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Return to GS+Major Update

Ok so my school year is winding down and after exams i will have a lot more free time so i decided to come back to GameSpot for a while. Also, my 3 year on GS was this past February so hooray for me!...Now for some updates

New Emblems: Fuse Member Emblem, Readers Choice 2009, Box Art Aficiandos

Console Purchases: Xbox 360

Handheld Purchases: PSP Go (Black), DS Lite

Games: Xbox360- CoDMW2, Bioshock 2, Left 4 Dead 2, GTA IV, Dantes Inferno

PSPGo- Little Big Planet, NBA Live 09,FFVIII

DS- Super Mario 64, Guitar Hero On Tour, CoD MW Mobilized, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon SoulSilver

Thats about it for the update, just been real busy lately but stilll trying to get some gaming in. Anyways, its good to be back everybody!

And anotha' one!

Got another new, not too mention long awaited emblem today, the emblem for watching the first day of E3. Much thanks to the GameSpot staff for fetching this one for me. :D

Sweet! New Emblem

Just got a new emblem in my profile! Probably everybody has this one but its still cool to me! got it for submitting a bracket-easy way to get an emblem!

new emblem

This emblem shows that youve submitted a bracket for GameSpots Greatest Game Hero competition. Lets get in there and fight!

Bloggin' It Baby

Just sittin around doin nothin, quick question though, does anybody watch Squidbillies? Man, awesome show on Adult Swim. It's mainly about redneck squids as the name implies. It's funny to me cuz i live in an area where some people really are as dumb as the characters in the show. If you haven't seen it i highly recommend you check it out, here is a link to a particularly funny episode, where the dumb attempts to teach the dumber (ha). Also this episode isnt on so dont bother lookin for it there. Enjoy!

party liquor

Back at da skool, back at da Gamespot

Whats up everybody. been a while since my last update thing so i figured theres no time like the present. just gettin back to school now getting back in to the swing of things (trying). Sophmorin' it now so thats pretty cool i guess. Also just purchased a new gateway netbook not too long ago and it rules. thats about it just watching family guy now. peace

Game of the Week #6


This week's game is awell knowntitle for the Nintendo Gamecube, Super Smash Bros. Melee! Anyone that has ever heard of this franchise knows how this game operates, and it is a great one to bring out at a party. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a fighting game that pits various Nintendo characters in a fight to the death, on many different worlds and with a large number of playable characters. Characters range from Mario to Starfox and take a stop in just about every area of the Nintendo era. Melee, the prequel to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, is definetely one game that should by all circumstances not be missed. You can check out the official game web site here, or GameSpot's Super Smash Bros Melee page here. Also, a few screenshots to provide a taste of the action!

Img1, Img2

New DS Game...


So i picked up Super Mario 64 DS the other day cuz i heard it was pretty good, and I am delighted to is! Its almost exactly like the one from the Nintendo 64, which makes it great. I've been playin it and i have about 70 stars already! woo-hoo!

Game of the Week #5


This week's game is the second official expansion pack for the Original Half-Life series. Half-Life Blue Shift, as the game is called, puts you in the role of Barney the security guard, and pits you against the many perils and foes Black Mesa Research Facility has to throw at you. This game takes you to places in the Half-Life world not previously visited, and the well-known gameplay and arsenal from the first Half-Life are all included. Blue Shift is not one of the longer expansion packs, but definetely a must-have if you are a diehard Half-Life fan like myself. You can check out GameSpot's Blue Shift page here, a website devoted to the game here, and also here are a few screenshots that let you peek into the world of Blue-Shift Img1, Img2, Img3. Good luck gettin out alive!

New Purchases!

DS Lite Decades

As of yesterday I went and picked up one of the Black DS Lites, and i have to admit they are pretty darn sweet. i got it new for about $135, which is nothing compared to when i brought a a new PSP phat right when they came out (around $250). While i was at BestBuy i also picked up Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades, and it is awesome! My hand hurts a little after a while when i play it, but thats okay. Ive already beat it on Hard, and tonite im gonna try expert! Overall, i believe my purchase was a pretty good one for the money.

Game of the Week #4

zombie genocide

Do you enjoy slaughtering millions of mindless zombie people? I thought so you sicko. If this tasteful activity is one of your favorite past-times, then you and Left4Dead are a match made in heaven. Left4Dead is a game set in a world that has become overrun by a horrible virus, causing the dead to reanimate and turn into flesh eating zombies. Cool right? You, play through the game as an unlikely survivor, campaining for your right to live alongside three other comrades. Left4Dead is nonstop zombie shoot-em-up action, with plenty of gore and great gaming to go around. You can check out GameSpot's Left4Dead page here, or the official game website, here. Happy head-hunting!