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I'm back, fo' sh|zzle this time.

Okay, okay, I said Id be back the other time. But, I was banned from Debate.org for engaging in epic battle with a troll (More details heah!). Anyway, that was what drew me from here. I'm back now, as the title suggests, fo' sh|zzle. A quick low down on major gaming events that has happened would be greatly appreciated. Also, follow me on Twitter & Blogspot (I'm waiting to gain a few followers and people to follow). The only news I have is that I got Resi 5 and Oblivion. But studying has kept me from them. And cursed DDO as well.

And the word sh|zzle was blocked. Wut?

I'm back!

Yes, after a long intermission of 2 motnhs, I'm back. Why was I gone? I myself don't know. Maybe it was the lack of games in January. Maybe it was that I wasn't bothered. Maybe it was school. Maybe it was all 3. I don't know. But the important thing is that I'm back. So...what happened in that time frame?

Well for a start I got Killzone 2. It's quite the good game, nto very mad on the multiplayer, but it's good.

For the past 2 weeks I had a throat infection. It started as Tonsillittis but was later diagnosed as Herpes. I got 2 weeks off school, and it was fun, apart from the "you can't eat anything and your lips swell like mad and get all crusty" part.

In that time I read most of the CHERUB series, which is a great series of books, I recommend to anyone, even a 20 year old I know is reading it.

Also, I'm going to the Meteor awards, which is like a scaled down version of the MTV awards for Ireland. It's on St.Patricks day. It's me, a couple of guys and a couple of girls. Should be fun,.

What I'm more interested is what happened here whilst I was gone. Any major news, updates?

Karma's a B****

Yup, I'm back! So, all I can say is today was ''eventful''. Karma had it's way with me, bringing up's, down's, and all around's.

Firstly, I leave my house and realise down the road 'Crap, I forgot my English and Science book!'. I rush back with no objections (my sister went back to bed) and ran back out. I though 'F*** I'll be late'. When what happens but my neighbour goes buy in his car, and asks if I would like a lift. 'Score!' I thought. I took it, and after acquiring some more-than-interesting history of my school, I got out 10 minutes from my school, and ahead of time at that.

School itself was a different story. Nothing worth noting for my first 3 classes. However, the next one's is where it all started. In health, our teacher caught a guy looking over a sheet of Irish (which we had a test on that day). Because health has no tests, and is a complete dos (very easy), he let us study in return for a lend of a newspaper (we were more than happy to provide).

After that,in Woodwork I fluked past my okay drawing with a Good, and English focused Obama speeches (she loves Obama). From there on, I had a major Karma Krash (spelt wioth a 'K' on purpose). My mind blanked during my Irish test, and she kept us in after the bell rang to go over a page, the B****.

Strangely, part of my English (remember I'm irish, so no alarms were raised) homework was to watch Obama's inauguration. I thought it was on at 5.30, not 5.00 (G.M.T time). I missed it, and pretty much 50% of all youtubers are hogging the one clip of it on the site.

In other news, I am addicted to U2's new song, 'Get on your boot's'. It is like Vertigo, only with more rock, and more alternative. It's a change, and I like it.


Over the past while, I've had a few questions thrown my way by a few gamespotters, I feel obliged to answer them:

Egonga: You study Irish? (x2)

Answer: Why yes, I do. It is taught from the age of 5, but the educational system is not on par with those of European schools. By 13, most fFrench kids could speak a conversation in English for a while. By 13, a Irish kids who knows the irregular verbs inIrish is lucky.

CamiKitten And Firsausage: What was Ireland up to in World War 2?

Answer: Well, throughout the war, we were neutral. We went through a period of rationing, and making sure no-one came through our back door.

And in terms of what's shakin', I handed up my history project (with a nice cover I made at 6.30 A.M.). I got all my results back and I am waiting formy report so I can get it over with (collectively). My school bag broke, so I had to settle for a Camouflage one, which isn't as good, but it's not too bad.

I made a bet with my Sister's boyfriend. The bet? No soda drinks for the rest of the year! A 20 euro bet may not be alot, but it's enough, as well a sthe fact I want to slim down. I am consuming glasses of flavoured sparkling water. Not as bad as soda's, I hope.

I picked up a book the other day. It's part of the CHERUB series. It's about a camp of orphaned children aged up to 16, who go on spy missions. I somehow managed to pick up the lastest one and now have to work back to the series' start. It was a damn good book.

I also did a review for World at War but unlike some people, I won't post a link and ask you to rate it.

DVD's and D'oh!

