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I am a Dad now and I have managed to play more games than ever!

I've been a dad for three weeks now. My lovely little daughter was born on the 6th of November, and her name is Layla, Rachel, Hall. and at first I was like aaah how am I going to cope I can barely manage looking after myself let alone now start looking after the bubba. Then the second thing was like I hardly get any time to play games as it is there is gonna be no free time left.

But I came up with a ploy and I've managed to play and complete Final Fantasy 13 and I've been playing a few Playstation move titles. I've got so much time for games now, it's brilliant I don't know how I didn't come up with something like this before. When I'm "Looking after the babby" I sit her in front of me and use my feet to rock her back and forth in her chair; while sitting back relaxing with a nice big glass of Vanilla Coke in one hand (Which isn't cheap as I live in the UK and have to pay to import it from the USA) and a playstation controller in the other.

It's been nice to be a Dad, it's not as hard as I thought it just takes a lot out of you, there's so many things the baby, wants and needs it's unreal but now she's here I would't change it for the world.

It's also nice using her to get time to play games mwuhauhauha!

Does that make me a bad Dad already?

PlayStation Move

I have a few hours to myself, so I thought I'd share my feelings about the new Playstation Move.

I brought it from my local supermarket, itching to get home and have a go. When I got home I frantically searched through the boxes in the attic trying to find my Playstation Eye, like a dog digging for it's hidden bone.

then I set up the camera on the TV and went to play, but I couldn't fit into the view of the camera, (I guess it doesn't help I'm 6'3 and seem to be getting wider by the day) so I had a major move around, pulled my TV out and angled it down the room, moved the sofas to each corner of the room, then went to the back of the room and tried again.

Success! I made it onto the screen!

So by this time I was tired enough, shifting around the furniture as it is, then the game Sport Champions was telling me to start getting physical.

So I thought I'm tough I'll go straight onto the Gladiator mini game,

FAIL! I was swinging my hands like a mad man, I found myself ducking and diving trying to hit the opponent, but he kept blocking. So I was getting angry trying to swing different ways to make contact literally flailing myself about almost on the floor sometimes trying to swing upward to try and hit him. 
I was fully into it, I was absolutely immersed and I didn't even realize it until my other half came in and just burst into laughter and said "Why are you running around the room swinging my arms about like a 3 year old?" I was confused, turned around to look at her, loosing the fight, I got knocked off the level.

completely out of breath I explained.

"I'm...playing... Sport Champions, on the... PlayStation... It's...Awesome!"

She immediately wanted me to show her what I was playing and why I was jumping around all the furniture like a monkey. After I finished she basically forced me to let her have a go. 
After the first game of gladiators she got the hang of it, played it again then rummaged through the rest of the mini games, I didn't even get a look in for 30 minutes,

While I was watching her play (jiggle), I was thinking, she's only playing the Wii and now this, these games are simple and general, aimed at more casual gamers as opposed to the hardcore like me. This is making them sit up and take notice of the games industry, maybe when Kitect comes out that will sell it and anyone will be able to play games on any console, making them all immediately assessable. Hopefully this will stay the same I I've really enjoyed using Move and playing along with my other half, it's nice to be able to do something together that I ACTUALLY like doing.

Finally some free time to myself

This is the first time I've had some free time, since, after christmas to write a new blog. I've been so busy. On the last week of Uni, they were like, not to fast boys and girls we've decided to be evil and give you all huge work projects to do over Christmas, you know that period of the year your supposed to be enjoying yourself with your families, well you cant this year because your doing work Mwuhauhauha. (Okay I might have exaggerated a tiny bit.) I had three projects to do over Christmas and go backwards and forwards from London to Wales because my other half also wanted to see her parents over the Christmas period. So what we did is she stayed at mine for Christmas and I was down hers for new years. Which was really nice, because I remember it. I usually get drunk really quick, one bottle gets me tipsy and after two well wave good bye to normal Michael. But I had eight bottles of cider go me, eight is a good solid number of drinks. Also were now Engaged so loads of family members were making a fuss about that and their already trying to plan the wedding, which is awesome because I haven't got a clue. It's kinda funny because I never expected them to start making plans now because it's not going to happen until 2012. 10 - 11 - 12.

I couldn't have planned that date any better myself, it was an accidental success because it's the closest weekend to the date we first meet. Even through I've had all this going on I Still managed to find five odd sneaky minutes hear and there to play some games. Mainly at the moment Uncharted 2, Infamous and Mirrors Edge. I was a little hesitant to play Mirrors Edge as all it's got are bad reviews but in my opinion it's awesome, it's so fun and adrenalin packed all the way. I'd definitely recommend it to a friend. Look at me wasting all your free time reading this blog, hope you had a good Christmas. Happy New Year.


My real name is Michael, a few of my friends have given me the nickname, Mikeh, as you can see I love I pods so I mixed the two together to make I_Mikeh. I'm a Mac user, I stopped using PC's a year ago and I love the interface and short application load times that I get with the MAC. This is my second profile on here I used to be Mikeh_515 but for some reason it will no longer let me on, so I started this new one. I've been on Gamespot ever since I've had my own computer 5 years ago. I'm always on here because I love games and I try to stay as up to date as possible with all games and genres. I also visit a few other websites to get more industry specific info for my own games addiction I absolutely have and embrace. I'm not really a console fan boy as such but at the moment I'm favoring the PS3 and Wii because (I've had the ring of death on my X-Box and now it's decided to mess up all the textures and shading, I'm assuming the graphic card is blown). the PS3 comes packed with so much stuff Blu-ray and has awesome internet access. Wii has loads of old school retro games coming out every week and new Wii-Ware ones to sink my teeth into, Plus this control scheme seems like it has a lot more to offer with a couple of well engineered peripherals. I play games a lot of the time, sometimes, I feel to much especially since I can lose a day playing Guild Wars, I just get so immersed and nothing can get me off the computer once I'm on it. I'm currently studying Computer Games Design and Story Development at the University of East London. I'm now on my second year of the three year course. That's about it, if you want any more information just Message me, all my games are up, spent all weekend doing that. Looking forward to seeing you all around the site.