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Rumors on top of rumors.

Why is that people believe that an unofficial annocement about: firmware, games, etc. Will come true on the day. A rumor is only a rumor. Definition of a rumor, a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts. All people have to do is shut up about the rumors, and stop spreading it. They make it so much worse, trying to convince more people about it. Like right now i read about this 2.40 FW rumor and that its supposed to come out on June 10th. I know for a fact that once the 10th comes, and there is no FW update. All the kids will start to cry that sony didnt deliver on their "promise". Sorry to tell you this kids, but Sony doesnt have to provide the FW update on the 10th. Ok lets say a FW does come on the 10th, and it doesnt have the ingame XMB. More kids will cry. They believe these rumors. They dont know the difference between facts and rumors. They will start to make threads, posting how Sony is gay for not providing on the information they read. I bet 10$ that if no update coems on the 10th. There will be atleast 20 threads about it. Someone take me up on this bet.

PS. This is the first Blog ive ever written and im sad that it had to be about this. Hopefully the next blog i write, itll be about a game experience or something better.