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It's official - I'm done with console gaming

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Over the last six months I have found myself not playing my PS3 as much. And over the last 2 months I've pretty much used my PS3 for netflix only. I have spent way too much money this gen for lack-luster games that really haven't been that memorable. I mean let's face it; are we really going to remember games like Call of Duty in 20 years? Ok, bad example, we all know COD: Modern Warfare 23 or BLOPS 22 will be out by then. ANyway my point is, games that I used to play 13-20 years ago on the SNES, PS1, even PS2 were so much more memorable than anything that has released this gen. And I'm sure next gen is just going to suck. I will still play the games I have for my PS3 and the only other game I plan on buying is GTA 5 as I already have it paid off. After that I think I will just stick with the 7 games I own for the PS3 and continue to play my 3DS and stick with handhelds for this next gen. I just no longer have the motivation to play games. Sorry for the debbie downer topic; Thanks for listening guys! Take it easy!

Consoles/Handhelds that I have owned

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DOS (PC) 1991-1994


Super Nintendo 1993-2012


Playstation 1994-2000


Nintendo 64 1996-2001


Gameboy Pocket 1997-1998


Gameboy Color 1998-2001



Dreamcast 1999-2002


Gameboy Advance 2001-2004


Playstation 2 2001-2007


Xbox 2002-2002


Gamecube 2003-2003


Xbox 360 2006-2009


Playstation 3 (60gb) 2007-2009


DS Lite 2008-2009


DS XL 2009-2011


Playstation 3 Slim 2009-2012


Wii 2009-2011


Playstation 2 Slim 2010-2010


Xbox 360 Slim 2010-2011


Retron 3 2012-2013


3DS 2011-2012 & 2013-Present


Vita 2012-2012


Playstation 3 Ultra Slim 2012-Present


Gameboy Advance SP 2013-2013


It's Been A While - So many updates :)

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It's been a while! This will mainly be a blog about my gorgeous girlfriend. :) Been spending a lot of time with my beautiful girlfriend, Holly. I've pretty much had no interest in gaming or buying games. I've been getting out more, traveling, vacations, etc. I never thought I would find someone worth giving up games for. Now mind you she doesn't want me to give them up, it's just that I love spending time with her :)  Anyway, My grandparents, who raised me. approve for the first time. They absolutely love her.  I have been playing more handheld games. I bought Donkey Returns 3D for the 3DS - love it! It deserves about an 8.8-9 if you ask me. I love the fact that you dont have to use nintendo's crappy Wii motion gimmick. All I have to deal with is the "3D" and I can turn that S**T off. lmao. Im not even looking forward to any games, just kinda blah. Maybe Ill be able to save more money lol. I will def get the next pokemon game. But as for console gaming im just over it right now. I never put gaming or anything like that ahead of a relationship. Anyway, thats all for now. I can still be contacted on PSN, but I am generally only using my PS3 for netflix. *Never been happier* :) Later Guys and Gals!

New Purchases and Other Life Details

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Well, I finally purchases a 3DS (again) and I love it. Now I'm ready for Pokemon X and Y, and the new Zelda: Link to the Past. Also I cant wait for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons to come to the 3DS store. Question: Does anyone know if they will bring original games like pokemon red, blue, etc to the 3DS store? Anyway, I had four days off to prepare me to work the next 17 straight. You guys will be seeing me creep around here a lot for sure. Oh and as of May 1st, I have on Gamespot for 3 years [with this account.] Had I not been banned, I would have been on Gamespot for 6 years. Oh well, I was young and dumb then, still kinda dumb but not as much. Please feel free to recommend any games for the 3DS. I like turn based RPGs and Pokemon games, etc. Not Mario though, I can no longer play those titles. Anyway, below are the pics of my purchases: 


Yes, I purchased the purple one as purple is my favorite color! :)

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Boxshot

And I purchases Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. I love the Castlevania Series. Too bad the New castlevania was a bust, i've heard. :(

Anyway, that's it! Thanks Guys! 

$30,000+ worth of video games! O_o

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Well it finally happened. I've been adding games that I have owned over the last 21 years. Although there are still a few games on this site I have failed to add, I have finally hit $30,000+ worth of video games. It has taken me almost 3 years to add all the games I own or once owned over the years.

My Stats:

Number of Games: 1481

Average Gamespot Score: 7.6

Preferred Platform: PS3 (622) (This also includes DLC)

Estimated Collection Value: $30,070.20


 Thanks for reading guys! 

A list of games I need to buy/rebuy -_-

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Having been young and stupid, I have sold a lot of games over the years. I regret selling a lot of my older games as they are damn near impossible to find. Here is a list of games (with pics) that I either need to buy or rebuy sometime between now and my death. Focusing mainly on the GBA as it is the best handheld gaming system to date. Lets face it no one is really going to care about the 7th generation in 20 years :P

First up lets start with Castlevania and all of it's epicness.

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Boxshot

Castlevania CotM is the best castlevania to date, in my opinion. Countless hours spent playing this.

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Boxshot

Ive heard great things about these titles. I am on a waiting list to buy these gems. I hope they are worth it.

Pokemon Pinball Boxshot

This is my favorite Non RPG pokemon game, I spent so many hours playing this title. So much fun! Must have!

Well those are the 3 top games that I want for now.

I also picked up a new book (if you can call it that)


Such a huge fan of DC. I will be buying the Marvel Encyclopedia soon as I would like to have both in my collection. I dont "dislike" marvel by any means, I just think DC has better characters. I love Deadpool tho! He's my favorite Marvel character. Ok, thats about it for me. Just wanted to check in and let you all know whats going on. Oh, and btw, how about that horrible rating for Dead Island: Riptide? Wow! a 4 on GS and a 7.2 on IGN. I'm still getting it tomorrow :) Later Guys and Gals! Have a good one!

Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past 2?

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I have been waiting for this day since April 13th 1992! I am definitely buying a 3DS now. If you guys have kept up with my top 100 favorite games of all time, Zelda: a Link to the past is my 3rd favorite game, just behind Pokemon Yellow, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. So excited! This news has made my year! This game will by my Game Of The Year - presupposing they do it right! Move over GTA V - you've been replaced, in every way possible! :)

Why are people so sensitive? xD

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So I get a moderation with a warning for having an offensive word in my sig. Really? Wow! I went almost 13 months without a TOU violation. Now I have to go back and add all my comments to my sig again. Thank you, sensitive vagina who reported me. Oh well. Anyway! how the hell is everyone!? 

I bought Injustice yesterday. The characters are better than that of Mortal Kombat. Sorry I am a huge DC fan. But like the review here at gamespot, i actually agree that there will be little to no replay value. So excited for next week, because I love the shiatsu out of zombies...Yes folks I am buying (actually already paid off) another generic (by some peoples opinions) zombie game...


Everyone have a great week, and dont let others influence what you should like or dislike! Ok, back to work....

Grand Theft Auto Series - Thoughts!

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So, after finally playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories I can rate my GTA series experience from favorite to least.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: The Lost And The Damned 

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad Of Gay Tony

Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars