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PvP games are mainly the best games.

I am just writing this to state how much i love Player vs Player games as opposed to Player vs Non-Player Character games.

In my opinion games that have an online multiplayer are the best games becuase they have the most replay value, as well as take the most skill. as a skillful gamer I obviously like the challenge of fighting (and usually beating ;)) other players for glory. It's much more satisfying to prove yourself against a player or players in online games than it is to senslessly kill NPC's in most cases.

As well with games that have an online multiplayer you usually have the choice of fighting players or simply playing against computers where as games such as Oblivion heavily limit you to repetative NPC killing which, may be fun (for a while) but does not prove very much.

Here are some of the games that I like that have beautiful PvP as well as PvNPC action.

- Halo 2
- Gears of War
- World of Warcraft
- Battlefield: 2142
- RuneScape (Even this crappy game had some crazy good PvP action.)

so in conclusion I'm a competitive player that has something to prove against other players rather than proving I can kill a.................(drum roll)............... :shock: NPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Little About Me

Well i'm a true and true gamer who loves almost every type of game. I am best in adventure games such as any Legend of Zelda game where I beat the game extremely fast on my own but still enjoy achieving 100% in the game. My favorite first person shooter would have to be Halo 2 just because of the in depth story and the competitive online game play. For fighter games I love Super Smash Bros. Melee because its very original and i p00n in it. For online games i love Runescape, WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne, and World of WarCraft (although I don't own WoW myself). So their is a little about me and games and I hope to blog again sometime. Thanks for reading ;)