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overclocked 4.5mghz !

Just ordered the Evga GTX 980 OC

and 16gb of Ram

should I get an i7 or i5 is enough ?

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^ I really like PES 15

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that's another thing that confuses me...

should I buy 970 sli or a 980 ?

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really confused...

I'm a graphic whore and like to play games at ultra settings lol... so you guys think I should upgrade or wait ? could get a gtx 980... but just asking for opinions

i5 3750 a 4.5

16gb of ram

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I'll buy the GTX 980... and down the road sli it up. or work a lil more and buy 2 gtx 970s

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so I need a conclusion since I'm not technical... is GTX 980 more powerful than 780ti ? and is it worth buying that over 780ti?

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@lamprey263: YESSS !! Thanks man.... been living in America for 12 years and still didn't know the word for it. WOw LOL

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Let's say you are un-boxing your PS4 for example, after you open the main box, what are those hard but yet cushion materials that you can break easily ? The ones that hold the ps4 steady inside the box ?

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where do I connect the headphones ? No Aux input

OMG I fixed it, I just bought the PS4 so I'm really new to this

thanks mate

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