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What A Drag

Well, I just figured I write a blog out of boredom, once again.

Listen to this while you read the blog, just for the lolz :P

I spent this weekend watching old episodes of DBZ. IDK why, but I just did. I really enjoy watching DB Kai but I wanted to see what happened after the Cell games saga once again because I missed out on a lot of those episodes when I was kid. Plus, I watched it out of boredom :P My life's been real dull ever since I graduated, but meh that's life I suppose.

I've been in a bad mood ever since what happened a couple weeks back. When I finished my clas s, I left my campus and went to my dad's job to pick up him. Unfortanetly, when I pulled out my cell phone and held it on my hand, a cop saw me with it and later pulled me over. I was so mad. Technically, I was not using it, but as the driving laws of NJ say, you cant have any handheld device in your hands while you're driving. Even though I didn't get any tickets, I ended up getting summons, which means I have to go to court (you can be sent to court in the U.S. for anything nowadays it seems:|). Also, since I'm still a provisional driver, I ended up getting penalized more and will most likely pay more money for these ******* summons. The cell phone violation is $130, the other 2 violations is the reason why I'm going to court. I wonder what would've happened if I told the cop I was using the phone, instead of saying I wasn't. My mom says I should fight it, but we'll see what happens. The good thing is, if these damn summons won't get in the way, I'll be able to get my basic driver's license in a couple days (I would've gotten it tomorrow, but the DMV is closed tomorrow because of election day). So hopefully things start turning for the better soon.

Because of this, I won't be able to get Black Ops first day of release. I'm gonna have to wait a while, and once again, I'm going to be all alone because my friends will be playing that like back when Reach came out. Dammit v_v. I tried out Kirby's Epic Yarn with my sister when it came out, it seems ok but I need to play it more. I haven't touch Sonic 4 for a while, all I've been doing is playing SSFIV like always, and that game is making me rage more as well, especially when I lose. I gotta pull myself together.

Off to watch Goku and Majin Vegeta fight.

Sonic 4 Ep. 1

...................... has so much nostalgia to it that I love it so much. It brings me back to the good days of one of my favorite icons in the video game industry. I tried to be nice with the newer games, but it just wasn't enough.

Thank you Sonic Team for bringing the series back to its roots.

I'm just annoyed that I can't play the game for a decent amount of time because of all these assignments I've been getting :( Guess I'll wait for the weekend and play it then. If my friend come's to visit from college I can show her how awesome this game is.

I know I said in my previous blog before that I will probably not play this on the Wii, but I was able to get it a day before release (which was yesterday) besides, the XBLA version won't be out till wednesday, so yeah....

I have high hopes for Sonic Colours. Let's see how it all turns out.

The 3DS is Nintendo's way of saying sorry to the hardcore fans.

Seriously, did you guys see the line up trailer?

The Wii has always been looked down upon by the hardcore fans because the Wii's main crowd is the casual party, with a decent amount of good games. That's why I feel what I wrote in my blog title. But the rumored price range is what's holding me back from getting it on release date. $300 for a handheld? Holy ****.

Not gonna lie though, I am looking forward to some games for the Wii that are coming out later this year, Epic Mickey, DKC Returns, and Kirby's Epic Yarn. Sonic 4 Ep. 1 also comes out later this year, but I might end up getting it for XBLA instead of the Wii. IDK why, I just feel like spending money after what I've done with the Wii *devilish eye look*

So yeah, that's my take on th 3DS. I also wrote this blog because of procrastion.

*goes back to doing hw*

Other M was......

Great! I'd recommend it to any Wii owner.

Now I know I said I would post my opinions and such like a month ago, but I was preparing for college. I didn't have much time to play, but I beat the game a couple days ago. My only disappointment was the game wasn't as long as a Metriod game should be (and they are really long, REALLY long :P). Then again, I haven't collected all the items and I don't think I will :P Once I got used to the controls, everything was a breeze.

When I finished Other M, I was thinking that I would be done playing the Wii (at least until Skyward Sword comes out), but then I remembered, DKC Returns and Kirby's Epic Yarn will be coming out soon :o. So I guess my Wii is still good for the remainder of the year.

I'll need something to occupy my time because guess what came out today? Halo Reach. I'm not getting it, but so many of my friends are. I'm going to be all alone on Live :( :P I was thinking of starting to go pro in Blazblue once Reach came out, but we'll see.

College really wasn't my excuse for not playing Other M as much as I should have. I'm always on SSFIV and MW2. I've been practicing combos with Guy, but it pisses me off when I do rank matches and all people do is grabs and focus attacks. I guess it's my fault for not seeing them coming, but it annoys me because where's the skill in that?

Well yeah that's pretty much what's been going on. OH. College is great. Today and Thursday's I only have 2 classes (Just finished one, waiting for my next one which starts at 11 AM). So I need to finish some HW while I'm waiting. :P


(Longest blog I ever wrote in a while, lol)

Got Metroid Other M Early

Don't ask how, unless we mad cool.

I'll post my opinions and such on the game once I'm a few hours in....

I didn't know you only need the Wii Mote to play LOL

k bye

Let's Get Started!

^What the announcer says in SSFIV if you didnt noticed yet :P

So I've been ok since I graduated. Been driving A WHOLE LOT more than I should be (family keeps asking me for rides >_>) Chilled with a couple friends, but most of the ones I usually hang out already started College :( So I've been kinda home just playing games if I'm not out driving (mainly SSFIV and MW2).

Here's a set betweem me and my friend:




Make sure to watch in HD!

I recently bought Blazblue CS not too long ago, but I havent played it much cuz I suck a it :P It seems like a fun game, I just need to learn how to combo and stuff.

So yeah that's pretty much it. I won't be busy till I start college, which is September 1. So I'll try to enjoy my time I have.

It has been done.

I'm a officially a High School graduate now. My graduation was earlier and it was pretty nice and sad at the same time. I got to see old teachers again who I havent seen in years so that was cool. I just can't believe it's finally over.....
On to new beginnings.

Holy S*** Nintendo

I applaud you for such an amazing conference this year.
And for causing a bandwagon of motion control games :P

Most Hype Games atm: Zelda Skyward Sword and Marvel vs Capcom 3. GET HYPED!!!!!!!!

What did you guys like about E3 this year?

Need Music Help

You might not know this, but it is VERY easy to hack into Brawl and change around things such as textures and music. Well, I've been thinking to change some stage's music but IDK what songs to use. Here's some that I'm gonna use right off the bat:


Pokemon HG/SS Final Battle vs Red

Sonic 3 Final Boss

SF2 Ryu's Theme

SF2 Ken's Theme

SF2 Guile's Theme


Marvel vs Capcom Character Selection Theme

Killer Instict - The Instict

Suggestions would be nice :)