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Patience is Everything

Are you hardcore enough to wait six years?

Making a new console is not a simple task. You are not really building a machine as you are in fact building a whole new universe. A developer is charting a completely unknown territory and the possibilities are not realised until later. Theres a reason why a systems best games come toward the end of its life cycle, and why whenever a new generation begins there is a drought of new games save for the few hyped (and often delayed) launch titles.

And while I predict this generation will be the longest yet (that's a good thing), Im also getting the feeling that this draught will also be unbearably long.

But there's a strange silver lining to all of this, and that's while some people are scrambling for the pre-orders, the consoles of the seventh gen are now dirt cheap. Even the standout games of that gen are being tossed into bargain bins as the stores jump the gun thinking that every new console instantly brings multitude of games.

But they dont, not immediately at least. At E3 2013 Microsoft announced eight new games, not available on any other console, for the Xbox One.

Just eight games. And then they mumbled over the fact that even more multiplat games are heading for the Xbox 360.

Seriously, what the @#$%?    

So already a used Xbox 360 has more bang for your buck then the new Xbox One! The same goes for the PS3, cheap great games by the bucketload, not to mention the additional online stuff on both consoles.

And even the Wii U, even though Im a big Nintendo fan im still smart enough to swallow my pride and say its currently not a great investment. I mean if you didnt own a Wii I can see its appeal due to the backwards compatibility and cheap price, but I do own a Wii and the hassle of transferring the memory among other things just to buy a few games is not yet worth it.

So I ask you to swallow your pride and channel your desire to play new games by buying a Gen 7 console from another company. Its time to stop pre-ordering games that are promised to be great and instead check out the games you missed out on that are known to be great. And buy some shitty games too if you want, there is little risk with prices this low. You can always sell all of it when you're done!

I really want to crush the mentality of being loyal to a company so that they can win against the competition. There is no console war, there was one once, but it is long over. The cute jabs Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft toss at each other are nothing compared to Segas massive smear campaigns against Nintendo during the nineties. Did Sega truly gain anything from that in the long run? No gaming company representative has ever declared war since then. There's a reason for that.

The only talk of console war comes from zealot fanboys and frothy mouthed gaming journalists.

But those are all good discussions for another day.

Time to wrap this up.

So, what more can I say? To be a True Gamer you have to be patient, Im not saying you should be cynical to new games/consoles, what Im saying is that there are consequences to not having fun. Video Games are potentially expensive works of art, but they are works of art that dont have to be expensive, not many things these days can be worth this much to a person and yet can be bought so cheaply.

Video games are priceless, we just are inclined to believe that they are worth $60 because its the norm.

Discuss amongst yourselves.  

Notes and thoughts: While Nintendo may sometimes seem behind the swing, their hesitance to leap onboard untested technology has perks, namely their cheap and reliable systems. I hope the other companies soon see this bright side for patience. (Although it still hasnt helped them escape the post-launch drought)

And yes, I know Sony has promised a lot of release dates for unannounced titles following the console launch. Even if they arent delayed, that still doesnt mean that the games will be great, and they all will be expensive day one. Hard to swallow when you just paid a lot of money for the console.

Obsolete is just another word for fully understood. Gunpei Yokoi (inventor of the Game Boy)



Movies that rip off video games

Its shameful to make a terrible movie adaption of a video game, just as shameful as it is to make a bad Video game adaption of a movie! But if there is anything worse than both of these combined, its ripping off another medium. Here is a list of the worst plagiarists ever to plague the cinema...

The Hangover - - Conkers Bad Fur Day

Where do I begin? Both start with a heavy night of drinking and waking up not knowing what happened or where they are. Conker wakes up in what might as well be a Yellowstone Las Vegas, and even has to search for his girlfriend Berri at one point in the game. Also, in The Hangover Zach Galifinakiss character becomes something of a father figure to a strippers baby, just like how Conker becomes a father figure to a baby dinosaur (before he kills it accidently-on-purpose by squishing it under a rock as part of a sacrifice). Both even feature a struggle against an evil tiger (okay, in BFD it was a panther but whatever).

And oh yeah, they both have a crappy sequel that unsuccessfully mimics the predecessor.

The Pirates of the Caribbean - - The Secret of Monkey Island

While both of these stick close to the tropes of the pirate genre, there are a few similarities that are particularly striking. Lets start with the main character, in The Secret of Monkey Island you play as Guybrush Threepwood, a bumbling wisecracking swordsman who dreams of becoming a pirate, save the woman he loves, and battle a supernatural curse.... which is just like William Turner. Heck, they even dress alike!

