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Since im running SLI I found that the latest drivers can be stable. It's really a problem with sound rendering. Whenever a new, unique sound is rendered I find my GPUs run at like 40% down from the 80% they were running at. This happens frequently in fights so it gets really choppy.

I wonder if I can do anything to improve this.

Let us know if you find anything, im having the same problem =/
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[QUOTE="kraken2109"] You can play rush with up to 64 in BF3.

You sure can, but Rush has always "officially" been a 32 player game. Much better as 64 player though imo
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Rush is only 32 players?

Rush has always been for 32 players.
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Linux powers Android, Both IOS and OSX are unix based.  Linux powers PCs, game consoles like Ouya, Nvidia Shield, etc.

Linux gaming is going to overtake consoles and windows gaming sooner rather than later.


people have been saying linux will take over for like 30 years...I'll be walking with a cane by the time it ever happens

Well if anyone is going to make it happen, itll be Valve.
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Stupid. Would be a really stupid mode for the game and it wouldn't fit.

They could make it like the Vietnam expansion for BC2. That didnt fit well at all with the normal MP.
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Windows 8.MethodManFTW
Only Windows 8. Because thats how MS works
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Play Diablo3 on a console. And then make it a foursome.
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You're playing the wrong game, sorry. ;)

Framerate dips even bellow 20 fps are common in this series, even if you have very good hardware.

There's just so much going on so it's understandable.

Yeah I know, was just expecting too much from this game really.
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DS isnt that badly ported. It runs well and all its problems are fixed very easily. GTA4 on the other hand was the worst port ever. You can also download a mod that changes all the ingame button prompts to match a PS controller if that helps
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ive gone through various gpus on the arma games, they dont add much....all cpu bound

I would think that a stock 3570k would be ok, but apparently not. Game still plays pretty damn well, just cant get a stable 60fps on any of the higher settings. Not that I care too much about the graphics, I would just like the game to be always 60fps on some of the settings.