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where do I connect the headphones ? No Aux input

OMG I fixed it, I just bought the PS4 so I'm really new to this

thanks mate

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Okay so I connected my PS4 to my monitor via HDMI. My monitor doesn't have speakers....

So what am I supposed to do ?

Any cheap speakers with optical output ? Do bluetooth speakers work with Ps4 ??

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OMG ! There are some HDMI cables that cost 2k !!!

Does anyone in here have an expensive HDMI cable ? and if so, does the quality change much ?

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Playing with controllers against some PC players who use their mice... HA HA Goodluck ! at least with PS4 and X1, you know almost everyone 97% use their controllers

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do you guys think these new upcoming games coming for PC (GTA V, Far Cry 4, etc) are going to need lots of Vram ? or was it just the poorly optimized game called watch dogs ? Of course we are talking about maximizing the graphics settings

EVEGA I believe is letting people upgrade their 3GB cards to 6GBs by simply letting them return their GPUs plus pay additional 50 dollars. They will receive brand new 6GB gtx 780s

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Sooo effing happy man ! I will spend whatever it takes to max this V out !

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My computer shuts down after 10 minutes of being in sleep mode. ANY clues soldiers ?

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I'm gonna buy the 256GB Samsung SSD but I have some questions.

I already have windows 7 on my HDD, and I want to install windows 8 on my SSD. Is it possible for me to switch between the two windows ?

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After OC i5 3750k to 4.5ghz, I noticed some FPS increases, maybe 4 or 5fps