But what about Elizabeth Swan? Or should I say, Elaine Marley! The two female leads are so similar that the only real difference is that Elizabeth is the Daughter of the governor, and that Elaine Marley is the governor. I guess that makes her the stronger character. As for Jack Sparrow, he might as well be all the funny minor characters rolled into one. But it doesnt even stop there, as there are actually visual similarities between the two. Using a coffin as a boat? Check. A pyrite city made from the wreckage of sunken ships? Check. The oddly specific character of a voodoo priestess in the Louisiana? Check. Again, all these are tropes of the genre they share, so its just coincidence, right?

Well... apparently its rumoured that some of the artists that worked on the Monkey Island series went on to do the art for the Pyrites of the Caribbean movies.

Only LeChuck knows for sure.

The Twilight Saga - - Sonic 06

Yep, you all saw this coming. There is no real way around it, they might as well be placed in a box set together. The thing is that the first Twilight book came one year before Sonic 06, but that's not stopping this comparison!

Both Sonic Team and Stephanie Meyer have very limited previous experience with romantic storytelling, in fact Meyer says the idea came to her in a dream. I guess Sonic Team dreamt the same thing and the evil Dr Eggman gave them a dose of suck.

Both publishers were, to be blunt, idiots. Sega rushed the game putting Sonic team in a tricky position. And Little, Brown while correctly predicting that it would be a teen sensation gave the books an awful editing job (or lack thereof).

Now lets get to the characters! To be honest, I never considered Elises feelings bestiality. Since Sonic is so humanoid he hardly resembles a hedgehog. However the Why? factor of Elise herself still persists when you consider the sheer number of female characters already in the Sonic universe. Why not Blaze the cat? Why not introduce Princess Sally? If you're going to make a romantic story at least take advantage of what you've already brought to the table.

As for Edward, hes hardly a vampire. Im trying not to laugh right now its just... Seriously? The movies are a prime example of taking itself too seriously while the audience cant possibly take it seriously enough. Just like Sonic 06!

But even with all this madness, good still can come of it.

The town of Forks, Washington received huge amounts of tourism from the movies and novels where its set, enough to fund a huge preservation effort of the surrounding parks and multiple community events.

As for Sonic... He eventually showed his true colors.

Lara Croft's Breast Size

Okay, now that I have your attention let me tell you about my latest gaming essay. One that shouldn?t be taken too seriously, this is just about my mixed reactions to the new Tomb Raider game and what happens when a company weaves itself into a politically correct dead end.

Lets take it from the top, the new trailer looks great and features none of the QTE that worried people in earlier announcements. In fact, it looks much closer in spirit to the Uncharted games then the... um, original Lara Croft games. Of course that's not what people are talking about. What has fans getting their balls in a twist is the way Lara acts, as this is immediately set as a prequel. She is scared, very scared, she hasn?t seen action before and even lacks the will to hunt for food. Gone are the muscles and the comely chest, she is all alone in a far grittier enviroment and must slowly find her will to fight.

Now there's been fanboy/girl cries on both ends, but that's quickly dying down and genuine questions are being asked (Will it retain it?s puzzle solving roots? Will she cry like that every time I shoot in self defense?). My predictions is that the game will satisfy and be a surprise success. You see, my problems aren?t with the game itself, but with the next game...

Because this might not be a prequel, but a reboot...

Now it would be nice to see this young Lara slowly become the Lara Croft we all know and love, but what I?m bothered about is if the real Lara doesn?t come and political correctness takes over, a very warped political correctness indeed.

You see, the original Lara was created to counter the stereotype weak female in games and prove that whatever a strong muscle bound gun-toting endorphin induced male can do, a strong muscle bound gun-toting endorphin induced Female can do better. It?s called Adventure Fantasy, and that?s essentially the mantra of her games, saving the world and looking good saving it. And considering she was going to carry a franchise (and at the time, a genre), it was a very bold move, but paid off. Something that took cinema decades to do; gaming did in a relatively short while, kudos to Croft.

While Lara Croft didn?t exactly bring in the multitude of young girl gamers that Core Design and publisher Eidos wanted (It did attract an audience of older females who haven?t even played games before), it proved that a male audience can relate and engage with a lone female character, this revelation turned media on it?s head.

