Dream log three

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This dream actually took place this morning, and started off how I would normally start off the day. Main difference was I knew Tsuna Sawada(Katekyo HitmanReborn) For anyone who has seen the series it was between younger Tsuna and olderTsunaand for some reason was living in Italy. I was about to leave to pick up my friends to go to classes when i got a call from him informing me that theVongolafamily and another family were having an all out war and that one member had travelled to America in hopes of taking us as hostages, bringing his family ahead in the war. I quickly ran downstairs shutting all the shades and turning off all the lights along my way. I informed my parents not to answer the door if it happened to ring and they agreed even though I would imagine they would question why, but oh well. I hid behind one of my kitchen walls still in view of the front when a small green car pulled up and about four men piled out and began pounding on the door.

After a good half hour of waiting they finally left and I quickly made a call to Wiz and freaked when I couldn't get a hold of him, afraid he had already been captured. Soon after this thought however Wiz called and told me there were strange looking men profusely knocking at his door. Immediately told him not to answer and informed him of whatTsunahad told me. After another thirty minutes they left Wiz's house and Iimmediatelyleft to go pick him andKupoup. After we had all gathered we travelled down an alternate highway trying to figure out what to do and whether it was safe to head to the college. We decided that before we went anywhere we were going to need weapons so we went to anAsianstore in the mall near our college andWizbought a samurai sword,Kupo bought somethingRyoheirelated, and I bought ataser. With that we decided to head to school with no regards to the fact that we were now equipped with weapons. That's when I woke up.

Can't sleep

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Yup because I can't sleep I'm going to write here. Been getting over a cold this week, a cold that has really put a stall on everything I wanted to get done! Anime Wasabi is in 2 weeks and I really need to get costumes done DX Oh well I'll just have to do an epic grind through the next few days.

Also March is officially the worst month ever, yet the best mainly for the fact that everything I want and have been looking forward to comes out within the same month!! List includes:

Final Fantasy XIII (getting this no matter what)

Pokemon Heart Gold/ Soul Silver (Paid for woot!)

God of War III (really wants the SE but I know thats not happening T^T)

Resonance of Fate

Fragile Dreams

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening

Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey

Urgh... How frustrating, I'm sure knowing my luck something else fantastic will decide to release in March as well just wait for it.

Well there be my 2AM rant, good night =3

Been a Looooong time....

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As the title says it's been a good few years since I updated here. Going to try to update a bit more often now, as well as going to post the weird random dreams I tend to have. Just be warned they may have some bad grammar and punctuation since I tend to write them as I wake up, otherwise I forget, so look out for that. Also be warned they are extremely random, and for the most part don't make sense.

Also beat White Knight Chronicles yesterday, an amazing game with a huzzawhat!? ending, can't wait for the second one to come out, I definitely recommend it. Wish it was longer however, main story is about 20-25 hours so pretty short for an RPG though the extra content makes up for it.

I also leave you with a dream I had quite a while ago.

This dream started out with me and two others that I was unable to recognize, one of them might have been Ash however. We were all heading to the next town to challenge the next gym leader Volkner, who we apparently already knew quite well anyways. When we arrived at the gym Volkner was out taking care of Pokemon up in the mountain and his father who's name was Volt was there instead. Volt was a large burly man with a rugged face and a vicious looking Houndoom (yah it wasn't an electric Pokemon) he explained to us that he was about to have a Pokemon strength tournament and that we should stick around and watch until Volkner got back. We agreed and followed him to a pit arena that was in the middle of the town. As we watched the competitors trouble started to brew when an unknown group appeared intent on taking out Volt. They immediately shot down his Houndoom and gang up on Volt who yells to us to go find his son. We rushed up to the mountains as quickly as we could and found Volkner tending to a small unicorn/ Pegasus thing(it was cute and cat size) I made a joke about how Volkner probably tried to ride it and that's when he noticed us and gave us a strange look. We told him their were big problems back in town and he told us to follow him back to his cabin where we could tell him of the details(we had time for this!?) anyways we followed him and once we got there we told him everything that had happened however he wasn't concerned and trusted that Volt would be able to handle the situation. He told us to stay at the cabin that night and we could head back down in the morning. A bit annoyed by Volkner's lack to help and see the severity of this issue I informed everyone I was going back by myself to help the old man and informed Kisa, who was apparently my Pokemon and who was also apparently following me around the whole time. Than we leaped out of the window even though there was a probably a door…. It had already gotten quite dark and the trek down the mountain was a dark and dangerous one, we reached the edge of the cabin's property when I saw an odd pair of what seemed to be glowing eyes staring intently at us. I started slowly walking closer to it when it showed itself. A large panther like Pokemon who apparently belonged to the group of enemies that attacked Volt walked ever closer to me. I kept my guard up with the thought that Kisa was right behind me when I see her prancing off a little to my left. My heart drops as the big cat goes for her and I prepare to tackle the beast myself. Woke up after that.

