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Black 360

Is the black 360 really going to come out? If so when is coming so i can grab it with arms wide open? Also is it true that it is coming with a bigger hard drive? I think it's funny i own about 15 games for 360 and not even own one.

XBOX 360 is so addicting.

First of all, XBOX 360 is very addicting since the fact that they put the acheivements in. I can't stop playing the game until I've have gotten an acheivement. I bought about 6 games and can't stop playing them. I can't wait for PS3 to make me change this addiction.

Romancing SaGa

I was watching G4 earlier today and i seen this game on cinematech and it looks awesome. I love games created by square-enix. I hope in the future i will would for them creating characters and helping out making the games. I think you should check this game out if you haven't already. It's release date is around September this year. I know i am going to pick it up. How about you?