I?m trying not to sound fanboy-ish, I really am, but the thing is this. If they want to show the evolution of weak teenage girl Lara to strong independent Lara, that's fine by me. But if they want to rewrite Lara?s look and personality to be more politically correct, they've already fallen off a political tightrope Lara didn?t even need to cross.

Sonic as GOTY...

Y'know, we always assume Sonic will never be accepted on any of the podiums as Game of the year. Whether it be crappy plugs like Spike or respected but artsy awards like the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, Sonic remains the underdog. But that suits him, he doesn't need a medal to prove he's cool.

But still I feel injustice has been done, what about those cla$$ic Sonic games made before Game awards came into being? Well, I'm gonna rectify that problem with a little time travel back to the early nineties, and we're taking the game awards with us! (uh oh)

But first, some rules. With the exception of the prized GOTY award, these awards are for console games only. No Amiga's allowed! Also, for the sake of clarification, I'm going to follow NA release dates and titles.

The envelope please...


Best Sega Genesis game:

Sonic the hedgehog

Best New Character:

Sonic the hedgehog

Special Achievement in platforming innovation:

Sonic the hedgehog (before sonic, "platformers" was a literal term indeed)


Nominated! ...but lost to Civilization/Final Fantasy II/Another World/Neverwinter Nights/Super Mario World (take your pick)


Best Sega Genesis game:

Sonic 2

Best New Character:

Miles Tails Prower


Nominated again! ...but lost to Ultima VII/Wolfenstein 3D/Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis/Mortal Kombat/Flashback (again, take your pick)


Most innovative game:

Sonic CD ...was going to win, but then a game called StarFox came out.

Best Sega CD game:

Take a guess


Special Achievement for Technical Innovation:

Sonic & Knuckles (Lock on technology)

Best Sega Genesis Game:

Sonic 3

Best New Character:

Earthworm Jim... wait, what?


Sonic 3! Wahoo!

(Note: the other possible contenders were Master of Orion, Wing Commander III, Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid and Final Fantasy III.)

And because some Video Game Awards can't be taken seriously...

The Super Sonic Spike VGA Awards!:

Most Anticipated Game:

Sonic Adventure

Most Anticipated Game:

Sonic Adventure 2

Most Anticipated Game:

Sonic Mega Collection

Most Anticipated Game:

Sonic Next Gen...

I think you see where I'm going with this.

So yeah, while it can be contested as to whether or not it would win GOTY in the nineties (the results above are just my opinion on how it would turn out), I think Sonic would have more then just a fighting chance.

Sonic back then was GOTY material, and he can still be now. But the real question is, will he? (and more importantly, how?)

We'll see.

Video Games as Art: An Epilogue to a Victory

It would seem to be yesterday's news but I'm still popping champagne bottles over the court victory and Video games now being an art form. Of course some games are better pieces of art then others, but that's for each of you to decide for yourselves. What I stop to wonder is, what if we lost the case? What if things went the other way? I'm going to talk about is how the law would be possibly implemented if passed.....

Before we continue I'd like to emphasize that video games are art (not "can be art"). Something being an art form is an entitlement, a sign of culture, it doesn't matter whether it's a Michelangelo, a crayon drawing, or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. If it's a sign of culture, it's art. Sure, some pieces of art are better than others, but that's the riddle of the medium...

Let's assume the law passed, any game displaying a bare minimum amount of violence (as in, someone/thing getting maimed, hurt, knocked out or killed) is banned and removed from stores and (I'm assuming) it would be against the law for a company to develop such a game without the governments permission.

Economic repercussions aside, one would wonder if a grandfather clause be present for games purchased before the law. My guess would be no, and thus the question would be brought up as what to do with the hundreds of "violent" games already populating kids homes. Games can be removed from stores but obviously not from homes, but before you shout how not even USA can fight Perfect Dark, there is still one last loose end the law would have to cover before it could fully work.

The fact that anybody who had played games before the law passed would be considered criminally dangerous. Because what kind of sick perverted mind would spend hours killing people, online at that! No, think of the children! Catching creatures of fantasy and forcing them to fight against their will, PETA would be furious! ;)

Heck, it's difficult to think of a game that would escape such rules, the only one I can consider is Tetris. Heh, Tetris... a game made in a soviet country, what a fitting end to American gaming that would be.

And games can't be used for entertainment, so what would become of all our video games?

