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New Years resolutions

First of all merry christmas and happy holidays! I hope you are having great times :D

This year I really wanna do my new years resolutions, they seem hard but I know I can complete them, here are mine

New Years resolutions

  • Learn fencing-this has always been an interest that I dont share much in the open, but this is something I wanna start.
  • Work out more-Im in dire need to go out to the gym more, get a workout routine.
  • Learn to drive and get mylicense-Im 21…need I say more?
  • Get another job-Ive been unemployed for too long, time for another job
  • Learn Java-A programmerslanguage and further improve by C++ skills
  • Join S.H.P.E-A forHispanicengineers society

Thats all, for now

Will blog soon, thats all for now :)

professor layton vs phoenix wright

I cant believe this is happening but yes its true!

professor layton vs phoenix wright for the 3DS

Although Ive never played a Professor Layton game, I played all the Phoenix Wright games, excluding the Miles Edgeworth title.

A trailer

Im so happy to hear that Phoenix Wright and Maya are back in a new game

Thats all I wanted to share :)

A couple of new games!

I got a few new games in september and october

Here are the following games

Halo Reach Limited Edition

Dead Rising 2- 360

Pokemon Heart Gold

Chrono Trigger - DS

Sonic 4 - PS3

So far Ive beaten Reach on normal campaign, but plan on beating it on legendary mode. As for my rank Im only a seargent, and I really wanna play more multiplayer.

Dead Rising 2 is everything I loved about 1 and then some. The combination cards are a riot and I like how the survivors arent completley stupid this time around lol Overall here I did the escort 8 survivors at one and that was really REALLY annoying :/ I still need to finish this one

Heart Gold is a nostalgia slap in the face for me, remembering of getting gold with my dad when I was in the 6th grade, now Im in college, replaying essentially the same game. But now I remember why to never pick chikorita as a starter :|

Chrono Trigger I got tonight! :D

Sonic 4 - Although I enjoy it, it sure isnt worth the full price of 15, and im gonna assume that theres gonna be 3 episodes in total, and if each cost the same price of $15, Sonic 4 will eventually become the most expensive PSN title ever

Add me ImSwordMan :) for both XBL/PSN

What games did you guys get recently?

Its been 7 years, but its finally happening again!

The San Francisco Giants are heading to the playoffs!

Thats correct, my hometown San Francisco is back in the playoffs, with the last time being in 2002 and boy am I happy to see this.

Out of the 162 games in the regular seasons, heres the stats for the Giants

W-92, L-70, Pct.-.568(second highest in the National League, 5th overall in the MLB)

Tim Linecum lead the National League Pitching Leaders in the amount of strikeouts he gave with 231 this season.

Brian Wilson recorded his 100th career save by closing out a win against the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 4th, becoming the 122 player to reach this mark

Buster Posey was also voted National League Rookie of the month in July

Overall its been a great year for the Giants and now its the playoffs! Here is the bracket for this seasons playoff series, starting off with the Division Series.

National League

(3) Cincinnati Reds at (1)Philadelphia Phillies

(4) Atlanta Braves at (2) San Francisco Giants

American League

(3) Texas Rangers at (1) Tampa Bay Rays

(4) New York Yankees at (2) Minnesota Twins

Luckily the Giants get homefield advantage against the Braves for the National League Division Series. Having games 1,2 and 5 at homefield(best of out 5) so buy your tickets :) because it really is magic inside

Do you like sports? I like sports

Heres a list of teams I am a fan of

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco 49ers

Boston Celtics

USA Mens Soccer Team

Mexico Mens Soccer Team

Brazil Mens Soccer Team

Manchester United

Club America

Real Madrid

So im playing resident evil 2 for the first time ever

This week I decided to try out a PSONE title from the PSN store( add me ImSwordman :D ) and I always wanted to try out more resident evil titles, Ive played and own Resident evil 4 for the GCN and Wii and 5 for the 360. Theres 3 on the PSN store, Resident Evil directors cut, Resident evil 2 dualshock edition ( I think ) and Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. I was being cheap and decided to purchase 2 since for some reason 2 is priced at $5.99 while 1 and 3 are $9.99. Once I purchased it I tried it out. Within the first minuted I was already dead :( I had no idea how to control Leon and I was totally upset. I had to look at the owners manual to see how to control the rookie cop and after reading the controls I was ready to try it out once more. I first noticed the zombies are nothing like the ganada in 4 or the Majini in 5. They were really sluggish and slow can easily be ran past by and dont drop items when they die. I also noticed that 2 isnt headshot friendly as the newer titles. Another thing is the camera angle in 2, the gameplay isnt in 3rd person like 4/5 and the camera angle always changes depending on the location. What I did notice was the type writer, which is used to save your games, but you need ink in order to save your game. something 4 did not have meaning your limited to your saves. Upgrading weapons to increase firepower, bullet count, etc is not present as well. Regeardless of all the features not present in 2 I still loved the experience. Playing as leon in his first game is really amazing as well as seeing familiar faces such as ada wong and clair redfield. Once I finish 2, I will try out 1, 0 and 3, and maybe code veronica.

SO heres my questions

which game should I purchase on PSN next, 1 or 3?

which version of code veronica should I get, the PS2 version or the Gamecube

are the GCN games good?