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Im_not_annoying Blog

Jay's big ol' badass B-Day

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yeah, my birthday was yesterday....

Im 16 now, but I dont feel any different, which is obvious because Im only a day older than I was on monday...

I got...... a DS lite (Finally)

one-hundred great british pounds (again....)

a bike..... (I'll nevar ride it!)

and some other thing that I was given a while back but still counts as a present....

Nintendo Wi-fi Gaming

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well, I just changed my Wii and DS wifi settings... (I changed my router) So I'm gonna be playing some games, more often than not it'll be on my wii, just because of Brawl and Mario Kart... You're probably thinking "So Jay, why are you telling me this?" and Im telling you guys because Im looking for people to play with! (Insert Sarcastic Cheering) so if you want to play with me, send me your friend code, and I'll get you back with mine so we can play....

Games I have for WII:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Mario Kart Wii

Games I have for NDS:

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Mario Kart DS

Pokémon Diamond

I am aware that my library is lacking some good titles, but I have one question... Do NDS Flash Cards support Wi-Fi Play? and is it possible for me to Play Backup Rom Versions online? I'm only asking this because my decent Pokemon Diamond save is on my backup version :(

Is it because I is Back?

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well, Im comin back ....mmkay?

Not Like it makes a big difference to you guys unless your like a good friend of mine or sumthin, I'm gonna be seriously updatin my profile. It'll be all new and shiny and stuff :)

I wonder

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You know this 'Make a wish foundation' I've just had a thought about them, what if someone who was dying of some form of awful illness contacted them and his request was for them to stop functioning, and close down? would they fufill the request or deny it like they do with sexual requests?

Resident Evil

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I got Resiednt Evil and Resident evil 3 on gamecube..

also got CS:S, HL2 and nothing else...

erm, what do...

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yeah I got a question or two, any RTS players out there know what the most popular RTS on the market is? as far as FPS goes, I know people still play CSS and CoD4 is getting back onto my agenda of stuff that Im doing and that

Server info

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if there's any requests for stories, just comment on any WoW related blogs :D

1. I made a rogue and got him to level 70, got the hakkari warblade set from zul'gurub, then went to outland with him, solo'd machanar, which is my fav instance yet, then I screwed up and got 2.3.2 patch, which stopped me using my server, so I gotta reinstall, which I'll do tomorrow (it's 00.08 here, and I dont plan on pulling an all-nighter(the ammount of coffee I've had says otherwise...))

my private server! (WoW)

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when I reinstall World of warcraft Im gonna make a private server, for me and me only, I dont plan to make an online server, if I did, I'd never tell anyone because it'd just be for me and my friends, but if anyone knows any of the GM codes and stuff, I basically know a few item and model numbers, how to set my level and speed, teleport to special places and how to find item numbers, and some interesting cheats like flying. So when WoW finishes installing (66% at present) I'll install BC, then make my server and get cracking. it'd make the WoW vids Im gonna make more interesting or fun stuff in them, less lag (finally!) and hopefully get me more skilled at the game (I quit my original character at level 32 and this one at level 28.)

Update 33 1/3: the final insult

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yeah, a few things here... problems downgrading my version of WoW so I can get on a private server... (I need to get to version 2.3.0, and the closest I could downgrade it to is 2.0, so Im downloading a 2.x.x -> 2.3.0 (2.x.x means any version 2 patch))

I got FRAPS, so that should make capturing easy (as always, theres a problem! the disc I got only came with the free version (only letting me capture for 30 secs) (It was free in PC gamer...) >_