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Aliens: Colonial Marines - My Thoughts

Hi everyone! Sorry I took so long to write this blog; I started a new job this past month and it's been keeping me busy, getting used to the full-time schedule and all, but at least it's pretty cool so far. It's at the Bronx Zoo, I work the rides, 4D theatre and I'm a shuttle conductor. So yeah, good stuff so far. heheh

But anyways, let's get down to business... Aliens: Colonial Marines. During the past month, in my downtime, I did manage to play this game and even complete it. And all I have to say about it is... it was a pretty good game. Then I go online to read the reviews of it, and they range from "alright" to "downright horrible".

My question is "why is this"?

My other question would be "am I missing something"?

The only bad thing I can really say about it is that there were a few too many dark levels. Even with your flashlight, it's still hard to see your way through sometimes. But that's really it; everything else about the game, the graphics, the sound and especially the story, I thought were great.

It seems that a lot of people who saw and/or played the demo for this game noticed a lot of differences between it and the finished product. One such gripe that they had was the graphics. Supposedly, the graphics from the final product didn't look as good or function as properly as the ones in the demo (or even the trailer) did. I looked at the differences myself and, even though I see what they mean as far as the collisions go (the final version didn't leave lasting cracks in the walls when someone flew into them for example), I think that calling the final version's graphics "terrible" really isn't right. If the graphics looked like something from a Nintendo 64 game, then I would say that they are a huge step back. Furthermore, as much as I've always loved Nintendo, there were times when their "polygon palooza" graphic-style got on my nerves during those days.

As far as the sound, I disagree with this criticism. In fact, when I heard what the sound for the demo was like, specifically with the pulse rifles, I was a bit worried. But the way they sounded in the finished product is the way they were meant to sound all along; like how they sounded in the movies. Whew!

Another gripe people had was the lack of squad commands and supposedly poor AI. I guess in the "Call of Duty" generation, any military style game that doesn't try to emulate said series is automatically looked at as bad. That's a shame really. In fact, let me ask you a question if I may:

When you heard that Aliens: Colonial Marines was coming out and saw the previews, was your reaction...

"Wow, it's a new video game based on the Sigourney Weaver movies I used to love watching"!


"Wow, the guys who made Borderlands are making what looks like Call of Duty in Space"!

If you said number two, then that's probably another reason why you were let down so much. Sure, the Call of Duty series is well-made and let's face it, very popular, but just because every FPS that comes out isn't exactly like it shouldn't mean that it's inferior. Maybe this says more about my own feelings toward FPS games than anything else, but as someone who grew up with Goldeneye, Doom, and, if you really want to go back to the dark days, Operation Wolf, I guess I'm easier to impress when it comes to the specs of a game. Which brings me to the last thing I hear from those who were disappointed with the game; the fact that they felt cheated for buying the game at launch and that because of this, they're "never pre-ordering a game again". All I've got to ask you in response to this is "have you ever heard of renting a game"? If not at your local video store, try Gamefly. That way, you can keep the game for as long as you want and decide if it's something you would like to own. And if you don't like it, then you can say "well at least I didn't plunk down 60 bucks for this game (or 99 bucks if you got the Collector's Edition)"! Does that make sense?

But before I forget, I like this game for its storyline the most. When I played this game, I really felt like I was smack-dab in the middle of the atmospheres and environments that James Cameron had created in the 1986 Aliens film. The level design was so well done, the Easter Eggs from the films like Newt's doll and the cryotubes on the Sulaco were great nods to the films, and some of the plot elements, including the return of a few key characters, made me really happy.

So overall, I thought that the game was great. Flawless? No. But not nearly as flawed as many people say. How about you? What did you think of the game? Feel free to post some comments and tell me of your experiences on LV-426 and beyond.

Corporal Daniel Clark, unit LK-4D4, over and out!

The Twelve Days of Kombat Christmas

Seeing as today is 12/12/12, I've decided to compose a new rendition of the wonderful Christmas Carol; "The 12 Days of Christmas" with a little twist involving that oh-so awesome video game franchise by Netherrealm Studios (formerly Midway Games). Ready? Here we go!

For the Twelve Days of Christmas, Netherrealm gave to me:

12 Great Installments

11 Kahn one-liners

10 Tournament victories

9 Different Weapons

8-foot tall Goro

7 Cage autographs

6 Kamidogu


4 Special Forces

3 Ninjas

2 Shaolin Monks

And a Flawless Fatality!

Merry Christmas, Happy Noob Year, and here's to another two decades of Mortal Kombat!

Wii U Hoodoo

Well fans and gamers, the Wii U is now upon us!

To those who have gotten one, what are your thoughts so far?

