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Help my first novel get edited by a professional!

Hey, what's up guys? I finished writing the novel here I posted awhile ago in my blog (which has since been deleted). I want to get it published now, but I need it edited by a professional first. If you're interested in contributing, here's the link to the IndieGoGo campaign:


Here's the official synopsis:

Not only does Felix Wright have an I.Q. of 140, he also has a knack for martial arts and possess strong moral fiber. So why did Dax, his best friend, a lazy slacker with dashing good looks, get super powers instead of him? Begrudgingly, Felix takes it upon himself to whip his buddy into shape, and for good reason: Something's coming. They have to be ready before the other metahumans show up. Because if they aren't, then they won't be prepared for the war to come. A war on a scale humanity has never experienced before. What begins as a light-hearted adventure soon catapults into a fast-paced thrill ride, complete with shocking revelations, double crosses, and super-powered battles.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know!

SwitchGames.com, Fallout 3, Hajime no Ippo, School's out!

So I found this website called SwitchGames. As the name implies, you basically ship your game out to someone and they ship theirs out to you. I've gotten Fallout 3, Killzone 2, Mirrors Edge, Super Paper Mario, Metroid Prime 3 and I'm about to get GOW3 tomorrow. Yes, it's amazing and it's a great way to battle Gamestop's used game garbage.

My account: http://www.switchgames.com/gamer/Lilcross

Though all the games I've are incredible, Fallout 3 is the best of the bunch. I've never been so sucked into a games world before. I'm not going to say the exact same things you've heard a gazillion other gamers say, but man oh MAN. In one particularly epic moment I was cornered by a group of Raiders. I had just ran out of ammo. Desprate, I grit my teeth and charged one, unarmed. I got in a few punches before using VATS to smash the poor guy's face in. He ended up dropping a Fat Man. I picked it up and Blasted two Raiders off the face off the earth, picked up a crowbar and clubbed the remaining one to death. What an epic experience.

Anime wise, I went back to watching Hajime no Ippo again, my all time favorite. Still as fun as ever, even after the forth re-watch. Reccomeneding this to ANY anime fan.

Oh, and School's out in like a week. BEAST.

(SMG2 and RDR soon, too.)

Monster Hunter 3, Red Dead Redemtion vs. Super Mario Galaxy 2.

I bought this game day one. At first it was kind of boring, but a few hours in it starting owning so hard. For the past two days I've stayed up till 12:30 and 1:30 AM. It's hard to keep my grades up when I'm sleep deprived, but playing Monster Hunter is pertty much worth every second, lol! My hunter name is Lilcross, so join me and let's go kick some tail!

Anyway, two big games are coming out next month, RDR and SMG2. This will be one of my last purchases for a while. Which one do you think I should get, guys?

Final Fantasy, Anime, and Sig/Avatar change.

So I beat Final Fantasy over spring break. WOW. Just, WOW. Was amazed at how good the graphics, story, characters and etc. were. Blew me away, especially Sazh. Definitely my favorite RPG of all time, and I think I'll check out Final Fantasy 7 on PSN sense that's the most well known.

Lately I've been watching a lot of anime. My Otakuness is going haywire. Watched the Ghost in The Shell film, (Amazing, but didn't get some of it.) finished Full Metal Panic (All three seasons.) finished Paranoia Agent, (Blew myy mind.) and just went through the whole Black Lagoon first season in about 2 days time. Sometimes a guy needs to get away from reality, y'know?

And I diffentaly need to change my sig and avatar. Totally getting old. I don't know what though. Diffantly gotta be something anime related though.

This was obviously a filler blog, so.

Life without video games.

My grades are garbage, and as a result, no video games till next progress report card. This screws me over completly. You guys have any idea how no video games affect a sap with no life like me? I'm sitting here...doing nothing. It sucks, bad.

*Sigh* Well, the only good thing is that I have a girlfreind. But I can't go on any dates till my grades go up, or go to a freinds house. God...I hate school. Totally restricts my freedom. :evil:

8 Bit Bull ****!

It's an album by Mad Hatter. Explicit nerd rap. It's pretty much a tribute to old school video games like the original super Mario bros. Metal Gear, Punch-Out!, etc. It's really funny and the lyrics are clever.

Unfortunately I can't post links on my browser, so just youtube it. I also hear you can download the album for free on Last.fm.

Some of my personal favorites are Pipe Dreams, Link the Ganon Slayer, and AFS.


Seriously. I had so much fun with it, I beat it on evil in two days. (Not allowed to play on weekdays.) Got 100% on Neon district and 60+ on the other districts. Next week I plan on getting halfway through good so I can get the platinum trophy.

