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Hello guys. In 2007 the online servers for THPS3-THAW on PC and PS2 were closed because a person named biohacker hacked into the servers. But just a short time after the servers were up again by people from the Tony Hawk community. now it's 2013 and they have been up ever since then. But the latest years the online has really been dying. Right now there are only around 30 people playing the Tony Hawk games online which is very sad. But now, there's actually a free way to play them online which is 100% legal.

I've been a part of the community for a very long time and I want to keep the community up. So people from the community has created this exclusive stand alone game called Tony Hawk's Underground HD. It's a game which includes all the levels from THUG-THUG2 in one game with online multiplayer. All you need to do is download it and the you can play online!!!! It's for the PC. People really love it and I want more people to play. If you're interested then please press this link.

You can also still play THPS3 and THAW online on PC, the original servers are up. If you have any problems getting online then please contact me on my YouTube or here. I hope you all will have a great day and download this game. Thank you!