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Got bored of it, never understood the appeal of these creation games, didn't like Spore either. Will probably try Project Spark and get bored of that in five minutes too.

How could you not see the appeal in creation games? It different if you guys personally don't like them, but is it really that hard to see the appeal? I mean c'mon, it's not rocket science.

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Like how? You couldn't make LBP's level editor more accessible without dumbing it down. All you have to do is know what most of the tools do and you're good.

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Hey, I was only comparing this to Mario. Not PC stuff.

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If simple means the editor should be simpler overall, then heck no. It's easy once you figure out what everything does.

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I think the platforming mechanics were mediocre as well. I played a lot of other levels, but it wasn't exactly because I found them "fun" to play in the traditional sense. (Don't get me wrong, some were genuinely fun, and there were MANY fun multiplayer levels). Most of my enjoyment in playing user levels were just seeing what people can do with the mechanics, and they helped me get my own inspiration for my levels. I always loved to create levels, even on the simplest flash games. So this was like the perfect game for me lol

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If you put work into it at least. If you're creative and get halfway decent at the level editor. Just seeing the things you make and playing them just gives you such a great feeling of accomplishment. Posting your level and seeing that 50+ people are playing at once and netting 50000 plays in the long run, that's just amazing. No feeling in a game has ever come close to topping that for me.

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I'm sure we will..... From Sumo Digital....

I hope it doesn't come out until late 2014 at best though because I'm working on a really long Deus Ex Inspired level series and I don't want LBPV to be even more irrelevant by the time I release the whole saga... Lol

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@hippiesanta: You gotta be pretty dim to not understand why it's being hyped, whether you personally like the look of it or not.

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@Netherscourge: Ain't much know about that yet. A gun is shown in the trailer though, and there are enemies to fight.