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A Glorious Return?! (AKA Paradigm Shift)

...Well, not really.

I'm gonna be on the downlow for a while. Basically, I'm just going to go on here when I feel like it, post in a few boards, then leave.


Paradigm Shift.

Anyway, I changed my theme too. The bears are from the artwork of Luke Chueh. The most prominent one is from a piece called 'Shadowplay', and the other is from a piece called 'Target'. My banner also has a quote from a Joy Division song, also called 'Shadowplay'.

So yeah. Hi again.


The Arcana Is The Means By Which All Is Revealed...

So let's find yours! :D

For those who don't know what an Arcana is, I present you with this wikipedia article:

The Major Arcana (Trumps Major, Major Trumps) of occult or divinatory tarot consists of twenty two cards. The name Major Arcana was first used by Paul Christian. Each Major Arcanum depicts a scene, mostly featuring a person or several people, with many symbolic elements.

And these represent your 'true self'.

Right, this is simple stuff. Basically, there are two types of cards: your soul card, represently your true self, and your personality card, representing your outer self. To find them, it's all a case of simple maths.

To determine your arcana, add the day, month, and the first and last two digits of the year you were born (For example, 19+90), then take that total and add all the digits together. That number is your personality card. Add the digits of that number togeth, and you have your soul card.

The Arcana are as follows:

0: Fool: Idealism, Instinct
1: Magician: Knowledge, Discovery
2: High Priestess: Intuition
3: Empress: Nurturing, Shelter
4: Emperor: Leadership, Discipline
5: Hierophant: Tradition, Order
6: Lovers: Bonding, Mutuality
7: Chariot: Determination, Drive
8: Justice: Reason, Guidance
9: Hermit: Introspection, Understanding (of self)
10: Wheel of Fortune: Luck, Fate
11: Strength: Willpower, Fortitude
12: Hanged Man: Harmony, Sacrifice
13: Death: Change
14: Temperance: Balance, Moderation
15: Devil: Obsession, Unwillingness to let go
16: Tower: Ruin, Catastrophe
17: Star: Faith, Optimism
18: Moon: Illusion, Deception
19: Sun: Energy, Light
20: Judgment: Finality, Restart
21: World: Life, Wholeness

Take the test, and tell me your answers in your. Now! :x


Top 10 Video Game Romances

Well, since it was Valentine's Day yesterday, I felt that I had to do another top 10 list.

Hope you enjoy. :D


10. Mario & Peach

The cIassic. Perfectly chaste and sweet, it's a simple yet perfect relationship. Girl gets kidnapped. Guy goes through numerous inventive levels filled with fire, clouds and walking mushrooms to find her. Guy rescues her. Girl kisses guy on the nose. Lather, rinse, repeat.

9. Zelda & Link

Pretty much the same formula as Mario & Peach, with the main difference being that they keep being reincarnated, and therefore their relationship constantly changes. In one game they're childhood friends, in another they're complete strangers. My favourite so far has to be their relationship in The Wind Waker, where Zelda takes the moniker of the pirate Tetra. Banter ensues.

8. Zidane & Garnet

This relationship is certainly... unique. Zidane starts off trying to kidnap her, and she responds by quite cheerfully going along with it. It soon evolves into a trusting relationship, respectively dependant on one another. It comes to a head at that damn romantic ending. 'I Want to Be Your Canary' indeed. *sniff*

7. Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher

Oh, I do love a bit of banter, and this couple has it in buckets. Constantly flirtatious and witty, but you can really tell that there's some deeper meaning between them. Though any romantic situation between them is almost immediately diffused by Sully or talk of clowns.

6. Sora & Kairi

Ah, young love. Is there anything like it? Well, probably, but this couple is very sweet. I actually cried at the ending to both Kingdom Hearts and its sequel, such is their cuteness. While it's never said out loud that they're more than friends, it is heavily, HEAVILY implied that they are. I mean they do insane, beautiful, romantic and poignant things for each other. If they were just friends, they wouldn't do such things for each other.

