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e3 2010

1st : Sony ~Best games.

2nd: Nintendo ~3Ds looks so cool

3rd: EA ~overall nice

4th: Ubisoft ~didn't watch this one

4th: Microsoft ~Kinetic and other bad stuff

tohou 7.5

So I recently started playingtohou 7.5and from what I've experienced now. I can say it's a very good game. Your thoughts on this game?


I'm back~~~

So, I'm trying to become more active on gamespot again. but reading, playing games & hacking (yes I'm serious) just comes to much in my way.

And some off-topic info Portal is now free in steam get it untill it is free !! :3

Game, Anime & Manga of the month [Feb] [Personal choise]

Well I didn't post this on Gamespot yet but I did on other sites. I'd like to know your favorite game and/or anime and/or manga of the month. (post them in the comment section :3)

Game of the Month:


GrandChase is one of my favourite MMORPGs I played it 1 year ago for the last time. (that was the SEA server which closed down after 1 year of being online.) But because GCSEA closed down, I told myself I wouldn't play grand chase any more but It seems I couldn't stop playing this really fun MMORPG. My favourite Character of Grand Chase is definatelly: Amy. amy

I'm currently playing GC the American version (http://www.grandchase.net).

Previous Games of the month:

Jan 10: Maplestory (8x)

Dec 09: StepMania (8x)

Nov 09: Assassin's Creed II

Anime of the Month.

The anime of the month is:


せとのはなよめ (for the none hiragan readers: Seto no Hanayome)

It's a very funny anime. it's a romantic comedy. featuring: Nagasumi & San (and alot of other persons)

San who's a mermaid saves Nagasumi during summer. but because nagasumi saw San as mermaid there are 2 options. eitherNagasumi dies or San dies. However there is another way. that way Nagasumi needs to marry San. However San's father.(Gōzaburō Seto) Isn't happy with this at all. And he is going to kill Nagasumi no matter what. It's a very funny anime however in the first 2 episodes you might not like this anime at all. but believe the first few episodes are the worst of the whole season. this anime has 26 episodes and 2 OVAs.

My favourite character from せとのはなよめ (Seto no Hanayome) is:

Shiranui Akeno Myōjō

Shiranui Akeno Myōjō.

I can't tell you anything about her or I'll spoil the anime.

Previous Animes of the month

Jan 10: none I didn't watch any anime during this month...

Dec 09:しゃくがんのしゃな (shakugan no shana)(2x)

Nov 09:しゃくがんのしゃな (shakugan no shana)(2x)

okt09:らきすた (raki suta/lucky star)(1x)

Manga of the Month

Manga of the month is:


らきすた (Lucky star vol. 1)

The manga is about 4 girls. Kagami,Konata,Mijuki & Tsukasa it's mainly about everyday things but than in a weird way like: which end do you eat a chocolate cornet?

It's an great manga I can recommend it to all.

Favourite character:


かがみ (kagami)

Woot! Bioshock2 !!


I've got Bioshock 2 yesterday and all I can say is that it's absolutely awesome! I won't be on gamespot for some time because I'll be playing Bioshock 2 (PC) you can add me if you want GT:Rizlim

And here's a big daddy just for fun :3


Merry Christmas ! and Upcoming 2010 (Final Blog post) *56k*

Merry Christmas !


So I hope you all had a wonderfull christmas so far.

I wonder what did you all get for christmas?

I got a HP Pavilion DV7 2250ED ! :3


Anyway That was the Christmas part.

Upcoming 2010 !

What has 2010 comming for us?

What games are you looking forward to?

What else are you looking forward to in 2010?


(only games listes I am looking forward to)

Golden Sun (3) DS


Mass Effect 2


Splilnter Cell Conviction


Bioshock 2


And (ofcourse) Heavy Rain



(only anime listed I am looking forward to)

Shakugan no Shana Season 3


I wish you all a happy 2010 !

Bored today so, I thought lets watch some anime turned out...

So I was very bored today (free day of school) so I thought let's watch Shakugan no Shana It turned out otherwise...


So I started to watch, and before I noticed it was 5pm so I thought hmm 1 more episode before I stop watching some episodes later... hmm 10pm okay 1 more! (it turned out to be the final episode though) so, in the end (a few mins ago)

The following turned out:

I watched 9,6 hours long

I went 6x to the bathroom

I drank 4 liters of coca cola

& I didn't eat o.O

So, Am I an anime freak now? :P

Excpected CoD MW2 achievments made by me

-Welcome In the war.- Complete the first mission 10g (solo or co-op)etc for like all missions. Think there are like 20 missions so 200g for beating every mission -Not yet retired- 20g Complete the First mission on Veteran (solo only) etc for all mission on veteran. 400g for doing that on veteran -Like a Ninja- 5g Do not get compromised in the first mission (solo) -I know what you're up to- 10g Find all enemy intel (solo and NO internet guide :P ) -Secret- 0g (yeah I'm teasing you) This is a secret achievment you must unlock this one first -His weapon is my weapon- 5g Kill an enemy with his own weapon (multiplayer) -HUMILIATION- 0g (secret) Get killed by a sniper rifle from 1 feet away (MAN YOU SUCK) then you'll get some achievs for doing stuff in levels vary from 5g ~ 10g so like 150g -No life alert!- its over 9000g you reached 1.000.000th prestige o.O (not a serious achievement) -Oh no you didn't?!- 10g Killed an enemy with his own satchel which you set of by throwhing a nade -Three of a Kind- 10g Kill 3 enemies in a row with your knife (solo,co-op,multiplayer) -Full House- 10g Get 2 knife kills and 3 headshot (multiplayer) -Daredevil- 10g Kill an enemy while blinded by a flashbang (solo co-op MP) -Save some ammo lad- 20g You didn't fired a single shot in teh first campaign mission on veteran -Bash you way through- 20g Kill 5 enemies with the riot shield -Can't see a thing- 20g While it is dark kill 5 enemies with you knife without night goggles (also not the ones in the prestige edition!) -The master and the battlefield- 10g (secret) achieve the first prestige -The master lost the battlefield- 30g (secret) achieve 5th prestige -the master ownd the battlefield up- 50g (secret) achieve 10th prestige -the real addict- 10g played CoD:MW2 for 50h -Get you're left foot wet- 25g Complete a competitive campaign game over Xbox live (Microsoft happy) -Get you're right foot wet- 25g Complete a Campaign co-op over Xbox live (Microsoft very happy) -Wow that was you?!- 30g Score over 100.000 points in a single campaign game over xbox live (co-op) -I won yay- 10g Get first in a competitive campaign over xbox live -Wasn´t it hard enough?- 100g Complete the Campaign on veteran with all `intel` (death cards) activated (Solo Co-Op) -The player- 10g Play a 10.000 matches -The sniper- 20g All Ghillied Up and make some noise (get a total of 1500 headshots with sniper or pistol) -The medic- 10g Heal 100 team mates in (second chance) (last stand) -The support- 10g With a HMG get 500 kills -Take Cover- 10g Survive 5 nade attacks (screen must have been red flashing) -I can see you- 10g Call in recon plane 5000x -Boom Boom Boom....- 10g Call in artillery 4000x -Gunship ready for deployment- 20g Call in the gunship 3000x And that is a 1000g (finnaly done :) )

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