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Join The National Naruto Union

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Its small right now (as of right now 101 members), but is union is quicky becomeing bigger. out of all the naruto unions that ive check lately this one is the most active, but we could always use more memebers. We welcome anyone that wants to talk about naruto.

My Frist Banner.....

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I wanna thank my good friend vanessa for teaching how to use photoshop. FINALY!!!!!!!!!!!! i was able to creat my own. I hope you all like it.

New Banner

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I wanna thank Laxwarrior3975 for makeing this cool banner for me.

2 More Weeks.......

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Till school starts. I hope everyone is will enjoy these last few weeks of freedom. Im entering my junior year of high school. I got so many state tests this year, this year is gonna go VERY slow for me.