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I'm back... after ages...

In the meantime, I spent a lot of time with NFS World mostly, and a couple of other NFS games.

Otherwise, it was/is pretty much a "deabeat suummer".

At least I will appear soon in an anthology of Romanian short prose and my poetry book might also come out until the end of the year.

Now I wish I could find a game to betatest so I could earnn some money.... you know, I now have a credit card, but havent found any online job opportunity so far, only dead ends/...

NFS Hot Pursuit

Yup, the new HP has more challenging cop events than HP2. What a way though to tease us players with a lot of preview races (previews of better cars I mean, such as Reventon Prototype, like in... Burnout) that are very difficult though for me to achive gold at. I am much better though at Hot Pursuit and Interceptor events: the former ones are piece of cake, but the latter are sometimes very difficult. I encountered already a nasty Interceptor event (Spike Out) which I had attempted to finish more than several dozen times, and eventually, getting tired of trying to win the gold, I said whatever and busted that annoying racer in... 6 minutes! (not 2:30 like it should have been for gold, in spite of all the EMPs and roadblocks I had, I eventually had to finish him with "bare hands", tough nut to crack since he speeded a lot and also had an infinite (!) amount of spike stripes...) Saying these because I do not know what else to say. Except that my book of poetry will appear soon and that Monday it is my birthday.


Just uploaded a load of pics with me playing Lumines:

My Topiary

No, no topiary here... Man, that was hard. I started Skate 3 - a realistic Tony Hawks Pro Skater, I thought at first. At second... quite the same. Except that the realism translates through excessive difficulty. The game must have an ad like „Thought Pro Skater series were way too easy? We got for you something truly diabolical: Skate 3..." If it does not have, it should. As for me... check, please.


After a long time, I managed to get to 2 millions of points in Challenge Mode Difficult (I talk about Lumines PC). So I got the highest ranking for score at this mode. And, along it, the much-missed Fanatic skin. I think though it may be awarded for reaching a certain number of laps. I guess so. Time is not the answer, I think. I already reached 10 hours before starting this marathon, so now I have 2 hours... One more ranking to get SS and I might finish the game...

Nice, nice, nice

I may be on the verge of completing Lumines. Finally! Why? Because I have not noticed until yesterday that where the game statistics are, there are arrows which lead you to the statistics for almost every mode!... So I am trying to get the highest ranking (SS) in all those modes.

Now that is something

THE famous Mailer_Daemon (with caps) has become level 71... Castle Crasher... hmm... The 360 and PS3 game called Castle Crashers? Or maybe a reference to something old-school? Because if not the last case, that would probably mean that level 71, at least, was named quite recently (the Wikipedia says the Castle Crashers title was revealed back in 2006... when was the level system invented?)... I am posting about this, because I am really bored. And I am in no mood to play Lumines for 10-20-30 hours to get my Fanatic skin back (as I ported to Windows 7 without backing up all my save games...).

Leve 27!

LOL. Instead of talking philosophical or reading some good-fashioned poetry book, I am here writing a level up blog! Very odd. Maybe because I have been entering now and then on GS and stopping by various Roll Calls wanting to get to this level (second time! Remember my first account, Ponsardin? It is now level 27 3%... so in just a day or two or three I might get higher!)... I really like the name. It reminds me of ShenlongBo. Who remembers ShenlongBo? A targeted moderator, former Community Contributions important member, I am not sure if he is a mod anymore... Who likes cotton candy?

Typical Oddworld humor...

In one of the menus of the PC version of Stranger's Wrath, I could see... the picture of a Xbox controller! Ha, ha, ha!... These lazy console ports... but then again, if I was in their place, I wouldn't have done much different. I mean, come on, who would have expected improvements? Munch and Stranger are here just for those who for some reason did not get a Xbox... Still, I would have wanted some secret bonus to Munch's Oddysey, I've played it so many times and I still like it much more than Stranger's Wrath, but I would have wanted some bonus, you know! For instance, the levels that should have been in the final Xbox game and which were presented in screenshots from 2000, they could have put them in the PC version or at least made in the game a feature about them, something...