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GTA V - The Aftermath

     I recently completed GTA V :D and now am sitting back waiting for online. :x What are some things you guys/girls are doing in game to pass time? :) I myself am golfing, and playing tennis. :cool: I love Tennis games and Tiger Woods golf. ;) I feel like I no longer have to waste my money on buying a tennis/golf game now that I have GTA V:P I thought about replaying some of the missions, but I just don't feel like they were that "replay worthy" :?

     Anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE online gaming. :shock: My exceptions are Skate 3 and Red Dead Redemption. I never played GTA IV online as I hated the game in general :evil: I am hoping that I will like GTA online and they have some sort of "private" settings; I dont want to deal with the general public, friends only for me :oops: If you guy have GTA and want to play online, please add me. Killah184 :D