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Long time no see. New Xbox, New XBL Tag

I don't go on this site much any more, except on the very rare occasion to look at a game F.A.Q. (I don't use them except very rarely)

But my old Xbox got the RROD some time ago arleady. I went a long time (about year and half or more) without an Xbox. My fiance bought me a playstation 3 for christmas. My PSN name is ToshiChiiSan. And then finally about a year later, my family gets me a brand new Xbox 360 for my birthday. I can't put my old hard drive on it. And I surely don't remember my login information for my old XBL account, so I am starting over with the gamer points, achievments, and the games.

My new XBL is DarthXSIN

So I am playing all my old Xbox games again, I have to start over but I still wanted to beat some of them, and some of them I beat already I wanted to play them over again.

I also have Skyrim for my PS3 to play. Which I am thoroughly enjoying btw. XD

So add me on my new gamer accounts. I am on steam too ut I don't know many ppl on steam, and I don't use it hardly any ways. Ask if you want my steam screename.

Have a nice day everyone.

Dante's Inferno game!!![Video inside]


Holy cow. I finally looked into this game, there isn't much info out on it yet but I joygasmed when I saw this trailer. It looks like a promising game. I don't know if game informer has created a spread about this game yet but if they did I would be all over it O_O. I dunno what it is about me and game informer LOL, but I love there featured preview game spreads XD.

I loved the book. It was an epic poem broken into stanza, rhymed and everything. I only got half way through it before I let my friend barrow it but she never gave it back so LOL. I never got to finish it :( but I enjoyed what I did read of it.

Any who what do you think about Dante's inferno so far?

Have you herd anything about the game play?

My Most Anticipated Games for 2009!!!

Ok whether I can afford to buy these games or not I am looking forward to there release who knows, maybe my friends may buy these games when they come out and I can barrow XD. Sign of the times =/

Any ways, the top five I have read up on and definitely looking forward too them. The rest are familiar titles or companies releasing new games that I haven't read into yet, but I am still anticipating them :)

Any who heres my list in Order from most inticipated to least anticipated(but still anticipated):

1. Assassin's Creed 2

2. Final Fantasy 13

3. Bioshock 2

4. God of war 3

5. Conduit

6. Doom 4

7. Tekken 6

8. Need for speed Shift

9. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

10.Overlord 2

11.Crystal Defenders.

12. Dante's Inferno

Any of you guys looking forward to the same games I am?

Holy mother of .... Assasins Creed 2 !!!

Game Informer May 2009

As you can tell by looking at my avatar, I love assasins creed, so when I got my copy of Game Informer a few weeks ago I was overjoyed. I know that the first Assassin's creed got bad reviews because of glitches, repetitiveness witch is arguable in my eye, and the so called crappy ending didn't wash well with others.

BUT me on the other hand, I never had an glitch problems, I LOVED the ending, and it did not at all seem more repetitive than every other game on the planet (All games are repetitive in there own way if you really stop to think about it). So I have been for a while looking forward to the new Assassin's Creed. I knew there was going to be a sequil, it was just a matter of time.

So I read in the article and I saw the new setting and new Protagonist. Frankly the new Assassin (I can't recall if they mentioned his name) Looks pretty damn sweet and his assassin look seems well adjusted to the time period and place setting. Not to mention the side by side screen shots of the real places in Italy compared to the same place in the game! That just screams eye candy. But I am not all about the graphics, there just an added bonus. The best part I love is that they have revamped the fighting system, claiming to have added new weapons and better button layout for combat. Also stealth kills will be more realistic and more responsive than before. Also they have added an item called "Da Vinci's Flying machine". And judging by the picture in the magazine it looks very steam-punk-ish, and I LOVE steam-punk. So I am looking forward to seeing how that thing handles in the sky. And how it will be incorporated in the game play if it is.

If you haven't read the magazine article about it and your interested, you should, because my memorie can be crap. Also I only touched on the points I thought were most interesting that I am looking forward to the most.

What do you guys think about the new Assassins Creed 2 reviews, are you looking forward to this game too?

Did you even like the first Assassins Creed?

Any one still there?...

It has been over a year I am sure...

Sense the last time I was on this webste.
Nothing against it but I cannot get on here any more these days. I have no internet. And when I am on during the time I spend at college. I am too busy Msging my fiance. Yes I am engaged now. We have bee together for a year and a half now ^.~

I have not played many games sense my last post either. I have played Monster hunter freedome 2 and Crisis core sense then but I do not have the luxury or time to post my reviews any more. I loved this place bak in the day. Now I can't find time for it.

It's been good y'all. But I don't anticipate being back any time soon. :'( -tear-

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of DOOM!!!

Well what can I say. I am addicted to this game. LOL. not the best action / RPG ever but it is definitely fun! So far it has gotten mediocre scores, but I for one think it is at least an 8.0! The camera really isn't much of an issue like some say. It does seem a bit repetitive, but again, all video games are repetitive in there own way, and what can you really expect from a hack and slash. No it doesn't compare to Devil may cry, but it is better that Ninety nine nights as far as genre comparisons go. In this game the story is a bit shallow but who wants to play through 6 or so characters really long story lines any ways -.-; . If I wanted a story line I would read a book or watch a movie! The story line is at par in this game doesn't really add to it or take away from it in my opinion. What I do love Oh so much about this game is the countless weapon combos for every character. Some weapon combos give better SP rates some weapons complement the other and so on so forth with other possibilities. The combos make for good strategy, maybe your strategy is to have realy good healing and have damage converted to your SP instead of your health and have lvl 25 fear to protect yourself from loosing your SP when an enemy puts that spell on you, while using 2 SP efficiant weapons 1 long range and 1 melee weapon so you hardly ever loose health. OMG im a genius. lol. What am I blabbing on about? Well you would know if you ever get a chance to play the game. Lot more strategy envlolved than most may think.

