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What is your Guilty Pleasure (Gaming)

I am also going to post this as a forum on the off topic forums.

Anyway, what is you biggest gaming Guilty Pleasure? Mine would have to Be:

Game: Grand Theft Auto III-Present

Reason: Although it's full of action, I try to treat it like an RPG. Especially Part IV, TLATD, and TBOGT. I like to walk around the city and try to obey the traffic rules, etc. I find myself getting lost, losing time.

I feel guilty because I am actually not getting a damn thing done, just walking or driving. Lol!

I know this is kind of a bull$hit blog, but I am bored and just wanted to see what my friends thought! :) Have a good one guys and gals :)

Ok, here goes...$h*t I bought and pre-ordered and Cancelled!

So I went to GameStop today and Cancelled my PS4 preorder and switched over to the Xbox One because of Dead Rising 3 nd Forza. I think the launch titles for PS4 although good are very weak. I want ACIV, Watch Dogs. I can get both of those on the Xbox One along with the other 2 exclusives. Or hell, I can just get those 2 for the PS3. I am a huge Sony Fanboy, but the launch line up just doesnt interest me as I despise Killzone which seems to be the only game worth dick on there. Anyway, that's my story and I am sticking to it. Here is a list of games I preordered:




I paid off:




And I bought:


There you have it! I'm all set for the next few months :D

GTA V - My Thoughts/Your Thoughts :)

Ok, real quick, what do you guys think about GTA V? Excited, could care less, can't wait? For me, and this may sound wierd, but I am overwhelmed. The game looks so huge I dont know what I want to do first. So instead of feeling excited I am very stressed out, not only for the massive game in itself, but the fact that I have multiple games to finish. Hell, Saints Row IV comes out almost 1 month earlier. That is not enought time to enjoy Saint's Row IV. But on the other hand I don't want to be playing 2 sandbox games at the same time (epecially since they are the same type of game) I know it sounds silly to be overwhelmed but I cant help it. I mean do I play the story, run around kill people like im 7 years old, hunt, play sports, roam around the mountain. What are you guys going to do? Thanks for the replies! Damn I need a Xanax now! 

What was the first game you played :)

Just looking to see what everyone's answers are :) My first game was:

  • Reader Rabbit 2 for the MS-DOS

And If anyone cares, I will put my first game for every system :)


  • Mario Kart

Playstation 1

  • Crash Bandicoot

Nintendo 64

  • Paperboy 64


  • Crazy Taxi

Playstation 2

  • Grand Theft Auto III


  • Theif


  • Wrestlemania 18

Xbox 360

  • Dead Rising


  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma


  • Wii Sports (I think most of us played this first :P )
  • Punchout (First Purchased Game Played)


  • Donkey Kong Land

Gameboy Color

  • Pokemon Yellow

Gameboy Advance

  • Super Mario Advance

DS Lite

  • Pokemon Pearl


  • Mario Kart 7


  • Shinobido 2

And there you have it :)

First Game Beaten In a Looooooong time....(and a new found love)

And the winner is.....


Now a lot of people probably heard bad things about this game, but in my opinion it was a breathe of fresh air. Just a fun hack n slash game. The humor/dialogue alone merits this game a 10/10. Yes it's crass, immature, and all around juvenile, but damn it, it was fun! I beat it in 8-10 hours and had a lot of fun doing it. :)

Now I've always liked Deadpool, but he was never enough to make me like Marvel as a whole. After playing this game, I am hoping they make a movie. Imagine how funny it would be! :) I know I'm going to get a lot of $hit from people, but Deadpool is my favorite Superhero movie to date :) Yes I like it better than the Arkham games. DeadPool has made me rethink my dismay for Marvel, making me realize what awesome characters exist within the universe. So there you have it! Not only did I beat a really great game, I discovered a new favorite superhero, and the awesomeness of the Marvel Universe. Step aside DC you've been replaced :)

Oh and after I beat the game I bought a little item off amazon to show my love for deadpool :)


Thanks Guys and Gals! :)