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2012, The Good, The bad. The Game Of The Year

Now that's what I call a "good game"

Overall,Hitman: Absolution lived up to all expectations. Sure it isn't the best game ever created. Hell it isn't even the best Hitman game. But, it does everything a Hitman game is supposed to do. The moment 47 stepped onto the screen during the tutorial mission, it was reminiscent of the carnival level in Blood Money. The excitement of infiltrating a mansion filled with armed guards and having the freedom to choose how you want to proceed is what makes 47's exploits so much fun. The Conviction style mark and shoot and the Hitman intuition mechanic was, I guess, the developers way of making the game feel fresh but in my opinion, totally unnecessary.

47 in a crowd

One of the many jaw dropping visuals from HM:Absolution. How the hell did they manage such a large crowd?

The Hitman games forces players to think before they act and to acheive the goals set before you, you must think like a hitman. When you fail, you know it's because you did something stupid and it's always fun to go back and rethink your tactics. Hitman: Absolution probably won't win game of the year. I don't think it needs to. The developers delivered on their promises to us gamers by staying true to the mechanics that made the franchise great. By the time I cleared the Chinatown level, I was convinced that my money had been well spent and I hadn't even installed Assasins Creed 3 yet.

While on the subject of game mechanics...

So many games, so little time. That was what I kept thinking while playing Resident Evil 6. I think people or should I say Capcom, forgot what made the Resident Evil franchise great. It boils down to atmosphere. I remember the tight, claustrophobic corridors, the dreary music and the feeling that the odds against you were unsermountable. There was a feeling of hopelessness and you never knew what was around the next corner. You enter a hall with only two bullets and three moaning zombies blocking the entrance of the next section. What do you do?

Those aren't zombies!

I know what's around this corner! More zom... Hay! Those aren't zombies!

The scarcity of resources and that sense of facing the impossible alone is what made those old Resident Evil games so fun and scary. Players had never experienced a game like that and sadly it seems those days are now behind us. In my opinion, Resident Evil 6 is not a bad game. In fact, I found it amusing for a while but it didn't take long for the feeling that I was playing just another assembly line shooter to creep up. Some people are easier to please than others but if you've been playing Resident Evil since the beginning, then you probably feel like I do.


Capcom decided to go with a more action oriented style with Resident Evil 4 and because they didn't totally abandon the mechanics of the franchise they were successful. Resident Evil 5 however, was just a slightly above average action game. That's all. The mechanics that made the franchise so popular were gone and although I wanted desperately to like the game, It left me feeling cheated. The Resident Evil experience that I was craving just wasn't there. This brings me back to Resident Evil 6

face off

I couldn't help but feel excited for this game after watching the trailer. I couldn't tell you why, but I felt like Capcom might have taken the game back to it's roots. Bringing back the horror elements of the original while retaining some of the more action oriented mechanics that made Resident Evil 4 successful.

This as we all know wasn't the case.

Resident Evil 6 is one of those games that well...

You either love it or you hate it. Regardless of what side you stand on with this issue, you can't deny the fact that the original games were loved more than hated.

I miss the mansion.

Wow, The good old days.

Game of the year? My vote goes to...

Far Cry 3 pulled me into it's world like few games have.

Sneaking up on a mofo!

There is so much to like about this game that I don't know where to begin. The opening cut scene made me think about Dead Island for some reason but shortly after you wake up in that cage, you begin your escape attempt and now you're in it's grasp. Far Cry 3 won't win any points for originality but everything it does, it does extremely well. The NPC's in the game are voiced and animated to a whole new level of realism.

This guy is crazy. Seriously!

You actually grow to care for your friends and you'll long to dish satisfying punishment to your insane enemies. Everything from the weapons to the vehicles to the hunting and skinning of the wild animals in the game just feels right. I don't do spoilers so I won't go into anything more as far as the story is concerned but I will say UbiSoft nailed it with Far Cry 3 and it is the game that I have enjoyed the most this year.


What about the other games?

2012 was a good year for video games. We've had some bad and we've had some good but the good, was REALLY good. That being said, I highly doubt we're all going to agree on whatever title wins "game of the year" but can we all at least agree that 2012 was a good year for gaming whatever YOUR game of the year is.