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Today i was in for a rude awakening when i logged on to my GameSpot account, i received a message from GameSpot saying i was suspended for suggesting to another user to go and kill themselves.. when i looked at the message this is pretty much what it said ( you are indefinitely suspended; the reason why: suggesting for another user to kill themselves then underneath that it said actions being taken: nothing).... any how, that was completely false, when i clearly suggested for that person to not kill themselves... but i guess GameSpot clearly took it another way... i wasn't completely innocent in the argument we were having, but i clearly wouldn't tell someone to go kill themselves... and even if they were suggesting that i was indicating that the person would kill themselves, then clearly they should specify that in the message...

Metal Gear Solid 5 Son's Of The Patriots?

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Something caught my attention, that can not be named at this time, however, this thing that caught my attention, makes me believe that our next Metal Gear Solid title will be.... Metal Gear Solid 5: Son's Of The Patriots.....

E3 Exclusives!

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This was a pretty exciting E3, especially for the PS3 fans... We had a bad start, but we went out with a bang.. For all those who doubted PS3 this was inevitable.. i've seen some pretty interesting things from MS and Nintendo, but we all know Ubisoft and Playstation were the main events... Ubisoft had a showcase of some great looking games, and PS3 with there awesome exclusives... I'm excited, cause i seen so many games like, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2, i played the first one and i loved it, lol, failed short of getting all my trophies, but it's all good... Crysis 3 was another one i saw, i played the first and second one and given the fact that they were done by EA, i thought they were good games, and i'm not a big fan of EA's action adventure games, but this one is a must buy... God of War: Ascensions, looks great, but a lil skeptic about the whole online feature, just hope they didn't focus the majority of their time on the online, cause sometimes it takes away from the story mode... and i'm not a huge online fan, which brings me to the only 2 games that i play online, and thats Call of Duty, and i'm a huge fan of Black Ops... To know that they are coming out with a second one, makes me really excited... i just hope its a good one... and the second one i play online is Madden, which i have a love/hate relationship for.. For 2 years they'll come out with pretty good Madden games, and then the 3rd year comes and it ends up being something you don't want to play again... Anyways, they've been doing pretty good, and Madden 13 looks pretty good, but with them you can never be to sure... Now, we are going to try and knock 2 games out at the same time.. and thats WatchDogs and Beyond... Both look really good, and i'm sure alot of people will buy these games, and probably enjoy them, but me personally i don't see myself getting to involved... only because i'm picky, and i've grown accustom to playing games i fell in love with.. WatchDogs and Beyond look like they might be a lil challenging when it comes to game play, and i don't adapt well to change, especially when your use to a certain type of game play... Moving on to Assassin's Creed... what can you say... all their games were must buys, and this one looks amazing, it's definitely going to be a must buy... Now, The Last of Us, done by Naughty Dog, the only thing that worries me a lil bit is that the games going to feel like i'm playing an Uncharted game... I just want it to be something new and different, so i can experience a new side of Naughty Dogs creativity... Last but not least, Metal Gear Rising... there is alot of hype going on about this game... about how its a spinoff, etc.... one thing i do know is Mr. Kojima is a genius when it comes to Metal Gear games, and if he thinks its best that Platinum Games were to get involved with the making of Metal Gear Rising.. then i'm sure the games going to be a masterpiece... the game play looks amazing and i'm sure that Mr Kojima will take this game and he will work off of it... this will not be the last of Rising... I just can't help but believe we will be seeing another Metal Gear Solid in the near future, cause i know Mr Kojima isn't finished with Snake yet...

For whoever reads this, please feel free to comment, or add anything i might have missed...