So, my life progress's. Today, after reading Danny O'dwyers blog, convinced my sister to bring me out to the nearest Zavvi. They are having a 30% off everything closing down sale, and I capitalised on the bargains. I got:

- Full Metal Jacket.

- Monthy Python Box set with 4 films.

- Rambo (in a neat bamboo style case).

- Independence Day/ Phonebooth (one of those boxes with 2 DVD's).

- Lord of War.

For a total price of *drumroll* 42 euro's. Really good considering it's actually 8 films. 42 divided by 8 = 5.25! WooHoo!

I also picked up Napoleon Dynamite (just because I really wanted it and Zavvi didn't have it) and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber on Fleet Street (criminally underpriced at 4 euro) elsewhere.

I am actually swimming in DVD's now, and have a heap of them from Christmas too.

I started a new Fallout 3 game. I don't know why, considering I still have to complete Saints Row 2 and Prince of Persia.

The D'oh part is that I have a history project due for Tuesday, and I have most of it done, but not all of it! I didn't do it over christmas because, well, it's Christmas damnit! It's a really hard topic as well (Search 'Northern Ireland during World War 2' and see for yourself), so Iwill probably not do so well.

Back to school (bleh) and exam results (sorta)

So, today was the all faithful return to school. It wasn't that bad, and I didn't actually dread it too much the night before.I got exam results, a new teacher, a guaranteed trip to France and texted in class for the first time.

I was a bit later than usual (crap, need the play, flip forgot my Science copy, and so on). To start the say, we got a new history teacher, Mr. Houlihan for three weeks. He seemed to be a student teacher, but he actually has some experience around his belt. He came in calm and was actually able to tame the class without shouting at us. A first in my time, Mr.Houlihan seems to have the right mentality for the job. Plus, I think his inner city accent helps (as opposed to a farmer or stuck-up accent).

I had Maths, which was easy as always, followed by English. In English, we were supposed t have read a play (the merchant of venice). 2 days before today, I read the summaries, so I know the story off. She gave us until monday to have it read, but no one will bother. \We hate our english teacher. Then there was science, which all we did was look over our exams. French was a mess as always, the teacher giving us results and then trying to cram in somevocab and stuff at the end. We had lunch (where I tried to text someone I liked, and got a response an hour and a half later).

Then, we had religion (easy as ever), Irish (exam results and the usually black-widow like Ms. Kelly) and finaaly Geography (exam results).

So, you're probably wondering ' Panda, what were you're cores?'. Bluntly, I got two Good ones and two crap ones.

French: 84% (B+)

Geography: 75% (B)

Science: 59% (C-)

Irish: 53% (D+) [BTW I was totally cheated on this, she gave us stuff we didn't even do!]

So, my exam results so far are okay. My Dad didn't give out, he takes a more hands off approach. Science and Irish are my worst two, so the others should be better.

I texted in class for the first time today. It was to a girl I like. I got the response about an hour later. I got no response after that. Crushed!

I balanced the accounts for a french homestay trip so I'm ddefinetley going to france now (unless the plane crashes, France shrivels up or I die of course)

In terms of gaming, barely any progress has been made. I have so much to do and no time to game. I really want to complete Fallout 3 and start a new game. It hurts so much!

2009, what to look forward to:

So, I am actually really excited about 2009. There are so many games coming out, it's just unbelieveable. I didn't do a best of this year because I didn't do real gaming as such. Anyway, here arethe top 10 games I'm looking forward to:

1. Uncharted 2

2. Killzone 2

3. Resident Evil 5

4. God of War III

5.Red faction: Guerilla

6. Godfather II

7. Infamous

8. Prototype

9. Heavy Rain

10.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Games that I might get:


- This is Vegas

- Just Cause 2

- F.E.A.R 2

On another note, I have school tomorrow (bleh!). I had to read a play yesterday (i.e. read the summary at the end of each chapter). I have to do a project I cannot get any information on and that's basically it.

Funfairs and Forums!

So, today I visited a funfair called Funderland. It's basically this annual thing that comes once a year (between the end of december and mid-january). Being it's the only one of it's kind in Ireland, it's really popular. Me and my friends went there today and it was really fun! Firstly, I'm not the guy to go on the big rollercoasters. I'm the guy who holds your bags when you go on them. I went on a lot of rides, including Jet Ski (pods that spin faster and faster), wild mouse ( the ride that spins around and makes you feel like your're going to fall off the edge), waltzers (like jetski's only they spin), one thats the same as waltzers but it goes in the air, and one or two others. I didn't go in the hounted hosue, the roller coaster, and two other xtreme ones. So, that's the funfair part of this blog.

