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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade!!

I'm playing a game called Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. It's really addicting.

Well, for the next week they are doing "invite a friend get an item" promo.

If you could DL the game, play the tutorial quickly and enter my referral code when you get lvl 10 I'd get an exclusive.

You may end up really liking the game, but even if you don't just playing the game a little would help me out a bundle.

This is a mobile game either for Android or iPhone.

Thanks and enjoy!

Next Next Generation

With E3 wrapped up in a nice little bow I got to thinking about what's in store for us in the future.

With the technology running faster than our pocket books could keep up, what is next?

First thing I expect to see on the plate is the storage issue. Forget quantity and focus on quality. SSD is the wave of the future and is a must for my next next generation system! With SSD we could easily cut load times from seconds to milliseconds. Image where gaming could go if your emotional connections to the characters weren't interrupted with load screens. Secondly we shouldn't be so hung up on graphics. 1080p or 1920x1200 are nice an all, but if they are diluted by 20 fps, what's the point? Keep the fps at 60 fps on 120 Hz and the visuals should keep any gamer pleased! Along with Blu Ray compatibilies they should have no reason to not meet the highest quality game production available.

This the briefest list I've thought of lately, but duty calls.

Long Time Waiting

I don't know if it's the new packaging smell affecting my judgement or not, but I'm actually excited to get Reach. I haven't salivated at the sight of Halo since 2, but I surely am getting revved up for this one. It sounds silly to judge a game by it's title, but I just wasn't expecting much until just a week ago. Luckily for me, I just started Gamefly and if I'm lucky I'll have Reach in my hands just days after it's release.

BTW, this achievement tracker to the left is quite nifty. I like it.

Finding Myself Wanting More

Lately I have been completely satisfied with any new games I've delved into, but I'm confident in a few titles coming soon.

Final Fantasy XIII should be a great reliving of the series. I actually had a dream that it was identical to FFXII last night, not the most pleasant dream I've had of late. Don't get me wrong I have high hopes for XIII, but evidently my subconscious is skeptical.

Heavy Rain; Another title that producers feel is ground breaking and will define the next generation of story-driven games. Well I won't pretend to say that I hope they're wrong. I'd be great to see something new, something mature enough not to have comic relief on every street corner. I just hope I don't FEEL like I'm babysitting, which is actually a portion of the game. :roll:

After playing through Mass Effect 2 and allowing the nostalgia to wear off I realized that I was left wanting more. The story in entirety was lackluster and did preform to the standard the first set, which could be understandable because of it being part of a trilogy; The second story can't always reveal the core of the dilemma. I also felt that the dialogue between team members was not nearly as interesting as the first title. I wanted passion and anger(That I actually couldn't cool with just a string of words) and finally, I wanted a real, enthusiastic love scenario. I didn't want a screw buddy in the engine room that wouldn't be remembered by either party in a matter of minutes, I wanted a partner that would stand closer to me as we fell further into the trap of love. I wanted it to adversely affect my judgement near the end of the game and cause, what actual love does, rising action.

Whether you agree or not with my "beef" with our recent and coming soon titles, I still think there is a gap between perfect and present gaming experiences.

Aion: Tower of Eternity

For all you MMOers, go check this one out!

It's amazingly beautiful and looks like the next up coming MMO!

Angels or Demons, your choice when it comes to AION!

New Review, Go Read!


There's the link!

If you've even LOOKED at Mass Effect go read my review, it's short( I hate to bore people ) so don't worry about it!

Thanks for the support too guys!