5. Naked Snake & EVA

Banter reappears again. With extra sexual tension. Oh yes. Lots and lots. They even included an option to look through Snake's eyes... which focused on certain areas of EVA's anatomy. But you could tell there was something more. I mean, he took a frickin' bullet in the eye for her. But as we all know, the path of true love never runs smooth. Mostly because EVA's actually a Chinese spy, who, after having some fun time, ditches him.

Tough break, dude.

4. Squall & Rinoa

Opposites attract. Squall's an emo with almost zero redeemable features, while Rinoa's a cutie with about a thousand. While they both harbour feelings for each other, they don't act on it, mostly because Squall's as awkward with Rinoa as playing Twister with your grandmother while Blue Velvet's playing on the TV. They do finally get it together in, as is typical, the game's final moments.

3. Wander & Mono

This is an odd one, because at the start of the game, Mono is dead. Overwhelmed with grief, Wander proceeds to make a less than metaphorical deal with the devil to resurrect his lost love, a deal which includes having to kill 16 giants and ends with him being possessed. All that aside, the game is all about love and the depths we are willing to sink to for it.

2. Cloud & Aerith/Tifa

Oh, dear lord, is this relationship complicated. The only love triangle in the list, I was considering leaving it out, but it's just far too powerful and moving. Aerith is the mysterious stranger. Tifa's the childhood friend. As far as personality goes, they're essentially near opposites. Aerith appears dainty, but is surprising strong. Tifa seems strong, but is surprisingly insecure. Choosing between them is one of the hardest decisions in the game, even if it is essentially chosen for you thanks to a certain seven-foot long sword-wielding madman.

1. Tidus & Yuna

Another case of opposites attract, and, in my opinion, the most moving portrayal of love in a video game. Tidus is a self-centered, childish young man while Yuna is a serious and modest young woman. Tidus became her guardian, and they began to fall in love. Though Yuna was eventually forced into a marriage she didn't want, Tidus rescued her, and they then had THE most romantic moment ever. You know the one. The lake, the moonlight... *sigh*. It's so beautiful. However, Tidus learned that Yuna was fated to die, and refused to let it happen. And y'know what... it didn't! But he did fade away, in one of the saddest, most poignant endings I have ever witnessed. They did have a happy ending though. You just had to buy the sequel.

Honourable Mention: The male gamer & his right hand

We all know the situation. You get home after a stressful day, and you feel like you need a release. What else is there to do but pop in a certain game... for example, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, or, to use a more up to date example, Bayonetta. (one-handed control option? What do you think it's for?) Let the good times roll.

Instant Hyper! #17: Seasons of Randiness

Delivering on promises oddly often now...

Believe it or not, it's...



I have been bored, so I have decided to revisit some of my old albums for a trip down memory lane. Feels good, man. Feels real good.

I have also, being the lovely person that I am, have decided to put on a concert for Haiti.

I came up with the idea before George Clooney. :x

I have also decided to collaborate with some friends on some Rage Against the Machine covers for the event. Therefore, this month's Song of the Month is...

Song of the Month: Freedom, Rage Against the Machine

Several different kinds of awesome going on here. I do love me some multiple layers and dynamics in songs, and this song delivers it. Plus, you've got to love the energy the song has.


I have decided to beef up my online credentials, so I have decided to get some more trophies on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It's going pretty well, but there are some tough ones.

I've been playing it online too, as well as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

It's kind of annoying that whatever team I'm on loses though. Even if I have the most kills.


Mm, promotion.

Yep, I am now an officer in the Japanese Gaming Union. It's quite a fun place, so if you like Japanese games, check it out.

My Top 10 lists have been shockingly consistent. I think it's because I plan everything out beforehand. And I'm bored. Awfully bored.


In Bleach, Aizen, while still a sexy bastard, seems grossly overpowered, and it's starting to annoy me. He has to lose eventually! :x

Meanwhile in Naruto, Sasuke seems to have finally transitioned completely from OTT emo kid to complete evil dick. Seriously dude... that's some cold stuff there.

