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Sunday, Sept 23. 2007.

DAAAAAAAAMN, its been a long time since i've posted anything. almost 2 years. what to put, what to put....oh yeah. lol. i got a 360 on launch day. it died sometime in june 07. but i got a refurb. so its workin good now. waiting on halo 3 (only 2 more days :D). broke up with ginny and am going out with the sweetest girl on earth. we've been going out 9 months on oct. 6. alot of games im wanting to get.

on june 24th the world lost another great wrestler. Chris Benoit.

i'd be smiling like that too, if i was sportin wood like that lol. seriously, all of the people who keep saying "but but but, he murdered a child, and his wife. A CHILD!" can go to hell. he had a brain that resembled that of an 85 year old alzheimers patient. and had an advandced form of dementia. come on. think about it. alzheimers. he'd forget alot. dementia. he was going crazy. if you read what some of the people who knew him had to say, he fit both catagories. he'd forget alot of things and was constantly paranoid. he was said to have taken diffrent ways home, to the airport, ect. because he believed he was being followed.

this is the way that i think the people who judge benoit are like.

Judger: why didnt you grab on to the controller to stop it

person:.............i have no hands...

Judger:....excuses. YOU COULD'VE DONE IT!

person: no....hands.....

the reason why i think that is because chris benoit wasnt in his right mind when he done what he did. he was sick in the head. he had mental illness'. just like the guy with no hands, chris benoit didnt have the right things to keep him from doing it. after reading what dementia and alzheimers does to people, try to imagine what it would be like to have those. constantly slipping in and out of reality. not knowing what day it might be, not knowing some people who you've been around for a long time. not having controll over knowing.

heres a good example of some people being cold hearted, non understanding bastards

and for the people who feel like they HAVE to throw in the "well, god will judge him" thing. shut up. not everyone believes in religion. from what i've read, benoit hated religion. honestly, how would someone who believed alot in god feel if i told them that there was no god, and that it dosnt matter how much you prey, you will not be saved. and live in an eternal hell for all of eternity? i bet a little angry, a little saddend. so please, just to avoid a religious war, leave it out.

anyway....i dont know what else to say... oh yeah, i became an uncle on Aug 28th 07. Connor Oneil Bowen, or COB. cant wait till halo 3. but untill then....LOVE, PEACE, and ANAL GREASE BABY!!!

Nov. 16, 2005

On Nov. 13th, 2005, the wrestling world lost a great talent. not only the wrestling world, but those who knew him lost a great man, a friend, a family member and an all around great human being. Eddie Guerrero passed away on sunday. the wwe did a tribute show to Eddie. it was the first Raw that ive watched all the way through in a long time. im going to watch smackdown all the way through also.

not a whole lot to report on. only 1 week untill the 360 launch. i still have to get Stubbs the zombie, SVR 2006, and a few other games. work (walmart) finally got the 360 kiosk set up about a week or so ago. i cant wait. i mainly wanna get Condemed. but i'll probably pick up King Kong, and/or Call of Duty 2.

R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero.

Nov. 10, 2005

JESUS H CHRIST! i hate stupid people. i had to work in sporting goods, and for some reason, the key wasnt where it usually is. and some guy wanted a migratory card, and some duck stamps. im mainly used to doing deer tags. but i couldnt get the stamps because they're locked in the cabnit, and i couldnt find the key. we tried to do the migratory card, but it wouldnt go through because he needed to show or have a conservation card. he got pissed and said " I DONT NEED ONE!!!! IVE DONE THIS BEFORE WITH OUT ONE!!!" if you know you SHOULD have one, then get one jackass. thats a good reason why. i hate the fact that hunters wont buy thier tags a week before rifle season opens. NOOO they have to wait untill 2-3 days before.

i didnt get out of work untill 7:30 or so this mourning. there were a bunch of out of staters, and they all wanted tags. if they were smart, they would find a relative, or friend in missouri, get an address/phone number/basic stuff for an ID. then get a conservation/heritage card in that state, and then they wouldnt have to pay $152 for 1 tag. they would only pay $24 for your 'any deer tag' and 'bonus'. the out of staters asked if it was legal to shine a spotlight at an animal at dark. WTF? poaching is poaching.

i cant wait untill the 22nd. only 12 more days. god i wanna quit my job. hopefully after the 22nd i can put in my 2 weeks notice. i hate that toys is getting 12-20 pallets, and all of the deer hunters. i hate the stupid people with retarded questions in electronics. i hate the guys and girls who come in, in groups and run around electronics like a playground. just once i wanna ask the guy who comes into walmart, and back to the electronics department for an hour and 29 minutes with 2 girls if he has a boyfriend. because i sure as hell wouldnt be at walmart looking in the $5 dvd bin for a half an hour when i have 2 fine lookin women with me.