Well, either they end up in a particular Mexican landfill or they could be used for a far crueller method, in the dark dystopian video game-less future our games will be used as... A morality test.

In this future, captured criminals would be forced to play such barbaric games as Call of Duty, or Super Mario World. However, the difference here is that you're penalized when you're winning. A painful but not brutal electric shock would harm the player every time he hurts another being in the game, and the player is rewarded every time he loses a life. Not only does this work to see how strong a criminals psyche is but it also has other dangerous uses. This method, in theory, would manipulate the person to avoid hurting others and instead throw his/herself in harms way. Side effects include now detesting playing video games and also removing the person of his instincts, not to mention removing the person's childlike sense of finding fun and happiness through exploring the unknown. Of course this probably wouldn't have happened but I'm just saying that they would have to go pretty far in order to make the law work.

Just thinking about this possible future makes me cringe, and that is only the tip of the iceberg, thankfully I don't think I need to prove to you how dark yet silly that law would be. When it comes to art or an art form, you can't impose a standard or a censor. Just like it would be terrible for a museum to turn down Edvard Munch's The Scream because of grotesque imagery, we shouldn't censor Modern Warfare 3 for violence or Catherine for sexual situations. And yes, even Farmville deserves to exist, as much as I personally despise it I`m glad it exists. It`s everything or nothing, all games exist or none do, even by playing the most crappiest game you still can learn something (like never play it again;) ).

But hang on, why would some people not believe that video games are art? How could some people cringe at those "time wasting marry-o games" but spend hours writing essays about a sculpture of a man with unusually small genitals? This is because they accept paintings and sculpturs as a full art form; they just now need to accept video games as well. And in time, they will.

Every video game is a bridge, a passage to a new world, with even the simplest technological devices we can and have created works of moving feeling art. And just like books, plays, movies, these can be fun, addictive, mesmerizing, and deep.

Gaming doesn't have to catch up to the rest of the world or fit any kind of standard, we're already there. It's just the rest of the world that needs to the catch up (and get used) to the art of video gaming.


The Science of Sonic Part two

The Science of Sonic is brought to you by Nathan's Famous hot dogs, multiple award winner and the best chilli dogs in all of Manhattan.

Lets crunch some numbers! The average calorie amount of a chilli dog is 380, however considering sonic piles on the condiments let's round it off at 400. I'd also like to add that Sonic actually technically chomps down into a coney dog, a popular variation of a chilli dog. But anyway, a proffesional marathon runner burns 1400 calories in an hour running at an estimated 23 mph, so if Sonic is running at 200 Mph for an hour how many chilli dogs would he need to prevent himself from dropping dead?

Well uh, such a calculation is beyond me but from the farthest I got on my calculator I believe 32 chili dogs would need to be eaten in one sitting in order to power for that next sprint. With the blue blur moving so fast, his stamina must leave him very quickly so he would have to constantly use his trusty nose to find a food source (this would probably explain why he had something of a pot belly in his early days). Of course, sonic can roll into a ball and rest while the momentum carries him, but even an hour of sprinting would be beyond Sonic's stamina limit.

Or would it? Does the fastest thing alive even have a stamina limit? I actually have a different explanation, and it has to do with seven of the most famous gaming macguffens of all time!

Chaos Theory

If you think that explaining sonic in an scientific manner is ridiculous, then to explain the chaos emeralds is impossible. But I'ts still an energy, and at least that can be analysed. In essence, The chaos emeralds are essentially "wands", a beacon that can be used to harness unbelievable amounts of energy and transfer it into a controlled state. But "harness", isn't quite the right word as the emeralds can do so much more, they can power Robotniks tools of destruction as well as create/control a force that ripples though all living beings. When we were young we were all told from our old grade school teachers that energy can only be transferred or destroyed, never created. Of course this is wrong come nuclear energy as well as unusual cosmic events.

And then there's the Chaos emeralds, stones that can split atoms, minus the nasty radiation bit. These stones gather energy from a life force that flows through living beings, thus all living beings seem to be attracted to it in many different ways. And the stones themselves, at least in theory, can indeed create life and/or this life energy. The mad doctors interest in them is very much justified, his lack of responsibility and the destruction this entails must be left to our heroes whenever needed. I like to believe that the chaos emeralds themselves are responsible for the varying levels of "intelligence" (and anthropomorphism features), whether this evolutionary event was instantaneous or over time is another discussion entirely. It's also hard to know what the requirements are to be able to harness the emeralds power. I find it interesting that neither the small naive woodland animals or the intelligent Dr Robotnik are unable to have super forms.

