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Right well this could be hello again people of gamespot. I am back and redoing everything here one by one. I have finish highschool so I'm in University (or College for some of you). I will fix things up on my pages.. I need to change some of these pics. I have been playing League of Legends, Dofus, Monster Hunter Tri, Bladestorm, Team Fortress 2, Red Dead Redemption. I have pre ordered the limited edition for Halo Reach. So yeah there are things that i'm excited about. Hopefully I'll stay online from now on =P

Exams Coming Up

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Hey Guys, Sorry to bring up the bad news but I have exams coming up so I'll be out guys. This should last around few weeks or so.. See you guys soon ay.. =)

Laptop Crashed

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Busy doing my usual stuff on my laptop and decided to go to sleep but then suddenly out of nowhere my laptop start going slow just before i turned it off. Decided to turn it off but this morning when i try to turn it on it won't load up at all.. Now I have to reboot the whole thing and try to check if my logic board didn't die.. =/ It's a new laptop too.. ain't happy at all..


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Hello Everyone, I know I haven't been on as much as couple years ago but I guess it's because I have too much to do in the outside world. School.. New Sports (Awesome sports I may add.. =) ) Anyways.. I was bored and decided to go here and see how everyone is going. =) I'm still surprise that I'm still an officer of the MHU. I'm really honored being a member of it. Well anyways.. How's everybody going?? Been good?? Give me a message will ya?? Miss talking to you people.. :D

Notice for the next 2 weeks!!! READ!!!

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This week I have nothing special happening but there won't be any activeness coming from because I will be doing revision for my exams. So yes, my exams are coming up so I won't be available for GS for the next 2 weeks. Next week I won't be able go the internet from friday - monday this is because well it's an exeat...Then it's time to study big time for exams...then the end of next week and the end of week after next week I have the exams...-sigh- Well today could be the day that I'll be inactive but we'll see...