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Enagi - the electric eel Deozoa

Announcing Enagi, our newest Deozoa release. Enagi are serpentine, aquatic Deozoa that are quite colorful with navy on top, and a pale yellow on their underside. Baby Enagi only have two blue gems on their heads and two flexible barbels. Their two fins grant them fine control over their abruptly accelerating and stopping swimming pattern. Special Abilities The two gems on Enagis head store electricity that they channel out through their barbels. It has been documented that the voltage of the electricity is directly linked to the size of those crystals as an Enagi grows. The barbels can make a direct transfer of electricity, a technique used by Enagi to maximize the effectiveness of their shocks. As baby Enagi are still small, their voltage is comparatively low, and their small barbels require them to get very close to their target. Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

Deozoa - Legends of Eden

I'm the lead programmer for Ignis Studios, and we are working on our first game: Deozoa - Legends of Eden. Deozoa (day-o-zo-a) will be a monster catching game mixed with hefty dose of turn based strategy (read that not the oft-copied Pokemon formula) awesomeness. We would really like to be a community shaped and driven game, so please help us shape the next generation of monster catching games at our Facebook or Google+ pages. A word of caution, however. By visiting either above link, you may be subjected to high levels of awesome monsters. Be warned young traveler.  Mustachio salutes you!