Anyway, Sonic must be getting his stamina from the emeralds, the energy could be given off like a radio tower and be attracted to Sonic during adrenaline syncronicity (like runner's high). As long as Sonic never slows down, he will never get tired. This may be harder to believe in the more recent games since he isn't always in radius of the objects, but I'm already splitting hairs here. So let's head back to the drawing board...

Sonic by Design

Stamina aside, Sonic runs fast simply because he does. He easily proves it simply by being who he is (not that he can't do anything else), but not only is he fast, he also looks fast. Whether his origin is years of chaos emerald evolution, or simply being a freak of nature (and that SEGA was being particularly creative), his design plays a crucial part. His slicked back quills for example, can easily act as small gliding wings (like a hydrofoil at full speed), to help him keep straight when running on water. In fact, the idea of design reflecting abilities goes for the entire Sonic character roster! Here some examples:


· Big Eyes= enhanced vision

· Long nose= sensitive smell

· Strong but flexible quills= Helps roll into ball, doubles as attack, helps keep him stable at high speeds, may act as air brake

· Shoes and socks= bad case of athletes foot

· Wears Gloves= a gentleman?

Miles "Tails" Prower:

· Big ears= enhanced hearing (useful when flying)

· Two Tails= Hence nickname, dislocates tailbones and uses tails to fly

· Wears gloves= A Mickey Mouse fan

· Wears light flat shoes= Perfect for landing


· Big ears= Enhanced hearing (again, perfect for flying)

· She has big... = She's a slut

While simplistic, the characters design naturally reflects their abilities and sometimes their personalities, this is interesting to note because actually a number of cartoon and video game characters actually have their personalities change more than their actual design. Sonic's design has hardly changed, and same goes for his personality, or at least as far as we can tell. SEGA has been very gradual with elaborating Sonic's identity, but that's not for science to dig into.

And there we have it! I hope I've satisfied you're curiosity into the incredible physics behind Sonic the Hedgehog and his cronies. I was a little late with posting this one because I've recently become leader in the Under the Radar union and because I'm also started working on another project, The Mythology of Mario! Coming soon to certain Nintendo unions... but right now Im off to eat another Hot Dog.

The Science of Sonic

Sonic is a particularly fun character to write about, and to analyse all the more. He is an animal being with multiple similarities to a hedgehog, he is also blue, wears shoes and gloves, and can run really, really fast. Seriously fast, a human being would have to ride in a specially modified vehicle on a salt lake flat in order to be serious competition.

But Sonic doesn't run on salt flats, he runs through forests, cities, mountains, almost every environment imaginable. Simply running fast can't be his only "superpower", what does it take for a body (both mentally and physically) to accomplish such a feat?

Let's see...

Playing baseball with himself

Sonic also has a high rate of acceleration (though one can argue that the old school sonic never truly exhibited this), so much so that he can play baseball as the pitcher, the batter, and the outfielder, and lose simply because he's so good at it. Considering his arms aren't the most suited for pitching, and that the average fastball pitch speed from a human is 88 mph, it's not that hard to believe that he can outrun the ball he threw and then swing at it with his bat. Assuming he doesn't strike out or hit a home run, Sonic would now have to track the ball through the sky and catch it as outfielder.

Both his feet and his brain are on fire, tracking down where the ball would land would require intense lateral thinking, particularly since he is not at the proper angle. However, Sonic has an ace in the hole, his mighty nose, yes, when he doesn't have his eye on the ball he can still smell it's trajectory. It may be a large assumption to say that Sonic has a nose of a bloodhound, but he is a hedgehog after all, I'll talk more about this in part two, but for now let's talk about Sonic's eyes (or eye, so it seems).

Picture this scene, Tails comes home after a long day, sits down and whips out his Nintendo DS (why not?), and soon starts playing another round of Professor Layton, a series famous for it's lateral thinking puzzles. But one visual puzzle stumps him, the puzzle shows the head of a farmer and the puzzle requires Tails to find the farmer's wife in the drawing of the head. Tails scans every bit of the face but can't solve it. Sonic walks in and Tails explains the puzzle to him, Sonic smiles and simply says to turn the DS upside down. And sure enough, the head of the farmer, upside down, becomes the head of his wife (I think we have all encountered this puzzle at one point). Sonic should know, he encounters this problem every time he rolls into a ball....

