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Radiant silvergun baby .... donno why but when I read this name I think of a big , shine , silver revolver :lol: :D! ROCK ON !!!

PS3 DNS Error plz help ?

I have a problem with my PS3 , I try to connect it to the internet thru wireless connection on my modem/router ,I did all the stuff with security and these stuff , when I make Test connection I obtain the IP Adress but I cannot connect to the internet , it says that a DNS error is occured ... plz can you help me :D ?

Is GTA IV game perfection ?

I can't really say what's inside me right now , and when I saw that big 10 I nearly began crying ...:lol: , only 5 games have 10 , I say that GTA IV is really gaming perfection at leats for now , and I think that the GTA games are really the best games in the world from all times . This deserves a place in the history books :lol:... GTA IV is extremely realistic for a GTA style game , I think that if they make it more realistic they would break the GTA style , I mean this , when u go agains a wall with a bike the bike goes up the wall (GTA STYLE) if they take that away they give it a realistic look , but less GTA style :D... know what I mean :P ?
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