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boundless stupidness

so, my left speaker has been randomly stopping playing whenever I adjust the volume of my speakers (on the right speaker) over the last few weeks. I've been worried that I'll need new speakers, something which could run me close to $30. but then I looked, and the reason is that my left speaker's cord has been sitting under my 25 pound CRT monitor for months. tt's almost completely flat in like 3 areas.

luckily, I moved it out from under the monitor tonight and now the problem seems to be gone. but still... come on.

Introducing the The The Buying Ioden An Xbox 360 Union

That's right, ladies and graham-crackers! I've finally done done it- I've made a union entirely devoted to buying me an Xbox 360!

Because I'm too poor to afford a 360 but I really, really want one, I've started this non-tax deductible, all-for-profit charity as a way to get random folks like (points at you) you to help support my gaming love in ways that my personal salary fiscally cannot.

Also, every Wednesday, we throw Cash Cab parties and play acoustic guitars around a campfire while singing songs from our hearts. It's just... it's just something us union members do.

Also, make sure to stop by the The The Buying Ioden An Xbox 360 Union Union Board if you're bored. It's a good way to spend some time, and money. And after all, time is money!

Cigarettes are for idiots

Cigars, on the other hand, are for cool people who like to sit in front of a fireplace in a tuxedo, with a monocle, a tophat, and a cane with a precious emerald at the top.

It's the truth.