Is Resident Evil going the way of Sonic the Hedgehog?

Admitedly, I have not played Resident Evils 5 or 6 yet, but it seems that lately, anytime I hear anyone talk about Resident Evil, it sounds like they're displeased with it. On the Gamespot front page, it lists one of the articles as "Resident Evil can't please anybody" or something like that. What is going on, gamers? Why does this seem to be the case?

Nintendo 3DS XL: is it worth it?

Well, I just got a new Nintendo 3DS XL, after having a 3DS since Christmas, and here are my thoughts so far:

I waited for quite a while before getting the upgrade as I've often viewed upgrades to games or systems as just marketing ploys to hit the consumer up for more money (I'm looking at you, Street Fighter series). And I was already quite happy with my regular 3DS and the games I have for it. And then I found out about this new version, talking about much larger screens and making it sound like everything was going to be improved. It all sounded great but for a long time I waited on it. And then after it garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews... I still waited. Finally, I decided "you know what, why not?" and went ahead and got one. However, I had to bring it home to do the data transfer, because the GameStop I went to didnt have Wi-Fi. The problem with that was that I thus had to hold onto my original 3DS and I didn't get to trade it in and immediately apply the credit to my new one.

So anyway, after setting up the XL, doing the data transfer and such, I went back and traded in the old one and used the credit I obtained to buy the two new games that I just added to my collection page (Super Mario 3D Land and Aliens: Infestation). Now it was time to play! I revved the XL up and immediately enjoyed the look of the two larger screens and the fact that it feels so much more comfortable to hold than its predecessor. It once again supports all DS games as well (minus the 3D effect of course) and as I said before, upon doing the transfer process, you can keep all of your save data from the old 3DS on this new one (you get to watch the Pikmin carry it over for you!).

The buttons are more comfortable and feel sturdier, and the stylus is bigger and in a more easily accessible area, right next to where your right hand would go. The 3D adjuster seems to work well, now allowing you to click the switch off when you want to play in 2D, and the "3D sweet spot" as its being called, seems more direct and aimed right at you. So yeah, this does indeed sound like the ideal upgrade, and what the original 3DS was meant to be all along!

And now, its time to play "So, What's The Catch!?"

The short version is: I CAN'T HEAR THE DANG THING!!

The wordy version is: the sound quality on the XL is poorer than on the original 3DS. The overall volume only goes up to about 50% of what the original 3DS was capable of reaching. Also, the acoustics just sound diminished. I noticed this while playing through downloaded demos (RE: Revelations and Final Fantasy Theatre Rhythm) and my own games (Zelda and WWE All-Stars). The latter really stood out the most, especially when listening to the wrestlers theme music. Example: on the old 3DS, Bret Hart's theme sounded like how it would in an arena or on TV speakers; loud and booming but still clear. On the 3DS XL, it sounds like it is being played over an old cell phone; less bass and underwhelming.

Having worked in television for the past six years, I can tell you that people have a higher tolerance for video issues than audio issues. If you watch a TV show thats a bit fuzzy but with audio intact, you'd probably stick with it. But if the picture was clear as a bell yet had sou- tha- cuts ou- way to- mu-, you'd get sick of it pretty quick. The XL doesnt do this necessarily but after playing the original 3DS, it is a noticeable downgrade in overall quality.

Now, the suggestion that everybody is giving is to play the XL with headphones most of the time; I think that's ridiculous. The whole point of me getting the XL was thinking that EVERYTHING was going to be better than the already impressive regular 3DS. Imagine getting a big screen television with HD and other cool features, but with a messy built-in sound system. The salesperson would most likely suggest getting a Bose stereo system to enhance it.

While that may be a nice idea, my personal logic is that any peripheral device like headphones or speakers should serve to make an already good device even better, not to just pick up the slack. To give you an extra 25% of quality, not to fill in the missing 25% out of 100% of what it already should have!

I was surprised by this because Nintendo is usually really good with their products in this way. Whether they're your favorite hardware designer as relates to their competition or not is subjective, but they've always taken their time and put the best effort into their products. Now, it almost feels like they're turning to the dark side of business like most companies are; that is to say engaging in the practice of intentionally releasing something with missing ingredients in an effort to hit you up again later for the "corrected" versions. I wouldn't be surprised if in another year or two, they release a 3DS XXL to make up for this issue.

With that, I would still say that if you don't already have a normal 3DS, the 3DS XL is a great buy for the reasons listed above. But if you have a regular one and are thinking of upgrading, just keep your eyes and especially ears open for this sort of thing.

May The Triforce Be With You and have a Flawless day!
Daniel Clark
(WinROCKYWin & Hylian Jedi)

It's me, WinROCKYWin

Hi gamers!

