general. Hopefully, none of you guys do the same thing, because this is definitely something that is overlooked in a lot of games.

Runner Up: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Winner: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I wish I could give you more tracks, but this was the only one I could find. Zenimax took down pretty much every single video that had parts of the soundtrack, which is dumb as hell.

I chose this because of the mood that it creates, combined with it's chilling environments. Considering that this is a very large game, the fact that I didn't get sick of the music once is definitely saying something. It just feels relaxing and atmospheric, and it just makes the game feel like even more of an adventure than it already is.


It's kind of late, so I'll stop here. Ima pick up on it later!

Update 11/26/11 - New oldies!

Hello friends, one and all! It's been quite a while since I've updated, 10 whole days to be specific. The reason being is that I've been playing video games. And, as a matter of fact, I've picked up a few things yesterday on Black Friday. I also picked up a few games before that, but I'll just include those, seeing as how they're all pretty much related in two things: they're all FPS's, and they all came out a few years ago. I know that I missed out on a ton of great deals this Black Friday, like Rage going for 30 bucks, or the same for Battlefield 3, but I think I made some great purchases with the 50 dollars that I had in my wallet. There are 4 games here:

Quake 4 Image

Quake 4 - Developer: Raven & ID Software (11/18/05)

For the record; I love both companies behind this game. Raven Software for such games as Singularity, Wolfenstien, and their work on the Jedi Knight Academy games. And ID, for obvious reasons. Being that this is one of the first games to be released for the 360, my expectations were about as low as they could get. For it's time, this was a pretty good FPS, although the translation from the PC wasn't as smooth as it could've been.

This translation lost one thing that matters most to me in pretty much every game ever released: frame-rate. This game takes some serious dips from time to time, to the point where it's almost unplayable at points. It's supposed to be running at that sweet point of 60 frames per second, but at times it feels like a steady 30, or even less (the equivalent being something like Battlefield: Bad Company). Other than that, there really isn't much to complain about as far as the game performs. It looks fine, although there are plenty of low res textures to marvel at. Although I'm not gonna complain about that, seeing as this game is 6 years old.

So far, this is the only game that I've completed out of the 4, and it was pretty good overall. It's your typical corridor shooter with basic AI and weaponry. It all works well, for as simple as it is. There's a good amount of variety in enemy types, compared to a lot of modern shooters, although it's not varied enough to be considered fresh every level. Level design, like I said, is pretty much as straight forward as one would expect. There is a bit of back tracking to be had, but it'll all be through the same narrow corridors with boxs for cover.

I picked this game up for 5 dollars, and I'd say that it's a worthy buy for the price of admission.

Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood - Developer: Techland (6/30/09)

It's pretty much established that I despised Call of Juarez: The Cartel for being the piece of poo that it was. In the review that I gave it, I actually talked about this game a little bit, saying that it was far superior compared to The Cartel in pretty much most aspects. I was basing this off of a demo, so I wasn't really sure if I was on the mark with most of my comparisons. After playing Bound In Blood, I do have to make a few corrections to my comparisons.

This game is FAR, FAR better than The Cartel, and it even looks nicer than The Cartel does, even if there is a two year gap between the two releases. So far, every single aspect of Bound In Blood out-matches everything The Cartel has to offer. But then, that's not really saying much, given the quality of The Cartel. Fortunately, Bound In Blood is a good game by itself. The shooting mechanics feel really tight in the game, and coupled with the rifles and pistols in the game, it just feels like a tight experience. Where Quake 4 was straight forward in tight coridors, Bound In Blood is straight forward in environments that are either wide open or in trenches of sorts. Although this game is considerably newer than Quake 4, I'll excuse the overly straight forward action here too.

The visuals in the game are surprisingly good, especially for a game that is two years old. Although, like all other Techland shooters, there is a serious problem with the lighting in some of the areas. The shadows look down-right terrible at times, and character models that aren't main characters usually look pretty messed up. Just talking about it makes me wonder why Techland ever invented the Chrome Engine 5 if it didn't even improve anything that this engine did, and just made things look worse.

But overall, this is a pretty worth while experience so far. It's definitely better than The Cartel, and for 20 bucks, it is a pretty good pick-up.

Prey - Developer: Human Head Studios/Venom Games (7/11/06)

Yeah, I finally picked it up! This was one of the games that I intended on getting as soon as possible, along with Gears 3 and Forza Motorsport 4. I picked it up at a ridiculously cheap price of 3 dollars, with the manual and everything. Plus the disc was in great working order too, which is pretty rare in my used game market. So far, I'd have to say that this is probably my best pick-up on the 360, as far as a good deal goes, anyways.

And sure enough, the game is also great as far as quality goes. I've had a few people say that they didn't really care for this game when I mentioned it in another blog, and I can kind of see why they wouldn't really like this game. The game is stupid easy, both for simple AI and not being able to die in the game. I've died a few times, thanks to those accurate as hell snipers, but all you have to do is waste your time in a small mini-game, and be on your way back to the living world. It's kind of like Bioshock in a way, and I can draw a ton of comparisons between the two games. While Bioshock might be the superior of the two, there are a few things that Prey does just as good; if not better than Bioshock.

