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Grand Theft Auto Series Protagonists (Least to Most Favorite)

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So after playing and beating GTA V, I've decided to put together a brief list of the protaganists in the series (that matter - handhelds don't count). I will put them in order from least favorite to favorite. So here goes...

11. Claude - The guy didn't talk; pretty boring.

10. Niko Bellic - "Thank you, come again" (HATE, HATE, HATE this character)

9. Toni Cipriani - I mainly remember him from GTA III. I played Liberty City Stories but don't remember it.

8. Victor Vance - I didnt even finish Vice City Stories, nuff said (the only GTA game I didn't complete) 

7. Franklin Clinton - Sorry Homie, you'll never be as hard as CJ. 

6. Luis Fernando Lopez - For Some one who babysat a gay dude, he was pretty badass. 

5. Johnny Klebitz - GTA's first OJ (Original Jew) :lol:

4. Tommy Vercetti - I just loved Vice City on PS2 and his story felt very familiar. Hmm... #Scarface

3. Carl "CJ" Johnson - This is what a real OG looks like Franklin, you mark ass b*tch...busta!

2. Michael De Santa - Loved the character; hated his family, especially his kids.


Short Term Gamespot Goals :)

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These are my short term goals. I would like to see these goals accomplished before next May 1. That will put me at 4 years here on Gamespot.

Users Currenly Followed: 11,198

GOAL: 30,000

Users Following Me: 1,759

GOAL: 3,000

Games Tracked: 2,783

GOAL: 20,000

So there you have it. :)

2 Very Quick Reviews

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City 3.8/10


Short Campaign (about 2 1/2 - 3 hours)


Very Boring


It's only 2 1/2 - 3 hours :P


DMC 8.5/10


Good Combat

Balanced Controls

Nice Range of Weapons

Graphics are pretty good


Story is forgetable

Not as good as 3


Any other questions just ask. :)