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Leaving Gamespot

No this is not a joke. why am i leaving GS? coz i bored of GS. the union arent active, i feel that GS is boring since there are no improvements in unions.

I spent 95% of my GS time posting in unions. The other 5% would be in friends' blogs. GS unions are not the same like last time where they were active with many people posting. It was more fun last time, there were also more GS emblems and activities.

Anyway i would be getting busier later in the year, coz my exams are very hard and i need to focus on them.

I also want to say sorry to everyone for this sudden decision :(

So i would be leaving GS soon. Im going to resign from my union as leader. And if i dont resign as officer in your union, feel free to demote me. I will hang around for a few days more to see that things are settle before i leave. I might drop by in GS sometimes just to see how things are going on. If u want my email/msn, then pm me with yours and i'll give u mine.



bmw m3

lambo gallardo

Glad to know all of u :D:D. I will miss u guys and girls.


My new animated avatar

My new animated avatar soul keeper. I found it around the net :P Its a character from dota(warcraft frozen throne custom map).

Rate from 1-10 plz :D


Me birthday

Today the 8th of May is my 16th birthday :D. too bad i have maths exams today :(. my exams will end in 2 weeks time. But today's exams wasnt so bad, it was maths and i think it was quite easy :P.

happy bday


3 weeks of nightmare exams!!

Starting from next Monday until nearly 3 weeks time, I will have my exams. So i wont be so active as usual but i will try to come on GS everyday. So plz understand if i dont post in your blogs or in the unions.

Oh and the worse thing of this exam is... my bday is on an exam day :(:(

Anyway see u all around.


I can make tags

Not really nice tags though. and i used a website to make tags coz i dont understand gimp. rate and comments plz :D

lambo my 1st try. i know its ugly :P

audi much better i think.

porsche 3rd try, not too good either.


Reason why i dont post in your blogs

Do some of u wonder to yourself why i dont post in your blogs, even though u keep posting in mine. wel theres a reasons for it. i always use the updates>friends blog to post in my friends blog. but some of my friends blog doesnt show at all. examples are luke, SE, ntg, forte and some others. must be another GS glitch :(. so i apologize for not posting and if u want me to read your blog, plz pm me with a link.



Wicked Sick!

Level 30 - Wicked Sick! - The award earned in UT2k4 for 30 consecutive frags without a death.

I like this lvl name, its one of my fav lvl:D. i kinda wish there was a lvl 30 glitch like the lvl 20 glitch lol:P

anyway wicked sick is alos the name/acheivement when u get 7 straight kills in DOTA(pic below)


thanks for reading :D


April Fools blog

Well today in school some of my friends tried to fool me but luckily none of them was successful :P

How was your day? fooled anyone or have u been fooled?

btw i made my 1st tag ever using paint. its my 1st ever tag that i made, so plz dont give too harsh comments :P. click the spoiler to see it.

[spoiler] april fool [/spoiler]

u may use it if u want too ;):P


Ouch! Im tagged...

Im tagged by alext_b so i have to write 5 things u didnt know about me.

1) I hate to eat most vegetables :P.

2) Im a Christian.

3) I can play many sports like badminton, squash, football(soccer), bowling, table tennis, basketball etc but i am not excellent at any of them :|

4) I played the cymbals for my school band 4 years ago.

5) Some people think im cute :oops:

thats all. im not tagging anyone else coz the people that i want to tag has already been tagged. ;)

hope u enjoy knowing me more :D