Oct. 21, 2005

Its been a long ass time since i've put anything new in here. the main thing that im doing now is waiting for the 360 to come out. one of the best things about it is, i work at walmart. i get a 10 % discount on it. plus, sometime in nov. i get an additional 10% off of a sale, so i get 20% off. im going out there roughly at 9pm and waiting. gamestop is going to have a huge line. after i get my 360 i wanna moon the people in line. kind of a "I GOT MY 360 BEFORE YOU" jesture. not much more than that. maddox hasnt updated his site a whole lot. i cant wait to see what his book is all about.

love, peace, and anal grease, BISNIZZLES

Jan. 26, 2005

well, its been a damn long time since ive posted anything new in here, and i bet that all 3 of you, my loyal readers, have been woundering WTF has been going on. well, here it goes. today i got my tonsils taken out. i arrived at the hospital at roughly 8:04 AM and had to sign a few papers. i handed them back to the nurse and she said that they would get me into surgery fast, and that i had to take off my jewelry. i had already taken my 3 earrings, and eyebrow ring out at home, so all i had left to take off was my chain necklace with my girlfriends highschool ring on it, and my watch. no soon as i turned around, i heard "Duane Bowen, we're ready". DAAAMN. thats fast. i hadn't even tooken off my necklace. i wasnt really nervous or anything, wich is weird. when i got my eyebrow pierced i was shaking badly. and that didnt even hurt. they got me ready, asked me a few things before i got into my medical gown (wich i looked dead sexy in....wait a minute. im a guy......i looked uber sexy, no doubt about it) and was led into (i guess its called this) the prep room. the nurses and doctor asked me some more questions about if im feeling sick, when was the last time i had anything to eat or drink, ect. ect. ect. (normal Doc. stuff). next they hooked the IV into the back of my hand and fed some kind of liquid into it. they said it was to keep me hydrated (clear gatoraid??? lol), and the male nurse (who looked a little like the "wax on, wax off" karate master from The Karate Kid) undid the breaks from the recliner like chair i was in (oh yeah, they put warm blankets on me. they were nice.....and warm) and wheeled me into the surgery room. im not used to having wheel me around, but it was....amusing to say the least. kind of like being a little kid (height wise) and floating everywere. it was like a dream in a way. they hooked something else into my IV, and noticed i had green hair. green hair is always a subject starter!!! ive had green hair since about october because i told most of the people on over nights at my work, that i was going to do it for halloween (i dyed it green my last day of work, then for the next 2-2 1/2 days, we went to st louis to go to six flags, grants farm, and the st louis zoo. it was a kickass weekend) and then for Xmas i dyed it green again, but with little red dots (to represent a tree and christmas bulbs). its fading out a little. everyone at work as agreed that i should dye it red/pink/and or purple for valintines day. anyway, they put a little cap on my head, and not that long after them asking about my hair, i was OUT!!! the next thing i know, i was in the recovery room, my throat numb and weird feeling, and my mom in the chair next to me. i chewed some ice cubes, and drank a little water, and was cleared to go home. i dont know what time it was, i was still 'buzzin' from the medicine. when we get down the road to our house, i feel the sudden urge to burp. i do so, and feel a little extra 'somthing' trying to make its way up. i told my mom to hurry up and pull the car in the drive way, but she had the bright idea of pulling past the drive way to back in. i mustered up the word "STOP", flung open the car door and puked 3 times. i pulled the door to me (incase i had to make a quick open) and she SLOWLY backed in. i flung the door open again, and puked up nothing but bright red blood this time. in a way, i was kind of happy, because im a huge wrestling fan, and have always dreamed of somthing like this happening, but ive always imagined it to be infront of 30,000 people, and not in the drive way to a 'lesser' audience. not only that i knew that everything was running its course, and was at the begining road of recovery. well, i got inside, coughed up some more blood (the doc said that was to be expected) and layed down. the medicine started to wear off about the time my mom left to go get my prescription. i tried to go to sleep but everytime i did, suliva started to build up and i needed to swallow (OUCH!!!!!). i was dead tired, but i finaly got a little bit of sleep. i kept waking up though, because i either needed to cough and spit, or drink a litte water because my throat was getting dry. its now almost 2:30 PM, and i still feel kind sore. i disolved my pill in a spoon of water and am taking them that way for now. i get to take my next one at 5:40 PM. i still feel tired and sore right now (as im typing this, when i swallow, i can literally feel my uvula (little fleshy thing that hangs in the back of your throat) hanging down, and i can brush up against my stictches. thats gonna feel really great once all of the pain medicine wears off. one cool thing about it is, is that i get a mini vacation (if you can really call it a "vacation") from work. Tuesday, Wensday Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and i go back Tuesday. Thur. and Fri. are my usual days off though, but that leaves me with 5 work days off. my checks going to be a week short ......that blows. but i get paid every 2 weeks, and my upcoming check (that has no missed days on it, because of the way the pay days start/end are) is this thursday. HURRAY. oh yeah, i get my birthday off too. it lands on a thursday, but its not for another month. well,thats about all the exciting stuff that has happend since my last post. well........BOOTY GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats it for now, untill somthing new or exciting happens....Love, Peace, and ANAL GREASE!!!!! fo sheezy, ow...i need my medicine. DAMN YOU 5:40 PM, DAAAAAMMMNNNN YYOOOOUUUU!!!!

