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Ok so here goes. My first 3D Mark ultra run ...


And my second...


What I don't understand is the 2nd run, I had increased all the clocks, cpu from 4 -> 4.3 And an extra 100mhz on the core and memory clocks. I had also changed my RAM in the BIOS from 1333 to 1600. (Though 3D Mark won't show that for some reason). highest CPU temp = 54 deg C Highest GPU temp = 75deg C.

Anyone any ideas why?

Using these settings on the standard firestrike got me my highest score yet, 16K and it was perfectly stable. Thanks, J.

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2 x 970

That'll do me :)

Not sure why, 3d Mark is reading my Ram at 1333mhz instead of 1600. strange. tempted to run again with higher clock and cpu speeds try breaking 16k.


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I'm guessing they just arent going to review

Maybe its a middle finger to the devs for the embargo.

Or maybe its one of those great mysteries of GameSpot. Like what ever happened to the series of the decade that The Elder Scrolls won.

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C&C red alert 2 great great great game

And StarCraft

These two are relay vely simple to jump in ad understand. But off high complex games if you work up to playing competitevly

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@Morrydwen: star citizen. Elite dangerous. Star craft. Wasteland 2. Divinity original sin.

LoL DOTA hearthstone

DayZ, Rust, The forest,

Archmage, KOTOR


This could take a while.

EDIT: Civilisation + Total War

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Time machines that physically transport you to the era your game is in.

OK maybe not.

But everything will be streamed. Their won't be another round of consoles.

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Why is it these idiots lose their mind when there's a half naked woman and nobody says squat when it's a man?

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Troll alert!