On the new manga front, I've been reading Black Butler, as it is known in the US. Eyepatches make me growl.

Oh, and ARAGO too. Props to Nicasso_ for suggesting it to me in a non-shameless plug-like fashion. :P

I have also been watching a new anime called So Ra No Wo To. It's kind of like a wartime K-ON!.


It's been about a year since I left hospital, so I'm in a reflective mood.

And for me, reflectiveness = chocolate cravings, so I've been having fun with that.

I like chocolate. :oops:

Also, I feel a tad lovelorn/quite horny. I am an adolescent, after all.

I have a great deal of stress coming my way soon in the form of multiple exams and such too. Yay. :|

Ta raa, my cronies. ~


Top 10 Beatles Songs

I love the Beatles, and you should too. Therefore, I have compiled this list of the top 10 Beatles songs ever. Listen to them please. :3


10. A Day in the Life

The closing track on the iconic Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, A Day in the Life is definitely the best song on the album. Essentially taking two different songs and fusing them together, A Day in the Life is evocative, quirky, and has one of the best endings ever: one piano chord, held for over a minute. A champion of studio engineering.

9. Twist and Shout

Raucous and roaring, Twist and Shout is a cIassic tune that everyone knows. Though a cover (written by Phil Medley and Bert Russell, first recorded by the Top Notes, and then covered by the Isley Brothers), John Lennon's rousing vocals bring the song to another level entirely, despite suffering from a cold at the time of recording.

8. All You Need Is Love

A pure and effective message, All You Need Is Love is the perfect anthem for the summer of love. Starting with an excerpt from the French national anthem and then going into a sighing harmony repeating the word love, the song enchants and delights until the end, with ad-libs and improvisation a-plenty.

7. In My Life

In My Life is a contemplative, bittersweet and gentle song, with lyrics that invoke both nostalgia, heartbreak, and love. The baroque stIe piano interlude during the bridge is pure brilliance, and the beautiful harmonies are absolutely magnificent.

6. Help!

Help! is a song that can be taken on many different levels. You can take it at face value as a fun piece of rock n' roll, but digging a little deeper shows a more desperate side, and more lyrical and musical sophistication than previous Beatles songs had even come close to.

5. Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun is a joyous ode to spring, written primarily on acoustic guitar. Practically radiating goodwill and sunshine, but in a non-overpowering way, it is one of the best songs on the Abbey Road album, and, in my view at least, George Harrison's greatest composition period.

4. I Am the Walrus

Strange. So very, very strange. Lyrics as trippy and spacey as Buzz Aldrin on heavy LSD, dense and quirky instrumentation, and random dialogue snippets, I Am the Walrus is pure... something. Well, it's awesome, so I guess that counts. Just don't read too much into it. You'll go insane.

3. Don't Let Me Down

An unabashedly anguished and pained love song, Don't Let Me Down is powerful and slightly heartbreaking. Lennon gives a terrific vocal performance, sounding soulful, desperate, and managing to express subtle feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. The Beatles' best b-side ever.

2. Hey Jude

A sincere and touching ballad, Hey Jude is a song of consolation and encouragement, sad at points but never overly-melancholy, and oh so lovely. While initially seeming to be a soft ballad, the song then completely changes tack around the three minute mark witha joyous scream by vocalist Paul McCartney, and gloriously erupts into a four-minute long, symphonic mastercIass of a coda, based on the simple refrain 'Na, na na, na na na na, na na na, Hey Jude'. Completely and utterly brilliant.

1. Strawberry Fields Forever

Some songs just hit you on another level, and forever hold a special meaning to you. Strawberry Fields Forever is, to me, one of those songs. The inventive instrumentation and the skillful layering are, of course, brilliant, but what hits me the most are the evocative and moving lyrics. They just connect with me, and the sentiments expressed are ones I can greatly associate with. Strawberry Fields Forever is one of the few songs to make me actually cry, and I absolutely love it. In my opinion, it is the best Beatles song ever.


