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Dear Blizzard....

Please fix how ridiculously OP Protoss 4gate is. It's like an easy win button with almost no counter...Oh I mean cure u can win, but the odds are stacked so heavily against you its not even funny. I used to roll toss and use it too, then i got bored with how cheap it was, now I'm rocking the most underpowered and imbalanced race, Zerg :P So Blizz, when u got time...fix the damn 4gate strat! Maybe limit the number of gateways per Nexus? so maybe 2 GW per nexus? lol. I can already hear all the Protoss players cocking their rifles, ready to assassinate me....heaven forbid they have to learn how to play the game :P

Computer crash + Cryostasis

So, my computer crashed recently and I lost al my data. A shame since Darksiders was finally starting to get good :( and I lst over 50hrs of Fallout 3 data...damn, gotta get on that again. Now, 'm playing Cryotasis...this game seems very innovative and exciting but for the love of God, it is the worst optimized game EVER. I swear, FPS in the sub 30 zone is a common occurence. No, my computer isnt crappy. I just beat crysis on max at 1080p without my FPS going sub 30 once, excluding the final boss, whom for some reason completely killed my FPS...i mean dropping below 20. My computer is fine...the game is just terribly optimized...oh well, I'll take it in pieces and throw in some BFBC2 and SC2 online in between :P

This seemed like a good time to start my blog

Hey guys, what's going down? Anyways, I figured I might as well start my blog since I got nothing better to do. So what's going on with my life? Hmm lets see, My girlfriend left me and got engaged to some other guy, I've been deathly sick for the past week, and one of my puppies died on Christmas morning....what an auspicious week this has been :s

Lets get down to the details -

Puppy Death:

I started to notice that my puppy was acting wierd on Dec 22, so I took it to the vet and he said it was fine. 2 days later I noticed it was really acting strange and looking sick so I took it to the vet again and he said it was pretty ill. He gave it a shot and said it had a 50/50 chance of survival. Well, it lost the battle, and died on Christmas morning :( R.I.P. lil Storm.

The Sickness:

It all started late Christmas eve...I wasnt feeling too hot. I went to bed early, and woke up feeling like death, I spent all Christmas puking so I guess it was good luck that I was home alone for Christmas with no plans to ruin.

The G/F:

Yeah lol. Sometimes you gotta laugh at your own misfortunes or you'll go crazy. Long story short: I had an Egyptian g/f with a sick mother who wanted her to marry an egyptian muslim (im not egyptian and im not muslim). Her mother died recently and in an attempt at attonement, she decided to follow her mother's wishes and dumped me and got engaged to some Egyptian guy. I especially like the way she informed me about this over facebook lol. Oh man...well, my older sister says it could be worse. I asked her how, exactly, it could be worse, and she said she would get back to me on that....Well, I will say one thing, atleast my week was eventful lol.

Anyways, that's the recap on what's been going on in the life of Seraphim. Tune in for the next episode of "Carribean Life: Drama in Paradise"