School starts soon for meh

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Come Sept 4th I'll have to start college a long 3 year course until I get a bachelors degree in Animation. My first sememster is really short though so thats a relief.

Also Nan Desu Kan is coming up in 3 weeks @_@ trying to prepare for that they'll more than likely be another update about it as the time grows nearer.Until next time, Ciao!

Random Update and FF 10th Anniversary

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Just saying hola to everyone since I'm bored as of right now.

Square is sure pushing the limits to the 10th anniversary my wallet won't b able to keep up with them @_@. I'll try to name off wat I can remember.

New Final Fantasy Potion set, AC figures set 2 including Yuffie, Reno, and Kadaj, later set will include Red and Cait. A lot of figures including a new original Cloud and Tifa and AC 1/4 scale Cloud and Sephiroth, Kadaj's bike and a new version of Cloud's bike. FFX's Continental Circus airship, and FFVII's Sister Ray cannon.A few LE necklaces, One winged necklace in black and silver and Cloud's giant armband things of doom and anew LE AerithStatue.Last thing I can remember is the Special edition PSP for Crisis Core(only thing I have a pic of conveniently sorry :P)


But I thought it interesting sry if I wasted ur time lol

Gackt Day came and went

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Gackt Day was on the 4th yay Gackt!! Yes I adore the man what can I say how couldn't ya XP It was pretty uneventful though I ate sugar free crap and cereal on my free time No sweets on Gackt day!! Though I was dying for a cookie perseverance one out though -.- well hope everyone had a good 4th

Back from China!

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Well Hi to all were finally back from China and I'll try to tell everyone about it without making it too long.First off planes suck we were stuck on one for 3 hrs to Chicago and than 12 hrs to China and everything about it was uncomfortable. Our hotel was pretty nice nothing compared to the 4 star hotels we have but it was nice the beds were really annoying since it felt as if u were laying on cardboard but you got used to it after awhile.We ended up going to 4 diff cities Beijing, Xian, Nanjing, and Shanghai which all had their likes and dislikes but I don't want to bore anyone so I'm not gonna go into detail I'll just breifly explain what we did. Beijing we climbed the Great Wall and saw the Forbidden CIty and Summer Palace. Xian was the terracotta warriors and bike ride around the Xian city.Nanjing we saw the massacre monument and went to the nanjing market, and Shanghai we went to another similar market and saw an amazing acrobatics show.

Not much else to really say it turned out China had lots of Anime stuff if you looked so I ended up bringing a lot of that home lol Gundams were everywhere it was Gacktly. Also got a stage sword and a small daggar and a lot of the traditional scroll paintings.It was a fun trip if everyone wants I can post pics up later.

2nd to last night at home

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2 more nights before the plane leaves for China! Hasn't quite hit me that I'm going yet I'm sure it will inside the airport and I'll end up freaking out in front of thousands of ppl heh heh sounds like fun! My poor friends get to deal with me for 2 whole weeks X3 I'll b sure to update when I get back!! Zaijian All!!

Sheesh Finally! Got WiFi to work

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Well thanks to the ingenuity of Rpggamer and Weemetal my WiFi finally works*victory fanfare* Thats really all of got to say next week Friday I'm heading off to China with a few friends but thats all I can think of Ciao all!

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