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Add me on Facebook

hey guys, How's everyone doing? anyway if u like to add me on facebook it would be my pleasure: it's Omar sairat n happy weekend to all of u

bought a new DSLR camera

hi everyone, i know it's been a long time, but i've been doing some stuff lately and i found something that is filling my void, u know my depression and other stuff, but now i feel much better :D, thanks to photography ;), i've been taking photographs a little over 2 years and now i just bought a new mid range camera that is actually pretty good, so i created a new video on youtube showing some edited photo samples that i did and i hope that you all will enjoy it, and your opinion does matter, but don't give me that ''oh that is pretty good go on'' i want your honest opinion :)

is it really over? can i have my peace back again?

it's good to be back again, i am sure that the some of you knew my problem on the last two blogs that i wrote and you were all helpful to me and i can't thank u enough u guys, so lately i started playing some of my unfinished and new games and now i finished more than four games, crysis 2, GOW3, fear 3 and space marine and now i am half way through on finishing rage, so i forgot to add that i had a defected HDD on my 360 and all my data has been deleted instantly :(, but it didn't effect me and i continued playing non stop, but i had some old games like dead space and i was close on finishing the game, but i have to start over from scratch, another thing i ordered some blu ray movies, thor x-men trilogy, first class, transformers 3 and the frighteners and i can't wait to watch them :), i really feel that i am happier than ever and been enjoying playing games and watching movies again, so far so good, as for now i am eagerly waiting for batman arkham city :)

Deus Ex:human revolution - ''motherly ties'' side quest bug issue

this is the first bug issue i experienced on deus ex, and i'm currently playing this game on xbox 360, and this issue is on all platforms, i heard some guys having this issue on PS3 and PC as well,the bug issue is in the side quest "motherly ties" be aware there is some spoilers, this side quest is connected to megan's death, her mom needed my help to investigate megan's death,the police closed her case, because they were hiding something, so i did of course and after finding what happend exactly,here where the issue starts, i went to megan's mom to complete the quest, so i talked to her and after finishing all the dialogue options,they just stand still doing nothing,it seems there is an extra dialogue option, but i can't find it anywhere, so now i'm stuck in this side quest, and a lot of people is having the same issue i'm having right now, we need a fix ASAP, i anybody of u has a fix, please help us with this issue. watch my video and you'll know.

stuff to say

hi guys i really miss u all, but i had a lot of issues after my surgery, first couple of months after surgery things went pretty good for me and after that, some stuff happend to me, i have extreme depression and i feel lonely, i can't eat or sleep and when i went to the doctor, he said those issues your having right now is side effects from the surgery and it's serious, because last two months four people died of depression and now your having the same problem so from now on u better take some anti depression, so after months of pain, i feel lttle better, sometime it goes away and comes back again, i just feel empty inside and i have no feeling whatsoever, can't play games or movies, i don't go out, just, the only thing i do is lie on bed all day, but now i feel much better and i'm doing some progress, so i'm here for now.

I'm back from the surgery

hello guys, i'm back from the Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery and i feel better than ever :), and i've lost 15 pounds during those 5 days that i stayed in the hospital, and my target is to lose 80lbs from 1-2 months, thanks for the surgery of course and i thank you all guys for your good lucks and prayers :D

the surgery

hi everyone :)

so the hospital called my today morning and they told me that my surgery will begin next week, i just want to let you to know guys, that i will not be able to see you for the next 10 days :( and i hope things will go easy for me and i'm a bit scared and happy at the same time, but of course this is for my own good, see you guys after the surgery, i hope so, wish me luck guys :)