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My opinion for MGS Ground Zeroes

I've seen the trailer and short gameplay of the new MGS, it looks not good, but great for me. The only MGS game i've played is MGS 3 but i've seen my brother play MGS 2 and i've also watched MGS 4 walkthrough on youtube. The new MGS with the new system that gives Snake the ability to drive vehicles for the first time is gonna be great but may lose the stealthy feeling. And there's like an indicator when in shooting mode they've put but i don't know if they already put it in MGS 4 but for an average gamer lvl like me, it's just becoming better. Just hope there's still CC and other cool stuff. -The End-

My first game

The first game I played is starcraft (if i'm correct) and I was 5 or 6 years old. My first impression was it was good for the first game I played. I don't play the game though. I only play the multiplayer with A.I. Of course I'm suck at it until my brother told me that there's cheats for the game. It was strange because I don't know the gamers language at that time. So after I understand what "cheats", I try using it and I feel like I'm becoming better at it. I only use Terran because I thought it was the coolest and the A.I is Terrans and Zergs. I was a little scared to fight an A.I that using a Protoss because my brother said it was the hardest to fight. After that I try using Protoss and now, Protoss is my most favorite races in the starcraft universe. -The End-