In light of the recent request by Gamespot and GameFAQs to unify our screen names, I've taken the opportunity to do just that. So this is my new username for the site now: Hylian-Jedi.

Why did I choose that one? Well, back when I signed up for both sites (before they unified), I just randomly picked some names that sounded good. But once my stock in both sites started to build, I regretted not picking a better name to represent myself with, and I had long thought of "Hylian Jedi" because since I was about 10, I had often wondered what it would be like if The Legend of Zelda had a crossover with Star Wars. Weird, I know, but there have been weirder ideas (I'm looking at you, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe).

So yeah, I'm "Hylian-Jedi" now. If you still call me "WinROCKYWin", that's alright, if you call me by my own name, that's cool too. But all in all, I'm still the same guy; I still stomp Goombas and vanquish Netherrealm demons one at a time. :)

L8ah g8ahs!

The Big Three Consoles, DLC, and online stuffs: Where I Stand.

Hallelulia, fans and gamers! Happy All-Saints Day! Hope your Halloween was nothing short of spooktacular!

Funny, today is 11/1/11. Sounds like part of a fatality configuration... 11, 1, 11, High Punch! Heheheh

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm planning to rent a Playstation 3 or XBox 360 for the purpose of playing some of their exclusive games. And since some of them have online play, such as a certain Kombat game with a bunch of Mortals, I will more than likely be giving that a whirl as well. So be on the lookout! I'll let you know when I go on and what name I will use.

Which brings me to the topic in the title of this blog:

I've been getting a large number of questions regarding when I will be getting a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, and it's a question that has been visiting me for a long time. So, here is where I stand on the topic. I apologize in advance if I put anyone off but I'm giving you my honest thoughts here. So anyway, here it goes.

The shorthand of it is... No. I have not and most likely will not be getting a PlayStation 3 nor Xbox 360 console.

The wordy version is as follows. You see, for as long as I can remember, I've always been a Nintendo fan. Back when it was the 16-bit days, most of my friends had the Sega Genesis and I had the Super Nintendo. Likewise, when the 32/64 bit days came around, I went with the Nintendo 64 when everybody was saying that the Sony PlayStation was the way to go. I did eventually get a Sony PlayStation (albeit close to the end of its cycle) and the only reason was because there were an adequate amount of games for it that I was interested in playing and possibly owning. The same thing happened with the GameCube vs. PS2 vs. Xbox era. I went with the GameCube when just about everybody else I knew was going with the competition. And I was totally okay with this process. Some of the best times I've had with my friends were when we would go over each other's houses to play the games we had on the consoles we liked most. They would come to my house for a Goldeneye, Mario Kart or Smash Bros. showdown and I would go visit them to try the Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, or Halo games.

Another reason is because, with the exception of a small few, none of the games really appeal to me on PS3 or Xbox 360. A lot of them are 1st Person Shooter games, which everyone loves today, but almost ten years ago, were referring to as "a dull, played out genre". I'm not saying they aren't good, I've played some of them and yes, they are very well done. But here's the thing; when I get asked if I'm going to get one of those consoles, it's usually because they want to play some online games with me, especially when it comes to the MK series. This is cool and all but the question I am left wanting to ask is that after our online gaming session is done, what am I supposed to do with the console?

I don't think it's wise to buy a console just to do something once in a while or for just one or two games. When I got the Playstation 1 and 2, it was after I was already very much satisfied with the Nintendo 64 and GameCube systems and after I saw that both PlayStations had games on them that really appealed to me (and of course, the price drop helped too). But even that; if you check under my owned games list for PlayStations 1 and 2, you'll see that many of them share a common theme.

Now then, another thing I would like to address is downloadable content, or "DLC" as it is commonly referred to. Everybody tells me how amazing this type of thing is; I personally am not a fan of it. The idea of having to pay more money to get more out of a game just sounds like a weird business practice to me, and something of a ripoff for the consumer. I mean, maybe I'm a bit old fashioned but when I buy a game, I want to be sure I'm getting everything in it.

And this includes games that are only available through download... that have a limited timeframe on them too. The biggest offender thus far (to me at least)? TMNT Turtles in Time: Reshelled. Now granted, I heard a lot of back and forth reviews on this, and most of them said that it was a pretty poor update of the classic game we all know and love. Nonetheless, I still was interested in playing it. But now, that is impossible, since they recently announced that the game has been taken off of the Playstation Network and XBox Live Arcade/Marketplace. Urrrgh! Now I'll never get to play it

So anyway, that's where I stand on these topics. Sorry if it disappoints anyone, but that's just my feeling about it and I hope you understand.