Dec.23, 2004

I GOT SOME BOOTY!!!!!!!!! its been a long while since ive posted a new journal entry, and not a whole lot has happend, but what has happend, is pretty big, atleast in my life. on thanksgiving/the day after thanksgiving, i got some booty. it was awesome.

i beat Halo 2. it took me a while, because of work, but the overall gameplay time wasnt a long time. a pretty short game, that was kind of disapointing. no knife fights, atv's, new mambosa, and no attacking earth. the thought of the covenant attacking earth is there, but thats not the main focus. my overall feeling of Halo was ok. nothing spectacular.

i also beat Metal Gear Solid 3. imo, it was better than Halo 2. pretty awesome game. not as complex as the first or second one, but still an overall fun experience.

i finaly got Smackdown VS Raw back, and have been playing it a little bit lately. im mainly making CAWS. has some of the best CAW formulas, but the main problem is theres not alot of pics, and sometimes you have to post inorder to see the pic, or formula.

i still havnt beaten GTA: SA. i think i need a guide for it. i kind of want to get the guide just to find out all of the extra stuff.

well, its almost christmas time, and i know about 75% of the gifts im getting. i know that for one thing....IM GETTIN MORE BOOTY!!! MORE BOOTY, MORE BOOTY, and MORE BOOTY!!!! HOORRRRAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! also, some dvd's and a lightning sword. im starting to collect swords and daggers alot now. so far i have 2 swords (ones a wooden practice sword), and 3 daggers. i got one dagger at this weird medivel event in Hannibal, were these people fight to become king or somthing. i got the dagger for 15 bucks. later i went to ebay, and seen the same one for 30. maybe its collectable??? hopefully. i like the design of it. theres still some things i dont know im getting, so i cant wait for those. hopefully 2 of the dvd's are Shaun of the Dead, and Napolean Dynomite. i know im getting Monty Pythons Quest for the Holy Grail. that movie's awesome. i had some stuff ordered off of ebay, but a mail truck caught fire in Quincy (damn you Quincy Il. I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!! PS...Quincy Sucks) and now i wont be able to get my friend Class of Nuke 'Em High 2 (3 disk edition). i gave him the first one, and now i wanna see the second one (he got me started on them).

thats it for now. i might write some more stuff after christmas. love peace, and anal grease....FO SHEEZY.