(...Then beat it again in the future.)

If anybody is hesitant to buy it, hesitate no more. Buy it!!

Random updates: Next game I plan on buying if Fallout 3 GOTY and then NMH2: Desperate Struggle.

First, second and expert of third chapter of A-756 (Original story!)

A/N: After 3 months of trying to write this chapter in first person but observing the events in a third person way (Can't describe it.) I gave up.

These were the first lines:
Walking down the street with a desert horizon behind his back, was me.

It can't be.

But it was. And in his--my hand was a bright orange grenade with a green clip. No doubt about it. My eyes were aimed strait at me.

...And every sentence after that was pure garbage. I was supposed to describe the scene from an older work in the tone, but I just couldn't do it. Maybe when I get better at writing I'll try it in that way again because I like how it was turning out, I just don't have the ability to write in that way yet.

So I went back to first person, tried leaving more hints to the mystery and here it is:

Chapter 1 – Twelve seconds

I had twelve seconds to save the world.

The thumps in my chest were agonizing. I breathed in only to feel the sharp spike of pain.

Ten seconds.

My hands were trembling as I reached into my grenade pouch and took out the powerful TW-765 grenade.

Eight seconds.

I admired the device that was about to simultaneously kill me and save billions of lives. It was bright orange, with a green safety pin.

Six seconds.

I unclipped the grenade. This was it. Bright flashes of the past blinded me.

"Mom—don't do it!"

Both corners of her mouth curled upwards slowly as tears like wax flowed down her cheeks.

"I can't bear such a burden, Felix. I can't..." She had a revolver pressed against her temple.

My face was burning with rage. I couldn't believe what she was about to do.

I screamed. My Mom. Cowards way out? No chance in hell. My feet slammed on the tiles, leaving cracks.

"I won't let you do it Mom! I won't let you!"
She pulled the trigger. BANG!

The flash shimmered away and in front of me appeared a huge warehouse made of iron. Souls of the dead sent an intimidating chill that warned me I was about to join them.

Five seconds.

I took a deep, yet short breath. This was it. My finest hour. My call of duty. (A/N:Couldn't resist!) It was time for me to leave my impact on the world.

I am about to die.

After I accepted that fact, I charged through the door to find bullets already slamming into my bullet proof vest. It was either a miracle by God or my sheer willpower that kept me on my feet. I felt intense burning and realized that the bullet had pierced through it as my heart accelerated and sent a rushing sensation throughout me. (A/N: Yeah...run on sentence.) Explosive liquid flooded my throat and sent a metallic taste in my mouth. I coughed it up and kept moving, as the rush grew stronger. The whole thing was a suicide mission, launching an attack on the most dangerous organization in the history of mankind as a single man.

Nobody bothered to shoot at me more, they were probably either low on ammunition or hesitant to waste it on scum like me. I was beginning to think I overestimated them, though. After they shot me they just went on about their business, never thinking that I could be a suicide mission. The moment they knew I was seconds away from death's door they just looked away. Still, it was too late for regrets. I had to complete my mission.

Four seconds.

A man (whom appeared to be moving in slow-motion) with a smug expression on his face and wearing a ski cap jumped down from the rails to intercept me. His fist shot towards my head in arc. Even though his fist was moving slow, I was in too much pain to do anything but keep running forward. He clobbered me, but I twisted my neck to avoid most of the damage. Despite my efforts, everything in my left eye instantly turned white and I staggered backwards a few feet. Well, I was fighting a grunt from this organization. The man raised his fist high in a vertical angle, preparing for a chopping right. Smirking, I raised the grenade parallel to his face.

I don't care what organization you're in, or how strong you are; if somebody thrusts an unclipped grenade in your face you're going to panic. I used his hesitation to my advantage and sent my knee crashing into his groin. He fell to his knees with a wail.

Two seconds.

I stepped on his head and pressed downward. (A/N: Itsa me! Mario!) I felt myself flying in midair.

I hesitated for a millisecond, but then sensed bullets racing towards my back.

I flung my grenade as hard as I could into the air vault.

An orange mushroom. Heat replaced the amazing rush, and smothered me. I heard cracking, and then all the feelings inside of me went numb. Another flash…

Flowing brown hair. Tan skin. Water and amber eyes. Lips…Lips…? Lips? What? I focused so hard, I could feel a vein popping out of my brain. Lips…a face…ahhh. A girl was kissing me. I was at school. The test…This happened in 8th grade, when--

The image was gone.

