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Tales From Beyond the Inane 1

Well, So exams are over. Not much left to do around, recently reformatted my PC so its hard to drift from game to game without hours of installation from Steam and such. So I watched a full season of Samurai Jack and wrote some random things. First off were my short film ideas.

"Steven lives in a world of numbers. Binary is his language, Pie is his food. In a universe that thrives off the flow of numbers how can Steven survive when he is 9 fingered and can only count to seven?"

"To be a Mountain Man is to lead a solitary existence. How is Benjamin to react when his life is rocked by the introduction of a quirky talking Bear named Bill. From the future."

"You wake up and realise that eveything in the world around you is fake. The world is filled with plasterscene scenery and paper mache people whose only purpose is to watch and study you for their alien masters. Also Ice cream doesnt exist anymore."

Also watched some TV online form some really alternative channel that Ive never heard of but is apparently free now. Show discription that got me interested

"Is She Really Going Out With Him? Attempts to answer the question of how so many beautiful and innocent young women end up with self-absorbed, overly-tanned, tattoo covered douchebags." It even had a theme song

9/10/11 - Masterchef

I believe that the reason why people become star struck is because of the stars eyes. In movies and TV it is an accident for an actor to look at the camera. So when you meet a star they actually look at you. You aren't the audience watching them, they are the audience watching you. You are part of their thoughts as they look at you. For someone that you have spent your life up to that moment watching them it must be weird to be actually seen by them. I imagine it would make you feel perverse or stalkerish. How do you interact with someone that you know so much about, but they know nothing about you?

What makes the Dalai Lama such a spiritual person? Is it that each and every one that is chosen grows up to be so, or are they just trained to be that way. Is meeting him a truely spiritual moment, or is it just an aura that people claim he has like a kind of spiritual placebo? Hell, from what I can see he is just an old man that follows an age old tradition. Whats so special about him? Maybe someday I will just have to meet him. Wonder what it would be like to offend the guy...

People complain about the world everyday. How **** their lives are, how the world is going to hell either from war, global warming or some other unforseen force. Why do people focus on such problems? Nothing can really be said on the subject that hasn't been said before, so why do they still discuss it? I used to be one to jump into such conversations, but now I just find them boring. Its now general knowledge, why keep discussing it when you can just accept it for what it is and just get on with life? People keep saying that the end of the world will be in my own lifetime. This has been said for generations and yet it still hasn't happened.

"Don't study too much or you will be stuck with the mindset that education forces upon you". This is the theme of a conversation my friends and I had with some strange artist we happened to walk into the shop of. "Education teaches us to question what we see. Like if some three legged animal were to walk by the shop right now most people would think "Hey, what is that 3 legged thing out there?" whereas I would think, "Oh some green legged thing just walked by my window."". Why question what your brain thinks or sees? It makes perfect sense. Going with the flow and taking everything at face value is a wonderful way of thinking. If there is a disaster of some kind you wont be pressed with questions as to how it happened, you just accept it as it is and move on to the next step. So my question is, with all that we gain with education what is it that we lose?