I hope you look these songs up and enjoy them!


Top 10 Video Game/Manga/Anime Guys That Make Me Question My Sexuality. :|

Alright. First things first, this is meant as a JOKE. Do not take it seriously. At all.

You might not get it, but I have a camp sense of humour. A lot of British people do. Of course, most of the time it doesn't work out. >__>

Anyway, if any of you take this seriously, I'll be very disappointed in you.

You have been warned.

10. Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club)

Tamaki is a pain in the ass. He is whiney, immature, vain and emotional. However, despite all of these traits, I can't help but love him. He sometimes shows traits of heroism and empathy, and he is a total playboy, as would be expected of a Host Club's president. His hair's good too. So are his eyes. And his body...


I'm not gay.

9. Yu Kanda (D.Gray-man)

Kanda's a dick, but that's understandable. He's not a real human, and he looks like a woman. In fact, the first time I saw him, I thought this:

"Is that a chick? She's pretty hot. Wait, her voice is pretty deep... and she's got OH MY GOD IT'S A DUDE WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!"

8. Minato Arisato (Persona 3 Protagonist)

He's easy to underestimate. He's short, looks a bit emo, and seems a bit vacant. But he's got that whole mysterious thing going on. Plus, he lives with three hot girls and a hot female-shaped android. He's also super talented, a brilliant fighter and a violin player. He runs around with his hands in his pockets too. And his hair looks so soft. And his skin.

OK, that sounds a bit suspect. But I like boobs. Honestly.

7. Kaname Kuran (Vampire Knight)

Yes, Kaname Kuran is a vampire. However, I don't loathe him. It's quite odd. In fact, he's quite alluring. He's a sex bomb, and he knows it. But he would give everything for his true love, Yuuki. But let's not go into the disturbing kind-of-incest-but-kind-of-not thing and concentrate that Kaname is one sexy...


6. Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

A pure example of sheer masculinity. He's got that whole Indiana Jones thing going on. He shoots stuff, climbs stuff, flirts with stuff, and looks damn cool while doing it. He's just plain old badass. And muscular. So very muscular...

I mean... sports!

5. Light Yagami & L (Death Note)

A tie. One can't be without the other. Except Light killed L. Meh, whatever. Their attempts to outwit each other were truly thrilling. Plus, Light's hot. And L's hot in a weird kind of way. And then they do stuff together and get sweaty.

Wait, that's not right...

4. Soji Seta (Persona 4 Protagonist)

Soji is a total pimp. He can date up to seven girls at a time. He's tall too, and he rocks his uniform, making it look quite stylish. Paired with glasses, he can make women swoon. He's also a family man, contrary to his pimpish image. He's so... manly.

Not that I'm into that.

3. Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

In the first Kingdom Hearts game, I loathed Riku. Being corrupted to darkness and whatnot... loser. However, he compensates afterwards by using the darkness to his advantage, then forgoing it completely. And he gets that sexy, badass, brooding thing going on.

God, I'm weird.

2. Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)

I hate Sasuke. He's a total dick. He deserts his best friend and the girl who loves him to be evil and pursue a path of revenge against his brother. After he gets his revenge, he then feels bad about it, and then completely misinterprets his brother's ideals for his own purposes. Because he's evil. Dick. Sexy, feminine, dick.


1. Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)

Aizen is sexy, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. He's evil, possibly the most evil git ever. But my god, he's sexy. at first, he seemed quite nice though. These are my thoughts of Aizen, in order.

The first time I saw him: "Oh, he's pretty cool."

Later: "Oh, Aizen's so cool!"

Later still: "Aw, Aizen's so sweet!"

When he 'dies': AIZEN!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

When he 'comes back to life': OMG IT'S AIZEN! YAY!

When he stabs Hinamori: OH MY GOD! Aizen, you bastard!