The sun was really bright, but the shine was totally gray. A magnificent sight. Wait a second, why was I outside? A woman who looked shockingly similar to the girl in my vision was standing above me with tears in her eyes. Why was she crying? Didn't she see how beautiful the sun looked?

"That's…odd." I closed my eyes and smiled.


Somehow, I knew. Four tasks had just been assigned to me.

One: Get the girl.

Two: Find A-765's rival organization.

Three: Recruit others for the cause.

Four: Save the world from total destruction.

I wake screaming. My body bolts upwards, as cold sweat floods down my face. My head throbs so terribly I clutch it.

This is going to be one helluva summer.

Chapter 2 of A-765: The Bear from 3rd Grade

"You alright, Felix?"

My mom calls from downstairs.

"Yea-yeah." I felt my heartbeat steady.

"Just a nightmare."

"Well...Um...Are you hungry?"

"Not really. I'll whip something up in the kitchen later."

I sit up and turn on the TV with my remote.

Some sitcom was on, and since I hate the sound of laugh tracks I turned it back off. I curl myself into a ball. My fingers are trembling. I can't stop them.

Feeling the need to talk to something, I picked up my old Teddy bear from 3rd grade and hold it to my face. It has big adorable black eyes, a white chest and red vest. It's fur color is brown.

"So, do you have any idea on what's going on here?"

My bear stares at me blankly. I throw it across the room, ashamed I actually expected an answer.

"Actually, I do."

I look around. Who said that?

"'The bear' did. Isn't it about time you named me? For Pete's sake, you're in 8th grade. It's been five years since we meet. A name is long overdue, my friend."

Panic starts to settle into my stomach. No, calm down. The part of me still sane says. I call him-it(?) Brain. Someone's playing a trick on you. You might as well humor them. I pick up my bear from off the floor.

"I've gone insane, haven't I?" I ask it.

"Nope. I'm really talking." "Your lips aren't moving, though."

"So? YOU can hear me, correct?"

"Well, yeah." I scratch my head.

"Then that's all that matters."

I sigh. "Alright then. If I haven't gone insane prove it to me by screaming out 'I'm bored!' and if my mom hears you, then I'm not."

"No can do. Only you can hear me."

I feel panic creeping in once more. I flip the bear over and put its back to my ear. No sound. I throw the bear on the ground and step on it. ("Ouch!")No hidden equipment. I look out my window. Nobody there.

I sit back on my bed in curl into a ball once more. This can't be happening. I really am going insane. Fool! You're too smart for that. You've got to get a grip. If you can hear it then you've got to believe this is reality. I know it's hard, but I can't think of another way. I take a deep breath. Brain's right. I've got to have faith in my sanity.

I pick up the bear once more.

"You done abusing your favorite toy?"

"Shut up!"

My mom walks into my room right on time for me to tell a teddy bear to shut up. Her jet black hair is very frizzled. In her brown eyes I could see worry.

" Are you OK, son?"

I have no idea what to say. "Um...yeah?" She stares at me with genuine fear before turning away and exiting. From then on I spoke to my bear in a whisper.

"Alright, thing." I hiss as I squeeze it hard. "Why is this happening, why did I have such an insane dream, and why are you talking!"

"So many 'Why's'! Alright then, Felix my boy, I'll fill you in on your quest. Let's get the most shocking thing out of the way right now...That dream you had last night? It was real."

I shake my head. "It can't be tr--"

"I'm afraid it is. In six years, six months, and twenty days, you and you alone will stand against the black organization...and die."

My life is thrown into fate's hands.

(Chapter 2 is a very early rough draft that I need heavy criticism on.)

Chap 3 expert so you guys aren't confused:

Believe it or not, I'm a smart guy. I've already figured out what some of the dream meant. The bear simply confirmed the truth I refused to accept, which, I can tell you, is a horrible feeling.

A little about me.

Name: Cy

Gender: Male


Hobbies: Writing, Reading books/manga, Playing video games, watching anime.

Fav anime: Monster/School Rumble/Detective Conan.

Fav manga: Hajime no Ippo/ Full metal alchemist.

Fav movie: Dark Knight

Top 5 fav games of all time: 5. Metroid Prime Trilogy. 4. Zelda Majoras Mask. 3.Super Mario Galaxy 2. Zelda Windwaker.

1.Phoinex Wright T&T.

Random info: I consider myself as an Otaku, and if I had to be labeld I'd say Writing-Otaku-Gamer.

Don't have a girlfriend yet, but I think I'm close. :P

Every now and then I'll post updates on my life, chapters of my novels, gaming stuff, etc. I hope this was a little intresting.