The forum bit? Well, by accident I created a new forum game called Supreme High Ambassador of.... (note: Name is pending, but would ask you don not change it if setting up a similiar game).It only exists on Debate.com so far. It basically started when I was annoyed that everything I said was taken as if I'm american, not irish. So I declared myself supreme high ambassador of Ireland. What soon followed was people claiming other countries (I only allowed states to be claimed in America) and it's basically kicked off into this war game where people claim a country and battle each other and trade (mainly Irish booze for NYC hookers so far). If you want to check it out, click here. I'd like to see it kicked off in other websites, including here, so feel free to start it up anywhere, just, give a bit of credit my way ;)!

Happy new year and 25th blog!

Well, it's the New Year. I', not really the biggest fan of the event and last night wasn't much different. My dad lit some fireworks but I didn't because A. I had nightwear on so I would have frozen to death and B. I am useless with a lighter.

So, I don't normally do the whole New Year's resolution thing, but I decided I need a change. I've set a number of reasonable goals. They include

- Get myself into a better shape (I'm not going to base it on weight). I've decided it's time to get more active and shed some extra baggage.

- Try to reduce my spots. My face has become a battleground between my fingers and those red vermin. I'm going to try and reduce these by drinking more water, washing my face better and reduce on my bad foods.

- Wean myself of gaming. This means buy games that will last longer i.e. they have a good online system and a decent enough story mode I WANT to replay. And also don't play as much.

- Get a girlfriend. This will likely come after the conclusion of the above goals, but I have my eye on a girl.

- Try to improve my studying. I've recently lagged down on studying and will try to improve since I have a big exam in 2010 that covers all my coursework.

- Write a piece. I have this bundle of creative talent and ideas but cannot compile them into a piece. I will try to do this in 2009. You may think this is self praise, but check out my Fallout 3 blog.

I will do a check up at the end of each month and see how I'm doing. I will post it on my blog. I have an idea of what I will do for each goal. There is no reward but self improvement for this list. This is half the battle however. The rest is maintaining it. Slacking on one may lead to a huge collapse on the other. For example, if I don't game as much, I have more study time and I'll lose some weight. This in turn will reduce my spots and get me closer to a girlfriend. You can see these are connected in a web. If one snaps, it will not hold for long. You moral support is wanted but you don't have to give it. I'm kind of the hermit type.

In gaming news, I completed Fallout 3, but intend to go back and get all the trophies. I got up 2 ranks in World at War. Nazi Zombies still won't work and the connection is still dodgy. I started Prince of Persia and it's just a beautiful game, and it's really fun too, if not occasionally frustrating, but the fact you can't die means you can't get frustrated.

Anyway, I have a history project to do (World War 2, bleh) and it has to be in on the 15th of January so I'm off to do that. Have a happy and eventful new year!

You damn kids!!!

So I'm getting stuck into the World at War online. There are a few connectivity problems (you're icked out of a game every 5 rounds and it's near imposible to find a nazi zombie game) but it's still a good package. Even though I have a headset I never use it for tactics because 1. People won't listen to me and 2. No one else had headsets. At the moment I'm favouring my Tommy Gun, but when I hit lvl 14 I may change.

Anyway, why is the title called those damn kids. Well, PSn and XBL have damn near the same problem: Whiny, 12 year old american kids. They don't shut up. I decided to confront one in a lobby. His name was sharkcityhustler, mine is I-am-a-panda. It strted when he said something and I said :

I-am-a-panda: No one cares

Sharkcityhustler: I care

I-am-a-panda: You american by any chance?

Sharkcityhsutler: Lolz I-am-a-panda what the heck kind of name is that!

I-am-a-panda: At least it's not Gay like sharkcityhustler.

Some random guy: Yeah, coz I-am-a-panda is soooo tough.

I-am-a-panda: Have you ever beaten up a panda before?

Sharkcityhustler: What age are you.

The waiting proceeds to the match load and I bring my finishing blow

Sharkcityhustler: Lolz he doesn't know what age he is

I-am-a-panda: My age didn't matter much last night when-

At this point we were cut off but I think you can see where we were going.

So that little piece of dialogue made me realise 12 year olds are a pest rather than a problem. Also me and Altair25 (also known as rangerd11) tried to play some nazi zombies, but we couldn't connect to eachother. More evidence of the shambolic connection system they have.

In toehr news, I've gone a bit further in Fallout 3 (let's just say it's been Paradise). I'm considering just blazing through the rest of the story in 6 or so hours just spo I can play Saints row 2 and Prince of Persia. Or I wil make a save now, complete the story and go back for all the trophies in the side quests. Seem's reasonable to me.