Monday, November 8th

what is it with the mods being dicks? the 'Yeti' has gone crazy with his 'Power'. if the mods are tired of Halo 2 threads in the Xbox discussion, why not make a Halo 2 board? its because they want to abuse their power.

tonight at midnight i get to pick up halo 2 on my break. i'll end up just reading the manuel on my other brakes, and then get to play it for a little bit when i get home. im goin to bed. its 1:30 PM and i have to get up at 8:00. and im used to going to bed at about 9:00 AM-11:00 AM.

i'll post somthing again on my day off. probably about the abuse of power from the mods. mainly the yeti. i was goign to post somthing in a thread, and about 1 minute after the thread was made, it was closed. it wasnt the yeti this time, but it was a ghost. mods are really starting to suck a whole lot.

love, peace and anal grease........STOP ABUSING YOUR POWER DICKS!!!!

Friday, Nov. 5th

a thread i made was locked. i thought it was kind of stupid that it was locked, but oh well. what can i do. i dont have "The Power". i think thats what im going to start calling mods. "The Powers" or "The Powers That Be". the first thread i made about emailing the person who paid $265 was locked by someone with a Sascuach (sp?) avator. you know you're a major threat to gamespot when one of the Higher Powers That Be lock your thread. "that was spam, this is spam, STOP SPAMMING" it almost looks as though someone was having a b!tch fit. i can imagine a preppy girl (like one off of Mean Girls) standing there stomping her feet, having a hissy, and saying that.

goddamn i hate spongebob. not soo much spongebob himself, but the groupies of spongebob. i will say though...some of them are hotties. i think that 15-20 year old women love spongebob, because he's super obsorbant....just like a tampon.

what is it with all the damn Halo 2 stuff? im starting to think that i'll be glad when this game is finaly shipped, so all of the ilovebees, piracey, 'illigal' selling of the game, ect will stop. but then there will be "how much does halo 2 rule", "i cant get past...", and other multiple Halo 2 threads. ITS A GAME. JUST A GAME. Halo/Halo 2 is starting to spawn nerds/geeks, just like Star Wars, and Star Trek. how do you piss off a Star Trek geek? tell them that Star Wars is better. how do you piss off a Halo 2 freak? tell them that Half Life 2 is better.

i bought Smackdown VS Raw Tuesday. i played about 10 mins of it, and im already getting bored with it. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE voice acting.i think DOR is better than SVR. atleast the CAW system is. i hate that almost every shirt in the SVR CAW system is made for a woman. its like they're trying to say that wrestling fans are women hungry perverts. another thing that gets me, is that alot of wrestling game fans say that WCW VS NWO World Tour was ....BETTER THAN WWF: NO MERCY ???????? how is that possible? its the same goddamn engine, with updated graphics, and WWF roster, instead of a WCW roster. whats wrong with some people?

i dont understand why no one pays any attention to me in the GWF board. if Steve Austin ever passed away, and i made the first thread about it, 3 people would reply, and it would mainly consist of "Proof????". but if someone else made that exact same thread, 100+ replies. i dont understand. im almost willing to bet that if i started watching RoH, everyone would stop watching it. thats what happend with TNA. i started watching it, and all of a sudden "TNA just dosnt seem that interesting anymore". even though that this was the most hyped fed for the longest time.

im about ready to go upstars and play GTA San Andreas untill TNA comes on. i would play SVR but i let my friend jon borrow it. i do like the fact that it has diffrent camera angles than the previous smackdowns. it reminds me of RAW for Xbox. Maddox's site has been down for a while now. its probably server problems. i need to start writing in this more. it kinda helps calm me down a little. but untill next time...

love peace and anal grease.....but if you share your opinion on the forums....locked, banned, and vasaline.

Monday Sept. 6th

ive been listinin to Hells Pit alot lately. its an awesome cd. at first i didnt like it, but now that im startin to listin to the lyrics instead of the beat, im really diggin it. except 'Really Underground'. its more of a remix of songs. i dont like remix's too much. i cant wait until october. thats when the beggining of the "Cool Game Quater" starts. MK: Deception, GTA: SA, then in Nov. Halo 2, then sometime after that, MGS3, Doom 3 for Xbox, RE 4, I CANT WAIT!!!

