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Things change

Life has changed dramatically since my last post. Things are very different now. For the better :) ok, so I'm not playing as many games, but i've found other things to enjoy too. My life is rich now. And this is all I ever wanted...

~ Inc

Games! And my lack of interest

I'm not sure what the frick is going on, but here we are in the height of video game season and I can't bring myself to play anything. I've been playing abit of Tales of the Abyss, but Zelda has sat half finished for over a week now and there's lots more to play in my back log.

it can't be burn out, as I haven't play anything heavy since Xenoblades. I can only assume it's because I associate games with my terrible lack of a social life and suddenly resent them.

Perhaps this is just a faze. But really, I've had dips in interest before, but never this time of the year.

Perhaps it's other stuff in my life.

~ inc

PS: Help.

Incarta Inc Comics

Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, I created one of those sprite comic thingys that got rather popular 8 - 10 years ago. Mine had a small fanbase, but it all came apart after I got booted from DeviantArt, who after a lot of umming and erring decided they didn't like sprite comics and asked me to take them down. I kind of lost interest after that, which was a shame. It amused people.

It's not online anywhere these days, and I doubt anyone remembers it. But a little note here to acknowledge its existance and the chuckles it brought people is cool.

~ inc

Square Enix throw good parties.

I shall elaborate to the above title.

Square enix sent me an email about a "VIP" (very loose use of that term) preview screening of FF13-2 at a nice cinema in the centre of London on the Portobello Road (Street where the riches of ages are stowed. Anything and everything a chap can unload, is sold off the barrow in Portobello road.).

It sounded like a day out and it was free, so i signed up and after huge demand (apprently) I got in.

So I went up town today, got let in and took my rather comfy chair in the theatre. There was free coke and cake waiting for everyone, which was nice. There was also free swag! The art cards that'll be in the limited edition of the game, a nice bag, the same Tomb Raider poster they were giving away at the MCM convention last weekend and a few SLIME KEYRINGS from DQM! Free!

The producer arrived on stage all the way from japan, which was nice of him. He chatted away in Japanese through an interpreter and then buggered off to let the dude on stage and the lady in the box play the game on the big screen.

It's looking good from what little we were allowed to see. It was the Sunleth Waterscape! Which was one of my fave places in XIII, but couldn't be returned to. So now they are. Battle system and monster management looks ok. Bloody chocobo's are far too noisy when jumping around the level. It's a minor gripe, but it's the kind of lack of attention to detail that annoys me about SE.

Nevermind. It was a nice hour. I was just a little dazzled by how well we were treated, even if the event was a little short. Perhaps it would have been pushing our luck to think us jean wearing gamers deserved better XD

~ Inc

Quiet time

Well, From Dust was good, buuuuuuuut I think i'm going to wait till it's 800 points. Finished Bastion and that was very good. Finished Red Faction Armageddon... it was not so good. They ruined it when they made it a tunnel crawler and took away the open world. I was a sad panda.

so I have nothing to play. I counter this by playing Metroid Prime Echoes from the Trilogy on Wii and I've also borrowed my bro#s GOTY edition of Oblivion, so I can play Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles. Lovely. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is out on Wednesday too so i'll be picking up the demo for that. Then it's the long wait till September when I get Xenoblades for me birthday and think about getting Starfox and Dead Island too. Then it all goes quiet again. Stupid, stupid November.

~ Inc

Blog for the sake of blogging.

Yeah. Seems I stopped caring. why am I incapable of keeping anything going these days...

Anyway, just beat Zelda OOT 3D. It's the first time i've beaten OOT and I'll finally except it's a great game rather then just a very good one. Kudos.

Gonna try and finish XBLA game Bastion tonight.

Then I don't know. I've got Thursday off work so I might pop into town and see if there's any sweet deals on some of the games I've been mildly interested in this summer. if not, here's hoping From Dust continues the run of decent Summer of Arcade games. Or I'm screwed.

woop woop woop

~ Inc

PAX East 2011!

I spent the weekend in Boston MA at the Penny Arcade Expo and, oh man, it was the best convention i've ever been too.

It's so nice to see gaming flourish and not to feel weird about my hobby for a change. Gaming still has abit of a stigma, but **** why the hell should it when so many people can get together and enjoy it.

I purchased a few DS games while I was out there. I was already after Dragon Quest VI, but I completly forgot about that 999 game, and the Shin Megami Tensei game they had ove there, so I bought those too. Okamiden is out over here on Friday too, so on top of Ghost Trick and Pokemon White, I'm gonna have 6 DS games to get through.


I almost never have so much to play, even when I lump all my consoles together. Pure madness. I won't need a 3DS for a while.

This does of course mean I have to keep my DS lite alive for a while longer, as it's the last Ninty handheld that's region free, and I have 3 US games to play on it now. Woo!

Epic times

~ Inc

Suddenly! Video Games!

I suddenly have a whole heap of video games to play. And a further four coming in March. What is a boy to do.

This week, I shall be mostly playing;

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kingdom Hearts: Recoded

and, if it arrives, Pokemon White.

I also have Ghost Trick and Resistance 1 & 2 on the shelf. And I'm also getting Dragon Quest VI and Okamiden in March, so the DS is going to take an absolute hammering. 5 games in a row. It's 2006 all over again.

And yet, they all threaten to get blown out of the water by the almighty Dragon Age II, which hits mid march. I played the demo and got all excited. But I sense button mashing the A button to attack with get horrible. One fatel flaw? we shall see.

~ Inc

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