Also the Co-Op is pretty cool feature for a hack and slash. I have met some nice people on KUF: COD and they are more than willing to help you out with the game!. Also when you enter Co-Op depending on how many people is in your party, the monster get stronger accordingly. So it's not really easier in Co-Op it's just fun to collaborate with other people in a game such as this.

The graphics are beautiful. There are a few invisible walls here and there but you'll get use to it if you ever do play this game. The monsters are very original and unique very interesting! Clever monster designs = sweeteness!!! Some of them are just plain weird and you can't really grasp your mind around it, but some are pretty cool.

All and all, it's a decent game. If you love RPG's you must play this. If your not so much into hack and slash or RPG, you should play the demo or rent it first. If you already like the series, you must get this. The former Kingdom under fire's have been RTS. This one is a dungeon RPG game.

Sorry if that's a bit short or kind of confusing. I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I have felt bad all day and I don't know why. Maybe I will feel better after eating dinner at the Olive Garden with my Boyfriend and his parents. There treating me to dinner for my up coming birthday. My B-DAY is on the 29th of January. Wich is this coming Tuesday. and I will be 20 years old. FINALLY NOT A TEENAGER ANY MORE! WOOOOOOO!

PS. I played the Devil May Cry 4 Demo. I absolutaly joygasmed when I saw the 60 FPS and the game play was flawless. My god I can't wait untill this game comes out!

Promising games for 2008!

I have only seen a hand full of games that will be coming out this new year of 2008. I wander if most the new game releases, will be as good or better than all the awesome games that were released last year! From what I have seen through screen shots and game play and game trailers the following games have cuaght my eye, and I am looking forward to playing these games in the furture

Kingdom underfire: Circle of Doom
Devil May Cry 4
Too Human
Lost Odyssey
Final Fantasy XIII

I have had the privilage of playing the kindom under fire demo I downloaded for free from Xbox Live marketplace. I like the fighting system it's sort of like N3 but alot better, the only difference is you have SP that, when you attack it drains your SP, like stamina, makes it more realistic but kinda annoying some times, how ever you can build up your sp every level wich is good! Im in love with the characters you can choose from, theres a nice line up of characters I'd name them all for you here but I ferget all of them and Im too lazy to go look :P . in the demo you can only play as the palidin or the assassin. I played as the assassin. Altair still has him beat but this assassin does kick some major ass if used right! I don't know about the palidin havent played as him yet but he looks feirce from what I read about in the stats menu. I also saw a archer sorceress, as a character and im like, !!!!holy fishsticks batman thats the perfect character for me!!!! Because usualy when I play and RPG, I use mostly a magic user, but also, I usually make a second character, as an archer, because I like both! but in this game I will get to be both at the same time!!! OOhhh I cant wait till it comes out on the 8th of this month! I have a birthday this month and I'll probably buy it with my birthday money!!! I'm probably the only one excited about this game, I saw the critics gave it a 7.5, but to me it looks better than that but I can't realy say untill I've played the whole game!

The only thing that bums me out is that Final Fantasy XIII is going to be for PS3 only! I sure hope it comes out on the 360. Because theres no way I'm buying a PS3 just to play FFXIII. I'm sorry but it's just not worth it. I was over come with joy when I found out DMC4 was going to be on the 360! Another reason why I'll never buy a PS3. :)

Merry Christmas Every one!!!

Merry Christmas and ua happy new year! I wan't to hear what every one got for christmas!

I got:

Halo 3 poster
Assassins Creed
Assassins Creed face plate and skins for my 360
Guitar Hero 3
and some clorthes.
and a christmas ornament.
40 dollars


I been meaning to write that halo 3 tip guide in my blog but I have been so busy. I'll have to do it some time next year, lol as in next month.

Happy holidays hope every one is enjoying there holiday break!

Game tournament at my College

It was the other week but I didn't get a chance to blog about it until now!

We had a really good time having a game tournament at our school in one of the open rooms. We all knew each other or were good friends, we had pizza and everything it was all good. I brought my xbox 360 because the people running the tournament asked me too, but it turns out there were 2 other xbox 360's there. It was all good because we got to system link and have a huge Halo 3 tournament, we played free for all, and teams, kicked each others behinds and then some. There was super smash bros melee on the projection screen, can you say joygasm! There were 2 other tv's in the room with dead or alive 4 and Tekken 5, but I didn't play those, I havent played Tekken in so long I wouldnt dare try to play in a Tekken tournament, and I am not too fond of dead or alive 4, from what I have played on the demo. Also there was a TV for guitar hero 3, and 2 guitars.

Here's a list of the games I played and what place I came in:

Halo 3:

first match Free for all: 3rd place
2nd match Free for all: 2nd place
Team slayer: Our team won!

Super Smash Bros Melee: 2nd

Guitar Hero 3: Both times I played I won.
I played on medium, and I played "stricken" by Disturbed, and one of Stevie ray Vaughn's songs. ( if that's how you spell his name)

So I think I did decent at all the games I played at the tournament. They were suppose to film the tournament for a commercial to advertise there next tournament but there camera broke. So unfortunately I don't have and footage of the tournament to show you.

What you can expect to see in my next few blog's:

Halo 3 campaign and multi-player tips, from me as a halo 3 player, things that have worked for me I will be sharing with you.

Also when I get Assassin's creed for Christmas, (because I know I will I saw them buy it for me, because I wasn't supose to be looking LOL) I will finish the game and give an official review, and in another blog i'll discuss tip's for that game as well, and possibly have a separate blog to discuss the story line and speculate about the next assassins creed game.

Happy blogging, thanks for reading :)