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Metal Gear Online Beta Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to all that participated, but there can only be one person who wins the code.

The winner was chosen by a list randomizer which I entered everyone's name (that entered) into. I let it shuffle while I was writing this, and winner came out as...

rac_fan12, all you have to do is comment here in the next 24 hours, and I will send you your code!


Metal Gear Online Beta Giveaway! [Updated April 22nd]

I nabbed a code for the MGO beta and being the awesome person I am, I will be giving it away. Further details on how to win the code are below.

I have no use for the code since I do not have a Playstation 3, and I figured there are many people who missed out on it so this is your chance. I will be advertising the contest in my signature to give more people chances to get in.

The rules to win the code for the beta are simple.

1. Comment on this blog post, explaining how much you want the beta.

2. The winner will be chosen randomly using a program that randomizes a list of people. Whoever is at the top of the list, wins.

3. You will recieve the code via Personal Message on gamespot.

4. You must be from the U.S. to enter the contest. This is for your own good. If you are not from the US, and you win the code and use it, your Konami ID will be banned. As some of you know, you need a Konami ID to play the beta and Metal Gear Online.

5. You may only comment once. Posting multiple will disqualify you.

Contest will be up: Time of this post, April 17th - April 23rd.

If you have any questions/comments, contact me via PM or email at

Feel free to point anyone that wants the beta here. Unless I forgot something, that should be it.

Good Luck!

-Macedonia Mafia


Entries will be accepted until 8:00 PM EST (GMT -5) on April 23rd.

I will make a new blog entry, and PM everyone who entered a link to it.

Whoever wins the code has 24 hours to ask me for it so I know that someone will be making use of it. If I do not get a message, I will choose another winner and do the same thing.


The Achievements Union Gift Card GIveaway + New Theme

(Click Image to Go to AU Home Page)

I sent out invites to the msudude's Achievements Union a few days ago but I'm not sure if they were recieved (did anyone get one? Please tell me.) so I decided to make a blog post about it too.

Here is a brief summary of what you need to do to qualify for the iTunes gift card contest.

To enter the drawing to get the iTunes giftcard, you must -

Post 150 times in the Achievements Union board by April 11th.

On April 11th, all the members that have posted 150 times will be entered into a bowl, and I will randomly choose one of those members to get the gift card. So everyone knows it's legit, I'll post a video of myself picking the name out of the bowl. Then, through Gamespot PM, I will send you the code for your giftcard! For every 50 posts you make over 150, your name gets entered in the bowl again! Double your chances of winning! Or even triple or quadruple them! [More...]

So get posting!

As some of you have noticed, I've changed my sig, avatar, and banner to match the desktop I'm currently using. I found this picture while just browsing a few sites and I really liked the colors and design.

That's it!

Haven't Had a Blog in a While...

...So I decided to make one today! :)

Friday afternoon we had a snow storm in Ohio so we had an unplanned early dismissal from school. It is still snowing right now and we have about a foot of snow. Only if this happened on a Monday and we would of had school canceled for days!

To give you an idea of what it is like, I took a picture of my front lawn. This is two hours after my dad shoveled the driveway.

School is almost over now, just a half of a semester to go. I'm working on a big extra credit project (40 pts) that I had to go to a military museum for. I actually went to the museum 4 months ago but I had an A in the cl@ss so I decided not to turn in the project. I still have a good grade but we have a essay due soon and I want the EC to cover it if I don't do so good on it.

I've been playing games on my PC a lot lately. I have a crap PC so I'm pretty limited to what I can play but luckily, the Source engine is optimised great and I can play Half Life 2 and Portal. I'm thinking of buying the Orange Box but I don't like buying many games and this year is full of them. If I do get the Orange Box, I'm probably going to rent RSV2 which I'm excited for since I loved the first one.

That brings me onto my next subject, renting games. I'm thinking of getting Gamefly or something similar but I've heard Gamefly has horrible shipping times. So if any of you have an online renting service, I'd appreciate it if you reccomend me one.

I've been playing Forza 2 along with Halo 3 lately and I'm close to getting two more achievments in Forza 2. My gamerscore has been on a hold for a while thanks to Halo 3.

Speaking of Halo 3, I've made a map on it that you guys might want to check out.

Besides all that, I've began reading the book I Am Legend. I've seen the movie and I really liked it, but everyone says the book is a lot better so I'm in for a treat.

And that's it, thanks for reading! :)

My Rainbow Six Vegas Review

One of the best multiplayer experiences for the Xbox 360 so far!

This was my second game I bought for my Xbox 360 and I don't regret it!

The graphics are amazing in single player but had to be downgraded in multiplayer but it doesn't bother me that much.  There are a few glitches I noticed like when you kill someone, the body sometimes goes through a wall or cover.  These are small things but are noticeable.

The sound in the game is great.  Each gun has a unique sound that sounds right.  When you sneak up to a terrorist in the single player you can hear them chatting normal things to someone else.  Sometimes the dialogue is unrealistic such as when an enemy is hiding and just randomly yells out randomly.

The next and most important thing is gameplay.  The thing that gives RSV its own feel is the cover system which I find better than Gears of War's system.  The gameplay is moderately paced and is not all that tactical but is not as much of a run and gun as Halo 2 but not as slow paced as GRAW.  It has a lot of customization for your Multiplayer character and you can even import your own face using the Xbox Live Vision Camera.

The game is far from easy and even on the normal difficulty.  The Realistic difficulty gives a player a real challenge and makes a player be very patient.  The multiplayer has plenty of game modes to keep you busy and a great ranking system that lets you unlock things as you go up in rank.  This will keep you coming back until you reach elite.

I think this is a must buy if you like tactical shooters and Tom Clancy games.


My Crackdown Review


It had potential. I rented this game and I completed it very fast and had mixed impressions of it.

At first I felt that it was fun collecting orbs and jumping around. It was the first time in a sand box game where the last thing I wanted to do was to get in a car. This is what makes Crackdown unique among other sand box games along with leveling up to help you along the way through the Single Player.

I will first start with the sound which I didn't find very good. The guns sound pretty good but the voices are sometimes annoying. An example of this is the narrator that talks to you through out playing the game and repeats the same things times and times again. The cars sound the way they are suppose to but were nothing out of the ordinary.

Believe it or not, the game is not cell shaded even though it seems that way. It has a unique art ****that gives it a good super hero/comic book feel. I was not blown away with the graphics though because there was not much detail put into the city and people. Overall, I felt the graphics were pretty good and achieved the feel it was going for.

The most important part of a game, in my opinion, is gameplay. In Crackdown the gameplay is good for the most part and it has good controls. The thing I didn't like about the gameplay is that it got repetitive very soon. The missions were mainly composed of killing gang bosses that were the same as the other gang members except with more health. This soon became very tedious after you beat you first seven bosses. I think this game had pretty value which showed in the co-op mode which can be fun. The story was pretty non-existent but had a nice twist at the end that made room for a sequel. There is not much to say except without co-op, this game could be forgettable in a few days for even fans of it.

Overall I think the game was a rent unless you are a diehard Halo fan and wanted to play the beta.