When he reveals his evil plan: Aizen, you bastard!

When he takes off his glasses and everything thereafter: Aizen, you sexy bastard!

I wish I was a girl. :(


One last time. This was a joke.

I don't particularly feel like getting banned for such a silly thing. Though if I did, I'd say this site has no sense of humour and is homophobic.

I might be making too much of this. Hm.

Oh well.


My Top 10 Favourite Video Games

Oh my god, I've followed through on something! What blasphemy is this?!

So yeah, these are my top 10 favourite video games. Note the FAVOURITE. Not the best, favourite.

OK, with that in mind, let's get on with the show!


10. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

The newest entry in my list, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a mastercIass in gameplay, graphics and storytelling. It brings about the end of Solid Snake's journey and battles with deftness and finesse. While some complained that it had more cutscenes than was necessary, I love it regardless.

9. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Persona 3 was the first game in the Shin Megami Tensei series to grab my attention. Combining cIassic RPG action and elements of dating sims, Persona 3 weaves an intriguing and dark story, filled with great characters and more twists and turns than Milton Keynes.

8. Final Fantasy X

In case it wasn't obvious, Final Fantasy X is the tenth installment of the long-running Final Fantasy series. There are numerous reasons why I love this game. The Sphere Grid, Blitzball, the new Summon System... but I think it's mainly because of the love story between Tidus and Yuna. I'm such a sap.

7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I don't really need to say much about this one. It defined action adventure gaming as it is today. It is so meticulously designed, so unbelievably engaging, and so just damn great that it is easy to see why it is frequently chosen as the best video game of all time.

6. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

Persona 4 is, like its predecessor completely brilliant. However, overall it is a better game. It's story is more engaging, the characters are more likable and fleshed out, and its tone is more light-hearted. It takes everything that a sequel should be and makes it a reality.

5. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

This is one of the few games I hold above others purely because of its appearance. Its art styIe may have drawn critics initially, but I am completely in love with it. Throw in some good old Zelda gameplay, and you have yourself one kickass game.

4. Kingdom Hearts II

Do you know something? This game isn't that great. It's good, but with the other games on my list, it pales in comparison. So why is it number 4? Is it because my taste sucks? The story engages me? The gameplay's fun? All are valid reasons, but they're not why I put it fourth. In fact, I'm not even sure why I love it so much. I just do. It's one of those weird things you can't explain, like why Americans love vowels so much. I just love it.

3. Pokémon Silver

Pokémon Silver is the best Pokémon game ever, and it always will be. It takes the original games' formula and knocks it all up to eleven. More Pokémon. New Types. Better graphics. Different places to go, and things to do. And is that wasn't enough, after you've finished the main adventure you can go through Kanto, the area where the original games were set, and go through the gyms there. It is essentially 2 games for 1.

Oh, and I chose Silver over Gold because it was the one I played. Plus, Lugia's cooler than Ho-oh.

2. Final Fantasy VII

Oh, FF7. That which is revered by fanboys, and loathed by supposedly 'edgy' gamers who think it sucks. Of course, it should be obvious I side more with the former. I love this game, and I will never stop loving it. And there's nothing anyone can do about it. I think the story is great, the characters are great, the gameplay is great, and, for its time, the graphics are great too. Of course, I was probably influenced by my cousin, who is the biggest Final Fantasy VII fanboy ever. But I still think it's mostly the game.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

If any of you know me in the slightest, you would know that Sonic 2 is and always shall be my favourite game. Its graphics are colourful and bright, the music's catchy, and the gameplay is simple yet unbelievably fun. The biggest reason why this is my favourite game ever, though, is because of nostalgia. This was the first game I ever played, and I completely fell in love with it. It was speed I had never felt before. A completely new experience. It was cool. It was fun. It was because of this game that I am such a gamer today, and if it wasn't for this game, I would never have had the chance to play the other games on this list. Even when I come back to it today, the experience is still the same. It is for these reasons and many more that make Sonic 2 my favourite game ever.