i still havnt gotten CAW mode down in DoR. but then again i havnt played it a whole lot so i havnt had time to actualy disect it. i usualy suck at the faces though. i wish that the people who usualy do that (set down and learn basicly everything there is to know about the CAW system) would kind of hurry up and post them. im only semi good at doin the costumes, and the move list. when it gets down to the details, i cant do it. the CAW site i use " " isnt working today. they have a section on DOR, but i cant get the site to come up, so i cant check to see if they have anything on the CAW system.

i need to find the perfect profession for me. the only problem is, is that most of the ones i want to get in, people either laugh at, or frown upon. most of the ones i want to do are considered "Dream Jobs", like stand up comedy, video game programer, or opening up my own wrestling school.

im actualy suprized that one of the threads i posted in, actualy revived itself. usualy when i post somthing, no one pays attention to it. IM SHOCKED!!!! im almost on my 700th post too. almost 700 posts, and i still get called a nOOb because i cant post pictures. i tried both things. the <img> image link </img> and the <img src="site name">. goddamn i hate that term NOOB!!! next time someone says that im gonna say "Saibot" just to even know what the f*ck im talking about. then we'll see who's the NOOB, MWAHAHAHAHAH..."maybe you should learn basic HTML". NO SH!T SHERLOCK, even though i took a web page desinging class in school, i dont know the slightest thing about posting html...cockbite.

what is it with people being soo damn picky on this site? not about spelling or anything, but about woman. first things first. when someone makes the "how much do you weigh" threads, it seems like just about everyone, EVERYONE posts the same thing. anywhere between 5ft 7in. to 6ft. 3in. and anywhere between 189LBS OF SOLID MUSCLE (yeah right) or 230LBS of SOLID MUSCLE (yeah right again). thats why they have damn near 3,000-4,000 posts and have only been a member since 2004. not even the begining of the year, but about 4 months ago. atleast i say the truth. second thing, how come when someone posts a pic of a hot woman, or even a half way decent looking one, everyone (99% atleast) say "she's ugly". now theres someone who had a thread about Lindsay Lohan being ugly. then there was one about Hillary Duff being ugly. but of course EVERYONE thinks the Olsen Twins are ugly. most of the people who post that crap know that they would pay a thousand dollors just to have one of those hotass celebs pinch a hot loaf right on thier cheast, and rub it all over with a rubber dick.

i need to figure out how to post a link to this so people can actualy check out how much i rule. speaking of wich, what is it with people ripping off Maddox? if you look around, you can find it easily. im out for now, imma try to put a link on my sig to my journal.

love, peace, anal grease....bietches.

Sat. Sept. 4

is it me, or does that 50 year old woman from the Bowflex commercials look really hot?

i rented Destruction Derby for my PS2, and played about 20 mins of it. that game blows hard. who wants to have a demolition derby with street cars?

i wish they (they being the people who made the films/shows) would put alot of shows on DVD. alot of the older cartoons from the mid 80's and alot that were on saturday mourning. like the old Super Dave cartoons, and the Camp Candy show. the Tales from the Crypte Series, and cartoon series. anyone remember the Are You Afraid of the Dark show from Nickalodeon? or what about Pete and Pete? Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, All That, Rocko's Modern Life, Angry Beavers...WHATS WRONG WITHE SOME PEOPLE??? they're setting on a gold mine. on a good note, Ren and Stimpy's first Season (and second season i think. maybe not) UNCUT is coming to DVD somtime in october, or november.

i have to go to work later tonight. that svcks. not that i dont like my job, but its taking away from my "game time" lol. i bought WWE: DoR, and i've only played about 2 hours of the game. and thats just creating my charictor (drake bowen) and playing some exhibition matches. i think THQ has wrestling game fans by the balls. kind of the same way the WWE has wrestling fans by the balls. they know theres little to no alternative, so they can get away with making a shatty product.

i couldnt think of any names to change my screen name to, other then Drake Bowen again. but i decided to keep it Invisable Kid2. the main reason why i chose that name was because most of my posts either go unnoticed, unreplied, or ignored. i dont know why. if i thought of it at the time, i should have changed it to "The_Thread_Killa". maybe i could make a sig like that or somthing.

im proly gonna go to bed in a little bit, so i can get some more sleep in before work. but first im going to play MX Unleashed (my sister rented it). i think i played a demo of it at wal-mart. if its the same game, im going to be up for a little bit longer, if not...TO BED I GO.