Way past harder than it looks

Lets conduct a little experiment, stand up and step away from the computer and into an open space, focus on an object that you can see clearly, preferably with a colour that stands out. Now I want you to start spinning in circles, yes spinning, all the while focusing your eyes on that one object. If you want to you can try moving closer and closer to object while spinning, either way, this is a good taste of Sonic's challenge of staying in trajectory while curled into a ball.

Of course, with Sonic things will be spinning vertically instead of horizontally, but the challenge is the same. All simultaneously he will be looking at the sky, whats ahead, behind him (upside down at that), and his face to the dirt. Now, Sonic is a lot smarter than his attitude suggests, but again a lot of his heightened senses are at play here. Human ears are not just used for hearing but also are used to calculate weather we're facing upward or down. This is most critical for even more advanced manuvers (spin dash, homing attack).In one moment of evasion at the heat of battle, he would be focusing on what's chasing him from behind, the homing missile coming from above, and the cliff edge he's rapidly approaching. Sonic would count on his heightened senses, super speed, sharp cunning, (and perhaps some intense trial and error) to live again for another sequel.

But how is the spin attack even possible? How many chilli dogs does it take to fuel the fastest thing alive? Is running on water actually possible? All this and more when I come back for Part 2!

Lowered activity this Summer

Hey all, just a quick blog to say I'll be very busy over the next two months so expect some lower activity from me. I sincerly apologise to the members of the Under the Radar union, but this can't be helped, i will try to have a scheduled time to be on here though,see ya.

Sonic Versus Cynicism

Over the past months I've taken upon myself to complete (as much as I can) every Sonic game released from 2000-2009. As one can quickly guess it was not the prettiest marathon, but I have drawn some interesting conclusions along the way.

From Sonic Adventure 2 up to Sonic Unleashed (though people can argue whether or not Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure should be included), the quality of the console games declined considerably, causing SEGA to fall back on the solid handheld releases, similar to how when Disney movies got worse and worse, DisneyWorld got better and better.

Perhaps it was because I bought them dirt cheap or had them handed to me free by friends, but I soon realised that even the worst of Sonic is not abysmal. A person can feel annoyed that they paid full price for Sonic '06 but shouldn't feel ashamed to have it on their shelf. It's not like you paid full ticket to see a Michael Bay movie you'll never see again.

Speaking of which, what if, and this is a big "what if", the sonic franchise started at Sonic '06 instead? Well, the franchise would most likely collapse. Okay, let's say it didn't collapse and Sonic Unleashed came next, followed by Sonic Colours and Sonic 4. That would actually be a great start for a franchise, despite the mediocrity of the first two games. What I'm trying to say is that there's a lesson in not giving up here. SEGA could easily have thown up their hands and yell "3-D just doesn't work for Sonic!" and that would be the end of it. Judging by statistics, 3-D Sonic games just don't turn out well, but SEGA knew that if they could do it right, it would be gold. They improved what worked and muted what didn't work, or maybe Sonic Colors was just sheer luck, like the Toronto Maple Leafs winning a hockey game.

That's the sad flipside, and also the reason I'm not frustrated toward anybody who isn't optimistic toward Sonic Generations. If they bought the previous several games in the series, they deserve to be cautious, worried, maybe even mad. There is no solid proof they will like it unless they play it themselves (or riskily put their trust in a reviewer or a LP). To make matters worse, SEGA doesn't always have the best marketing, in fact, it's usually pretty dull or misleading, just look at the Sonic Colours teaser for example.

But as I said before, there is always at least one redeemable quality, I guess it what makes the fans so crazy and bizarre and what makes SEGA a company worth rooting for, a cynic could say its sappy nostalgia, or underdog fever, but I think it's something more.

Oh yeah, I had a vaction in Ottawa...

By the way, the reason I haven't been as active as I should have been is because for the past few days I've been on vacation to Ottawa, it was a six hour train ride with no internet but hey, I brought along my laptop and played Cave Story and Minecraft all the way there. Of note, at Ottawa I got to see the parliament buildings, the Museum of Civilization, Museum of War, and The Air and Space museum. I finally ate a Beavertail, and ultimately made it back alive. I can now finally check Ottawa off the places to see list, and I have a funny feeling ill be going back again next year.

What did you guys doing for march break?

Last Blog was me happily summing up 2010 in gaming, check it out!

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