For example: level design. While at times that design of this game might seem simplistic, there are actually a ton of variables to the overall design and goal of the game. Portals are a huge part of what make this game unpredictable; acting as gate-ways for your enemies to pass through if an alarm is sounded, or as a passage way into an entirely new environment where either more enemies are or more supplies are. The gravity walk-ways are also pretty cool too, making for some pretty hectic fire-fights between the many different environments provided in the 21 levels of the game.

I'm not trying to over-exaggerate when describing this game, but it is kind of impressive to me how this game is really built. With the sequel coming up, I am absolutely excited to see what they can come up with for the bounty hunter system that the game seems to be based off of. It's definitely my most anticipated game of next year, especially after playing this game again.

Far Cry Instincts Predator Image

Far Cry Instincs Predator - Developer: Ubisoft Montreal (3/28/06)

Oh boy, do I have a few things to say about this game, but first, a small synopis. Predator is essentially a re-packaging of the stellar Far Cry: Instincts. It also comes with the exspansion Evolution, which is just another campaign for the game. Both were brought to the 360 in glorious HD and with achievements (me gust achievements), with pretty much nothing else. I remember playing Instincts a ton when I had the original Xbox, and I remember it being a mess of fun. Of course, I was little and had my older brother play through the stealth segments so I could get to the beast-mode segments. It's 6 years later, and now I'm 16. Now, I gotta get through the stealth segments before I can get back to my child-hood.

Jesus Christ, I don't remember them being this difficult. And where some games get their challenge from legitimate challenge in design (Demon's Souls, Ninja Gaiden), this is hard to a fault that I'm still trying to get used to. The controls are, at times, unresponsive. For a game that requires perfection in performance, I am having some serious problems trying to get past the wonky controls so I can actually kill someone without trouble. The aiming is almost as stiff as Killzone 2, but where it actually makes sense there, there is no reason at all for the game to be this clunky.

If the controls were smooth and tight, I'd have no problem with this game at all. In fact, if they had been better, this would've been the best purchase of the 4 games. But thanks to that, with the combination of inconsistant AI quality, this game almost feels like a chore. I want to enjoy it so bad, and in some moments, I actually do enjoy my time. But there's always that one moment that just completely ruins your momentum, and chances are, it won't even be your fault. It'll probably be the AI, or the cheap foliage system that this game uses for it's so-called "stealth".

I'm definitely going to be playing it more, because I know that at it's core, this game is pretty awesome. But for now, I'm a little bit sour about this one. I got it for a whopping 6 dollars, plus 5 dollars to clean the damn thing. Man, I wish people would take better care of their games.


So I have a small question for you guys: What older games for the 360 can you recommend to me? I'm open to pretty much any suggestions. Also, I'll try to add more of you on Xbox Live so we can play teh vidja gaems together. The newest purchases for me are still Gears 3 and Forza 4, so keep an eye out for me when I'm online.

Xbox Live: Iridescent406

Update 11/16/11 - Oh boy... Skyward Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Image

By now, you've definitely looked at Gamespot's review of Skyward Sword. I bet you're disgusted, repulsed, down-right displeased with the sheer blasphemy of a 7.5! Oh no, how can a Zelda game possibly get something that low? I've never seen a video on this site with as many comments as this review has. over 1000 comments and quickly rising, and pretty much 95% of them are hate comments, directed at Tom McShea and his score of 7.5. Looking at this review made me sick, and it wasn't because of the 7.5, or the review for that matter. No, it was because of the people that were upset by the score.

I've been going to this site for 2 years now. The last time I saw hate of this magnitude was for Modern Warfare 2, which was a pretty heated thing to talk about at the time. But you know, most of the hate was directed at the score. I've been asking this question a lot on this site, but I'll ask it here for the first time; are we really that dense? Come on people, this isn't an outrage. This isn't blasphemy, nor is it trite. This is one guy giving his review about a game that he though was GOOD. It was just one review! And while he Tom has the right to say that he has given the game the lowest score on a professional level, he still says that the game is GOOD!

If you don't want to believe this score, then you don't have to. I'm just saying that people are freaking out WAY too much about this. It's a single review out of 30 some reviews that seems to magically be the worst, all because of the score. How many people have played this game in North America? Last time I checked, it doesn't come out for 4 more days here. And we somehow know that what Tom is saying is wrong, because of what other people have said?

So that's two things that bug me about this video; the comments stating that this review doesn't do that game justice, and the comments saying that Tom are wrong. I don't know if he's right or not, I haven't even played the game yet. And I bet that most people who are giving this guy hate haven't played it either. That is just ridiculous, and people are caring WAY, WAAAAAAAY too much about a simple score that still states that game as being GOOD. And for what reason?

Oh yeah, because it's a Zelda game. A lot of you probably know that my favorite game of all time is Ocarina of Time, and it still is. I think it's perfect, and it's one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. Since this game has been released, it seems like all Zelda games HAVE to have 9's and 10's thrown at them. Let me tell you, it feels like these games have been getting progressively worse since my favorite game was released. A lot of these reviewers have been pretty unfair with these games. And I don't mean unfair like 'it deserves more credit'. I mean unfair like it's getting most of it's praise from it's name alone.

And I can say all of this because I actually have played all of these games. Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and Twighlight Princess. Barely anybody has played Skyward Sword, and we have enough knowledge to know that it should be getting nothing but 10's? You can't be serious people. Feel free to justify your hatred with this review in the comments; if you can. I'm not trying to sound like an ass when talking about this subject, but it just bothers me that so many people are tearing into this guy for a 7.5.