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Old Fun Games

I was looking into old games. These coming from the original xbox, and the ps2. Yesterday i was with my cousin and we decided to try some of the old games out. Although they were not high iin graphic they were still very fun.We played games like Toney hawks american wasteland . Also mortal combat . It was good fun but i would not take those games over the new games coming out.I wil be writing more about this but thatnks IM-MI


i have looked into new games and some small ones at that .A good website for these games is its a great website for short fun entertaining games. I really think that everyone should try it out. i really enjoyed the games. surprisingly they are very challenging. I really think that this website is better then addicting ! try it its tuns of fun !! IM-MI

Black Ops:2

Who's Excited ??? Many people are waiting for the release of the new game "Black Ops:2" honestly i'm a little curious about the game , the original Black ops was a very successful game but i don't know if making it a series of games was a good idea. Although they did it with modern warfare , i don't know if that was a good move for this game. Although its the next step it could head in either a good or bad direction. They are competing against there past game MW3 ,and thats going to be very tuff! It'll be great to see how it all turns out at the end, it will probably hit the market and break records but i don't think that releasing it so is going to be good. I think they need to let the fans play MW3 for a little longer before releasing the next of the series. I believe that they are releasing these games to close to each other, they are allowing there gamers to get comfortable with the game and then changing it all up.They need to let the gamers get more involved with MW3 . Dropping new DLC and releasing a new game at the same time is not very market wise.Thats just my opinion, thanks for reading , you will hear more IM-MI


I will have Specials every week where for a whole day i will dedicate my posts to whatever it is that is suggested to me. i will make the whole day about it , although i will try to sneak some other news in ill still keep it on the main idea of that day .. this week has no specials yet bt the day will be revealed.. its on friday so from now to friday i will b taking suggestions about what i will be focusing on for friday! thanks, and leave a comment, IM-MI

My Music

I will not only be posting about games but about a lot of the categories . I want to talk to you about my music choices and here are some of my favorite people/groups -Tyler the creator* -Meek Mill -MMG -OFWGKTA -Avenged Sevenfold etc.. i will give suggestions for music all through out this week ! IM-MI

New Games

Im trying to find new games to try out and possiby buy.. any suggestions? please leave a comment , thank IM-MI

Minecraft p.2

I was just recently playing Minecraft and i have this feeling that the game is very good and challenging ,but its missing something. It could be that the day time is shorter then night time and the day is overall shorter. If they made the whole day longer &/or o make new objects or objectives avaliable. i will be re posting more information about the games! IM-MI

My Games

You will be hearing a lot about the games thati have . Many new and many old but either way i will be providing great detail day by day , i will be posting often and will be talking about a lot of the same games and things ,but i will look into new games and new releases ,and i will give insider on those aswell. I look forward to posting very often


Minecraft , minecraft is a very intresting gamne .It shows you how to survive in a world where its all about squares and creativity.It takes patience but after hours the game gets really fun and intertaining.The main goal is to have a huge house and to have best armour and best weapons. Also to feel proud of twhat you have done with your experience.Overall great game , will be giving more details about my games at home tomorrow morning! IM-MI

Modern Warfare 3

MW3, To start off i have to say that im going to be posting very often about MW3 , the reason is because i currently have it and i enjoy talking about this game/game type. MW3 hit the streets running , it killed the market ,breaking records like crazy. It is one of the best shooter out there today. It has people addicted to it, i would know because i am. This game goes into great detail about the aspect of a shooter. The campaign is exciting part by part ,cant stop the fun.The special ops options are ridiculous , survival is he re-birth of zombies in call of duty: black ops. Although like it ,its really fun and new .The online mode in MW3 is one of the funnest things out in gaming right now ! it has people staying at home and leveling up ike they were eating a cookie.It truly puts the game on the market. Overall very good fun game. You will hear a lot about this game from me. Rate 9.5 IM-MI
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