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True Bond

You know you got it good when you can set down and play video games with your girlfriend and actualy talk games with her.

What is bad is when she beats you, but not entirely bad. Kind of like one of those, I just got beat by a girl things, but then your like, oh wait, that girl is my girlfriend. so that evens it out pretty good.

But in other news. I got that N64 I was talking about with about 8 or 9 games. Got to wait a bit longer for the NES though cause unfortunately the audio/video cord that works on the SNES, N64, and Game Cube don't work on the old school NES. So I have to wait for that to be found and what not then I'm set. Other then that, that is about everything.

Getting an NES and an N64.

Pretty excited about this. All I really want for the NES is Mario 1 and 3 and Zelda. Kind of just to have them to mess around with on my own time when I get bored. But I really want the N64 for the multi player games. I got a list of the ones I want. Some I am getting with the console, other I'll have to buy separately. Please just tell me if you see any missing that I should get.

Mario Kart (of course)

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Golden Eye 007

Mario Party 1

Mario Party 2

Mario Part 3

Mario Tennis

These are just the games I remember being lots of fun multi player games when I had a N64 2 or three different times. So please if their are any other really good ones for the N64 (pretty sure their isn't but just in case) please let me know. Also any other ones i should get for the NES even if I'm missing out on one. I know their is one more I really want but i can't put my finger on what it is. Anyways. Thanks.

Out of School!!

Alright, so I am out of school and aint really looking for a job yet (at least not really badly) so I will be having a lot of extra time for a while. So I need some ideas of some really good/time consuming games?? I'm starting to get desperate for a really good game I haven't played before. I want to try new ones but I don't want to spend the money and it be crappy. So I just need some recomendations?? Hopefully some older games?? Thanks