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Don't like the new reviews system...

A scale by .5 is no good. Way too simplistic.

Maybe I'll get back into reviewing here at another time. I don't know....

To me, there is a big difference between something I'd call a 9.0 and a 9.2.

Not only that, it basically doesn't scale well with the many reviews people have done recently. Some people (ok a minority) put in a ton of thought and effort into their reviews. Now where do those numbers stand?

Why not just do this for reviews of very old games?


Compilations, platinum editions, whatever...

The new Hitman bundle I can't recommend. Silent Assassin was awesome for its time but contracts and bloodmoney were not as good. Contracts was just lame IMO.

Warhammer 40K Platinum Series is a winner.

Tomb Raider Legend is something I'm really interested in.

Other wise, I think they launch these things a little late. They are great values though.

Orange box should be reviewed by game

Unless somthing that wont happen happens like a buggy Valve game as a single box this game will be 10/10. Doesn't even need a crystal ball or some psychic powers, 10.

But thats not really fair. The Orange Box should be reviewed by game.

Halo 3 and other big names.

Supposedly millions of preorders and the only thing they have shown people is new maps. There are new guns, vehicles, and such but people seem to be very content with just that. :?

Big franchises are going to be judged this year. Halo and GTA. Then people will see soon after where Starcraft and Final Fantasy stand. I see Starcraft being the least likely to let down. Maybe because they have not put out so many version of the same game. Going by some of the other timelines we'd be on the 5th or 6th starcraft game but we are on the 2nd.

COD4 by IW

Great to see IW back on the job. I was not excited by the trailer though. I don't understand why it was aired during the football draft when its probably a ways from being released.

Game Ratings

I was looking at my game ratings under contributions and think there should be a ssperations between console generations. And between consoles and PC.

The standards of PC I and many others hold higher. So a really great console game 9.0 say wont cut it as a 9.0 on the PC.

 Oh well, whats that they say hindsight is 20/20?:roll:

STALKER patch = blown saves

This kind of thing just convinces more and more people to not buy PC games until later.

I feel bad for the people who did laps all the way back to return things then had their game continously crash.

X360 Elite

Is anyone really happy about this? Maybe the people that have been holding out.

Not happy that I have a white Xbox when I would prefer the old black and green. :?

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